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it's pouring.)


POI/QUE'I'S, 7 RENFII'JLILS'T, GLASGOW If you ’re one of the few who hasn’t been to Fouquets, then get a ('roivd together and go. Belou‘ Renfield Street you ’11 find a bar with an atmosphere and a mosaiefloor- tiled eoekerel all of its ()ll‘ll. Here you can dine in candle-light in the romantil' shadows of a brick-built vault. Slip into a sumptuous leather Chesterfield in the lounge. ()r maybe the restaurant is more you. Bet you won ’t make it past the huge semi -eireular bar, though. Stella ’s iee eool, as is the 1).] u‘ho’s there every night. Thursday night is sixties night. With fab and groovy music to be danced to, and free dinners-for-two to be won.

()‘lll':\l{\'.\'. ll l)l{l In S'l‘. (ll. \S(L()\\. "\ot on holida) 1’ Feeling the hlnes'.’( )‘l lenr_\'s is open e\er_\ Sunday. proelairns the hlaek- hoard as _\on \Hllk inside. But )on deserVe ()‘llenrfs an} da}. \t street le\el it's hare lloorhoards. \exxspapers on the bar. Jazz on the hi-l'i. l'iH‘get \shat happened toda}. Slump into a \xieker «hair and unwind “ill! Stella in this sepia sanetuan. \sith it‘s preseru-d ionie

pillars and plaster it'ol‘nit'es. Belt)“ stairs )on ean sit and ehatter at eandle-lit pine kitehen tahles and «oil to _\onr llt‘ill'l-s eontent. 'l‘lle stall “ill lend an [understandin;_r ear and the} \son't he at all ol'l'ended ill _\on ha\en.t heard llo“ good their menu is. “int: ask them to

slum \oll their seal‘ood.