1. Louis Armstrong W’est End Blues 2. Johann Sehastian Bach Brandenlnug Concertos 3. The Beatles W’hite Allnnn ~1. Ludwig Van Beethoven Symphony No 8 “Pathetiun 5. Irving Berlin l’uttin' ()n The Ritz (3. Chuck Berry Little Sixteen 7. Big Country In A Big Country 8. Georges Bizet Carmen 9. David Bowie Space( )ddity 10.The Boys 01- The Lough l-ochalier .\'o More 11. Benjamin

Britten l’eter Grimes 12. Big Bill Broonzy Made .‘\

Date With x\n .-\ngel 13. Kate Bush The Man Win The Child In His Eyes 1-1. Johnny Cash .-\ Boy Named Sue 13. Tracy Chapman Talkin' Bout x\ Rei'olution 16. The Chieftains Celtic Wedding 17. lirederic Chopin Piano Concerto No] 18. The Christians Hart'est For The \\"“'orld 19. Nat King Cole Mona Lisa 20. Sam Cooke Chain Gang

21. Curiosity Killed The Cat Ordinary Day

22. Miles Davis Bye Bye Blackhird 23. Deacon

Blue Raintou'n 2~1. Frederick Delius A Song Of

Summer 23. Dire Straits Brothers In Arms 26. Boh Dylan Highway ()1 Ret'isited 27. Antonin Dvorak Symphony No 9 “From The New W’orld" 28. Edward Elgar The Dream of Gerontius

29. Duke Ellington Mood lndigo 30. The

Eurythmics W’ho's That Girl .7 31. Everything But The Girl Each And Et'ery One 32. Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax 33. Ella Fitzgerald Et'ery Time W'e Say Goodliye 3-1. l’eter Gahriel Sledgeluimmer 33. George Gershwin l’orgy And

Bess 3(3. Gilhert and Sullivan ll..\l.S. l’inaJore

37. Philip Glass Satyagralui 38. Benny Goodman

1” go. r

coming t

1.et's Dance 39. Merle Haggard ()kie From .\1uskogee ~10. George 1‘it‘ederic 11ande1 .\lessiah ~11. Coleman Hawkins A Strange Fact ~12. Jimi Hendrix All Along The \\”atclitou'er ~13. Billie Holiday That ()le Del'il Called Lore ~1~1. Buddy Holly Peggy Sue ~13. Gustav Holst The l’lanets ~16. Michael Jackson Thriller ~17. Elmore James Dust My Blues ~18. Jean Michel Jarre ()xygene ~19. \X’aylon Jennings This Time 50. 1,ouisJoI‘dan

Choo Choo Ch'Boogie 31.13.13. King Street Sixteen

MusiC.We can’t think of a better reason for visiting us.Whatever kind

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