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Housed in the shell at what was once the Buck Rogers Burger Bar, the Triangle Restaurant looks set to become a superhero in the cosmos ol Glaswegian culinary lite.

That, however, is it they ever get it finished. Those who attended the restaurant's recent Press launch were more than disappointed to discover the marbled paradise they‘d been promised singularly absent. Instead, the assembled hacks were regaled with a work-in-progress building site but, touch wood, the restaurant should be opening its doors on the second at December, promising to be a . ‘reasonably priced but discriminating restaurant that satislies the needs at a new discriminating public.‘

The Triangle is the brainchild ot restaurateurs Ricky Daniel and Richard McKirdy. Ricky opened the lirst Triangle in London three years ago and recently teamed up with local boy Richard with a view to shitting the concept North of the Border. They bring with them a compendium ot culinary strategies; The Room with A Bar, a Brasserie, cottee-shop, a luxury a la carte Dining Room and, most intriguingly, the Cruover— ‘a



PAPER ’l‘I( Hill


RESTAURANT Tue—Sat (evenings only) Table d‘Héte and a la Cartc menus

remarkable machine tor serving line centrepiece of which is bound to be Jan Christmas menu should be enough to BRASSERIE Seven days: . i wines by the glass. They’ll have men Nimmo's vastmural. Snaking its convince youthatMessrs Daniel and Iunchtimes and evenings. Widc on the moon next. . . day-glo way around the Bar, Jan's work McKirdv are putting their Mirepoix range of meals available. i

lltlolhgsidelthis,dheavy emphasis is is part of a concerted ettort to make the Where their Mousse is. A Six course 3 '3 i a so eing p ace upon the design of Triangle into ‘a living 3 ace in touch carte Slap-tilt it" 517 means that the i i the restaurant. Paintings, sculptures with the community it siervesf Triangle merits turther investigation 70“) FISHMARKETCLOSFS I and ceramics have all been Don't let such soothineg verbed Filo once its doors are finally Opened- EDINBURGH 0312255449 I commissioned lrom local artists, the lingo put you off; a quick glimpse at the (Altar! Brown)

The List 25 Nov 8 [)cc 1088 59