Fri 9 Decéun 8 Jan at 7.30pm (24 Dec 5pm; matinées 27, 28 Dec 3pm)


the Panto 7 Dec 1988-7 Jan 1989 by David Swan —a smashing newtamily

THE TRON present


Featuring Katy Murphy, Myra i Show McFadyen, Stuart Hepburn, Ian Morton, special guests Anne Downie and Forbes TICKETS ON SALE NOW

Full Price £4.00 Concessionary Price £3.50

Masson, Victor & Barry ‘Live’ via satellite from Australia.

Seats £4, £5; I/2 price preview 9

December at 7.30pm « TRON THEATRE ( 63 Trongate, Glasgow We accept payment by Box Office: 041 552 4267 ACCESS 0’ V'SA

Box Office 031 665 2240

(credit cards 041 552 5291)


A wickedl 20in musical anta’

CRAWFURD TEE, JO ANHILL Tueaday 29 November Saturday 7 January

Tickets £2.50'£4.50. From: The Ticket Centre, Candleriggs Tel: 041-227 5511 Forfunlter details contact Wildcat on 041-954 0000



By Janet Fenton. Directed by Adrian Harris "A magical tale of enchanted forests and ancient spells... "

Thurs 22 - Sat 31 December £2.00 - Children; £3.30 - Adults.

Group Discounts Available.

BOOKING NOW: (031) 226 5425 34 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge Edinburgh EH3 SAX.

Early booking advisable for this very popular family theatre!


Mondays and Matinees £3.00



Tue 27—Sat 31 December. 27 ch 31 Dec. 2.30pm. 5.30pm. 28-30 Dec. 7pm. Edinburgh Graduate Theatre (iroup in a Christmas show.

I Peter and Penny‘s Panto

Palace Theatre. 1) (ireen Street. Kilmarnock. 0563 23590. Thurs S—l- ri 30 December. 2pm every day except 8. 22. 23. 27 Dee. 7.30pm. 14.16. 17.2%-301)ec also at 7.30pm. 15 cfi 19-21 Decalso 10am. No perfs 25 61' 26 Dec. lives £4. 1(1(£3.111); Sat mats £3. 10 (£2. 10): Weekday mats £2.10. The second of Borderline‘s pantos in which Peter and Penny are called upon to assist the (ireat Merlin to dispel a nasty magician stealing (iM‘s spells. Also featuresHairy-Mary the (iovan l-airy a Ioca phenomenon the SNP are going to have to come to terms with.

I Pinocchio

Citizens'l‘heatrc. (iorbals. (ilasgow.041 4290022. Critil Sat 21 January. 7pm on‘). 1(1.12.l4.l(i. 9. 11. 13. lo. 1S-211Janl2pmon 1 15.17. 1‘)-22.24.2(>~31l)ee.2 5.7.10 14. 1(>—1‘).21.1an:10amotiS.13. 15.20.22

Dec. 10. 12. 17Janz5pmon 17. 24.31 Dec.

7.14.21Jan18pmon171)ec. £2—-£4.50. The little chap with the expanding neb and the expendable strings is the subject of this year's ( ~hristmas Show at the Citz. traditionally an imaginative and beautifully designed affair with a strong storyline. See Preview. I Puss in Boots

RSAMD 100 Renfrew Street. ( ilasgow. 0413324101. Mon 12—-l-‘ri1(iI)ecembcr. 7. 15pm (not 15 Dec). £2 (£1 ). A traditional panto with all the trimmings by final year DDA students. directed by Rtissell Boyce.

I Rikki TiltkiTavi

Cowan Centre. Stirling. Sun 11- Tue 13 December. 7.30pm. lidinburgh Puppet Company in a version of Kipling‘s storon Rikki 'l‘ikki Tavi. the Mongoose.

I Robert Brothers Circus

SliCC Finnieston.041 248 3000. l‘ri lo l.)ecember—'l‘hurs 15 January. Closed 25 Dee. Times vary. contact venue. The well-known international circus. which includes animal acts. makes its fourth appearance here.

I Robin Hood and His Merry Men

Harbour ArtsCentre. 1 12w 1 14 Harbour Street. Irvine. 0294 7405‘). Weds 7 Sat 17 December. 7.45pm. 10& 17 I)ec.2.30pm. £2.50 (£1 .75). The famous outlaw of Sherwood Forest. a man who would give Nigel Lawson indigestion. is the star of this Christmas Show. Lots of1.inco1n Green and lovely loot going to the well-deserving poor.

I Santa's Travelling Snowman

Paisley Arts Centre. Paisley. 041 887 1010. Sat 108; Sun 11 Dec. 3.30pm.£1 (50p). The Centre‘s youth theatre group (eight years and upwards) present their own Christmas show.

I Scrooge-The Panto

Castlebrae High School Studio. Greendykes Road. Craigmillar. Weds 14—Fri 16 Dee. 7.30pm. Craigmillar Festival Arts Centre. 58 Newcraighall Road. Craigmillar. Sat 17 Dec. 7.30pm. £1 (50p). For tickets please contact Craigmillar Community Centre. o3 Niddrie Mains Terrace. 031 6615877. Based on the famous Diekens' talc. this Scrooge has been adapted by members of the community and is staged on a gigantic bed.

I Skazka

Studio Theatre. 261 West Princes Street. Glasgow. 041 331 2931. Sat 10December. 2.30pm 8.: 7.30pm. £5; £3.50()APs and Students; £2.50 Children. Scottish Ballet in a Russian-style pantomime ballet drawn from Russian folk tales ( ‘Skazka' being the Russian for ‘folk tale' ). Choreographed by three members ofthe cast. it features Babya Yaga and Nadya and Vanya doing battle with Krov the

Deathless and. first shown last year. was brought back by popular demand. I The Snow Queen Royal Lyceum. (irindlay Street. lidinburgh. 031 22‘) 0097. Tue b—Sat 31 December. 7pm every evening except Sat 24 Dec. No performances Sun 25. Alsoat 2.30pm Sat 17. and Thurs 22—Sat 31 Dec. There are (cheaper) schools performances. which are also open to the public. on (r-b' ck 12-- 15 Dec. 10am & 2pm: ‘lcfi 1b1)ec. 10amonly; and 19—21 Dec. 2pm only. £2.50 £7. 'l‘heatreSaverholders £1 off. l‘amily ticket £5. plus uptofour more stall seats for £2.20each. The 1.yccum bring back. redesigned and rewritten. one of Stuart Paterson's earliest and finest Christmas shows. featuringthe frosty. spectacularly nasty . Snow Queen. l.otsofopportunity to hiss and boo. anda sprinkling of magic. part of it to dowith the music of Savourna Stevenson - See Preview. I Snow White PavilionTheatre. 121 RenfieldStrcet. (ilasgow.04l3321840.1'nti1Sat2S January. 7.30pm. Matinees 2.30pm on 10, 14. 15 Dec. every day between 17 ck 31 Demand-7. 14. 21 ck lSJan. 10.30amon 14 Dec. £3.50 £5.50(£2.50 £3.50). Noperfs 25 Dec ck 1.1an. Andy Cameron headsup this year's annual panto from Radio Clyde. in the company of Sheila (ireir. (iary Marshall and seven mini-miners. I Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs MacRobert Arts Centre. l'niversityof Stirling. 078(161081. L'ntil Sat 7January. 3,30 ck 7.30pm every day except 23rd (5 & 8pm) and 31st (2 cy opm ). £(i (£3). Dueto extra sponsorship the MacRobert hasan extra spectacular production this year. with a special exciting set brought tip from London. I.ee MacDonald from (irange Hill and Dorothy Paul. seen in many Wildcat productions. are the comic leads. I The Story of the Monkey King (ilasgow Arts Centre. 12 Washington Street. ( ilasgow. 041 221 4520. Thurs S—l’ri lb1)ecember;b’ Dcc2pm. 12 6:13 Dec 10am 6: 2pm. 14 ck 1o1)ec 2pm& 7.30pm. £ 1 .50 (£1 cones; 75p for parties). The Monkey-King is a favourite character in Chinese mythology -- a mischevious type who tends to cause havoc. humour and a little divine retribution. Here Pat Kcysell. former presenter of Vision ()n. has adapted the Chinese original fora short. very visual comedy about the monkey's misadventures. I The Tree That Woke Up Mitchell Theatre. (iranville Street. (ilasgow. Tue 3—Sat 7 January. 7.30pm ck 5 (Si 7 .lan. 2.30pm. £4.50 (£3); Matinees £3 (£2). A fable by Murray Watts about a mysterious tree that will only flower when someone is determined to discover its secret. Presented by the touring company. Riding Lights. I Wee Free Kings Rosebery Hall. South Queensferry. Tickets 031 557 2480. Tue 20—Moi126 Dee. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). Theatre Alba present an updated version of the Nativity Play. set on a building site in Sotith ()ucensferry and featuring a young couple called Mary and Joseph .‘vlacl’arlane. Don't know quite how they're going to work the shepherds in. but never mind. Music by Richard Cherns. I The Wizard of 02 Church Hill Theatre. Morningside Road. Edinburgh. Tiekets031 228 1 155. Weds 14—Sat 17 December. 7.30pm. Sat mat. 2pm. 40p (20p). 1.eitheatre in the evergreen musical about life beyond the Yellow Brick Road. I The Wizard that Woz Royston Wardieburn Community Centre. Pilton Drive North. Pilton. Edinburgh. 031552 5700. Thurs 15 c& l5ri 1(y1)ee.7pm. The staff and volunteers of the centre present a children‘s panto based on the popular tale of Dorothy and her friends.

12 The List 9 22 December 1988