52. The Kinks You Really Got Me 53. Peggy Lee \Why Don't You Do It Right.7 54. Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire 53. Gustav Mahler Symphony No5 56. Felix Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night’s Dream 57. Glenn Miller I’ve Got A Girl In Kalamazoo 38. Charlie Mingus W’etlnestlay Night

Prayer 59. Thelonius Monk .\rlonk’s Mood

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o In Hi’fi.

(WC. Morrisses' h‘i'ery l)ay ls Like Sunday

(yl. \‘i'oltgang Amadeus Mozart Don (iioi'anni (33. Carl Perkins Blue SllL’LlL’ Shoes (13. The l‘et Shop Boys :\etually (H. lggy' l‘op \\HllLl (:lllltl (fl. Cole l’orter Night .'\llLl Day (yo. Bud Powell Bouneing \V'ith 13ml (‘7. lflvis Presley jailhouse Roek (W8. The l‘rmlaimers l-etter lirom :\meriea (‘9. Sergei l‘rokoiiey Romeo :\ml ,luliet 70. Uiaeomo l‘ueeini l-a Boheme 71. Serge

Raehmaninott lliano Content) No 3 73. Otis

Redding The Dock Of The Bay 73. Django Reinhardt Sweet Georgia Brown 74. Little Richard Good Golly Miss Molly 75. The Rolling Stones Brown Sugar 76. Diana Ross Mahogany 77. Uioaeehino Rossini The Barher ()f Set'ille 78. Sade Your Love Is King 79. Fran: Sehuhert Death Aml The Maiden 80. The Sex Pistols Anarehy in The (K 81. Dmitri Shostakovieh Symphony No 5 82. Nina Simone My Baliy Just Cares For Me 83. Simple Minds ()nee l'pon A Time 84. Frank Sinatra i\'iee ‘n’ Easy 83. Bruce Springsteen Born To Run 86. Riehard Strauss

Salome 87. Igor Stravinsky“ The Rite Of Spring

88. Talking Heads Stop .\laking Sense 89. l‘yotor

lllyieh Tehaikox'sky I81.7 ()t'erture 90. ['2 Rattle

And Hum 91. (iuiseppi \"erdi l-a Trai'iata 92. (iene \'ineent Be—Bop—Alula 9"). Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons “)4. Riehard \\"agner 'l‘ristan and lsoltle “)3. liars \X'aller You Raseal You go. Muddy \S'aters You ean't lose u'hat you ain't nei'er had 97. The \‘s'ho My (ieneration “)8. laeky \X'ilson Reel l’euie “N. Ste\‘ie \\"onder l plight (lft‘erything's .-\lright) 100. l-ester

Young These foolish things remind me of you.

you like, it’ll sound better on one ofour systems. I DJ