I Music is listed as diary: by day, then by city. then by event.




I Midday Concert Stevenson Hall. RSADM. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 51157. 1pm. Admission free by ticket. Three piano recitals by Alison Mc( iregor. Elizabeth Mucha and Mark 'I‘rotman.

I Competition Guinness Room. RSAMI). 1()(l Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 2.3(lpm. Free at door. The Glasgow Jewish Choral Society Prize Competition for Vocal Ensemble.

I 3C0 City Hall. (‘andleriggs. 227 5511. 7.3(lpm. Extra date: Saturday 11). Edinburgh. £2.2(l—£8.8(l. Lovely Christmas music in the form of I. 'Iz‘n/ance (In Christ by Berlioz. l’ltilip Ledger conducts and soloists are :1 nne /l()lt'(’ll.\. Neil .IIackie and Stephen Roberts. ll'itli the Scottish l’lii/liarmmtie .S'ingers.

I Piano Recital \iiittgat tc low n l lall tickets: “56 2h~l2 7311er Milngay re Mtisie ( ~ltib presents pianist Bernatds Roberts iii a recital of Mo/ai 1. Bectltoy cit. Debussy and Brahms


I Burrell String Quartet City Art Centre. MarketStrcet. 12.45pm 1.45pm. I‘rce at door. A programme of light and popular classics.

I 3N0 l'sher Hall. Lothian Road. 221’ 1155 or 668 2111‘) (Queen's i Iall). 7.3tlpm. Extra date: Saturday 1(1.Glasgow. £2.7t)—£1 1.5(l(standby £2511). Matthias Bamert. SN() Principal Guest Conductor. with Mourct's Premiere Suite. l’oentes pour .lli by Messiaen and the Requiem by Durufle. Phyllis Bryn-.Iulson and .\'cil Howlett are soloists.

I Edinburgh University Singers Scottish \.tlltillitl Portrait ( iallcry I ()ncen Street Inc at door 1 15pm l 1121‘111 .\ conceit ot carols lot .-\tl\ ctll dtl cclctl by John Kitchen.

SATURDAY 10 Glasgow

I 8N0 (‘ity I tall. ('andleriggs. 227 5511. 7.30pm. £2.51) £1 1.511(standby £2511). See Friday t). Edinburgh. for full description.

I St Bride's Chamber Orchestra St Brides Church. llyndland Road tickets. at door .S‘pnt £5 ( £4) ()tchestia made trpol National Youth ( )tchestia ol Scotlartd playcisand friends play Barber ’s.-\dagro. Stray insky is I’nlcrnclla Stiitc. 1' inc chtne \aehtmnsik by .\to/ati and Ibcit's l)r\crtrssement Soloistsarc l'll/tll‘c‘tll .\le( ~otmack. I’atil llai 1 by andloitathart Best. and Justin Brow ii o1 Scottish ( )per .i conducts. lrckcts include cheesc and \y in. and proceeds are 111 aid of Pat krnsoit's

Disease Edinburgh

I Chamber Music Recital l‘tlllltttll gh Stretch ol \ttlstclatls. 2 Hellottl Road .-\dnnssronatdoor \pm l li/abcthl like and llcttick Btrintcy (pianostyyrth Sarn (ice (cello) pet for in ( ‘hoptit's( cllo Sonata and thc t‘.llll.l\1L‘ llil inrnoi lot piano duet by Schubert

I Schoia cantorum 01 Edinburgh

Ihc Signet l.rbraty . Parliament Square. High Street. 'I'ickets. “(MS 2lll‘l I ()tlccti's Hall 1. Spin £5 1 £31 ('In rstmas correct I ot traditional and modern carols w itli hat p and special guest t'ttltti MacArthur.

I Piccolo Pack ()ueen's I Iall. Clerk Street. 668 2111‘). Ham-noon. £1 75p (adults £2). Christmas musical fun for children with the S( ‘( ) and the Waverley Singers. Ice cream and juice available after.

I Carol Party Debating l Iall. 'I'eviot Row House. Bristo Square. Tickets: at door. 7pm. £2 (£1 ). Iidinburgh l'niycrsity‘s annual iamboree with favourite carols. mulled wine. mince pies and Scottish country dancing.

I Guitar Recital St Mar k's t 'intar ran Church. ( listlc l cl race. I rckcts: .11 tttnrt 7 3tlpnr £3 5ll(£2.51|l Ihe(‘lassical (itntat Society of I-dinbtitgh presents (itialticio l’edi rallr l’togiannite includes not ks by De l~a|la. \Iaitin. Villa-l obos. Kc‘lilic‘ltilc‘lgllltili.511l.c‘1111tl\lic‘1t\clcy arid lniiita

I 3C0 ()neen's Hall. Clerk Street. (this 2111‘). 7.45pm. £2.21) £12. See l-‘riday t). Glasgow. for ftrll description.



I Glasgow University Choral Society and Orchestra l'niyersity Chapc . 7.311pm.£2 (£1 ). Admission programme at door. Inst of tour concerts featuring the l 'niversity's newly acquired lortcpiano alsocclebratcs the bicentenary of('.P.Ii. Bach with his .tlagnilit‘at and ( YHH‘i’I'lt) for lltl/‘lei'llUNl and l-‘orte/nano. Beethoven's Mass in ( ‘is the second half.

lOLANTHE Taking on a light-hearted mood tor Christmas, Scottish Opera revive their 1986 production 01 Gilbert & Sullivan‘s lolanthe. New to the cast this time though is Scots actor Rikki Fulton, lorsaking his usual pantomime runs tor the role at the Lord Chancellor, his first ever appearance with Scottish Opera. In what is conceived as a rather tongue-in-cheek production by director Keith Warner, Fulton will no doubt bring his own stamp to the general

I Clydebank Lyric Choir ( ‘ity 1 tall. (‘andleriggx 227 .5511. 7.30pm. £3 £4. Annual concert including music for Christmas time.


I Scottish Ensemble ()tieen's I Iall. Clerk Street. 666‘ 2111‘). 2.3tlpm. £5 (£3 £1). Mixed programtne of Mendelssohn. Bach. Stravinsky. Grieg and someone called Locatelli (early 18th Century Italian virtuoso who settled in Amsterdam -~ Ed). I Bryn Turley Memorial Concert ()ueen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2111‘). 7.45pm. Free. 'I‘ributc includes Mozart. Schubert's l‘rout Quintet and songs by Bryn 'I‘urley. I Festival oi Lessons and Carolst iicy It I.lts I olbooth .rnd I lighlaiid kn k. (andlcmakci Royy "pm l'dinbuigh l'nry cisity ‘s ( ‘hi tstinas celebration \\ltt1 readings by Mcinbcisol the l 'nryctstly and music by the l-dtnbtrighl rnycistty Say oy ()pci a ( iiotrp and organist Michael ('hibben I Christmas Service S1\1al\'s('.itltctlta|. l’alinciston I’lacc " 3|lpnt l’cr toiinancc ol Bach's ( 'ln istmas( )talot to as part of St Mar y 's set ics of ( ‘hr rstinas sei \ ices

MONDAY 12 Glasgow

I Piano Recital (‘onccrt l lall. Glasgow I'niversity . 7.3(lpm. £3t£1.5lll. Admission programme at door. Peter Siey eyy right celebrates Mcssiaen‘s Silth birthday with line! ly’eeartls .surl'enfant Jesus.



I Edinburgh Quartet BBt ' SS()('eitti‘c. Queen Margaret Drive. 'l'iekcts trom Roor1131 1. BBC. Queen Margaret Drive (please send s.a.c. ) or BBCReception. I‘rec. lpiti. ()nartctsby RobertCrawford and Mendelssohn being recorded for ftttttre transmission on Radio 3. ( ‘hildrcn under 12 cannot be admitted.

WEDNESDAY 14 Glasgow I Student Workshop ( ‘oitcct't 1 tall.

send up or the legal lraternity, Arcadian

' shepherds, aristocracy and tairies.

Cast also includes Omar Ebrahim as Strephon, Patricia Neill as Phyllis and Elizabeth McCormack in the title role. Opening on Friday 16 at Glasgow’s

Theatre Royal only, lolanthe runs for 12

performances, the last on 30 December

. giving Fulton time-just—to shed his Chancellor's robes lorthose oi the

clergy as he becomes, among other now traditional Hogmanay characters, the Revd l.M. Jolly in the ever popular Scotch and Wry.

Glasgow University. 5pm. Free at door. Short recital of student compositions.

I Lunch and Listen Theatre Royal, Hope Street.331 1234. 1pm.£1.50. Guest of Scottish Opera in conversation. Full details from Friends of Scottish Opera on (141 248 4567.

I Glasgow Harpsichord Society For venue 'phone 882 6127 (Mrs J. Gould). 7.30pm. £2. Club night and social evening with theme The Sarahande.


I Edinburgh University Renaissance Singers Old St Paul's Church. Jeffrey Street. 'I‘ickets: at door. 1.1(1pm. £2 (£1 1. Renaissance music for Christmas directed by Noel O‘Regan.

I Music. Dance and Verse tor Christmas Church ofSt Andrew and St George. George Street. Tickets: 3396629 (A M Ireland). 7.3(lpm. £3. Isobel Mieras (clarsach). Jim Ferguson (fiddle). the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in an evening ofentertainment presented by the Friends of the Edinburgh International Festival. John Shedden reads and comperes the evening.



I Strathclyde University Carol Service The Martyrs‘ Church. St Mungo Avenue. 2pm—3pm. Admission free. Allwelcorne. I Student Carol Service University Chapel. Glasgow University. 2.30pm. Free at door.

I RSAMD Carol Concert ( ‘ity llall. (‘andlci'iggx 227 551 I or 332 51157 (RS-\MD). 7.3llptn. £3 ( £3). Studentsol the RS.-\.\II) in their annual concert for all the family with conductor Philip ledger Readings are from the Scltool of Dr aina sltltlcitls


I 8C0 Queen's I la“. Clerk Street. 668 2111‘). 7.45pm. £2.2()—£12. Who needsto celebrate Christmas 11) days early when you can celebrate Eliott Carter's 811th birthday instead? Especially when he'll be there. to hear his ('mieerlafar Piano and Harpsichord and lz'legy. along with Haydn‘s Symphony No 78 and Webei‘n's arrangement of Schubert's (ierman Dances. Diego Masson conducts.

I Forth Valley Chorus Iny ct Icith ( ‘htiich Hall. lopol ( iianton Road. 'I rckcts: 332 2750(Mts \ltiitay) .Spm. £2 i U)

I dntbingh’sonly ladiesbarbershop

singers in concert. 'I’ickct includes free ialllc. tl'cc programme and free refreshments.

FRIDAY 16 ' Glasgow

ICarolConcert(‘ity llall.(‘aitdlciiggs. 227 5511 ".3llpnt. £1 t-l. ('hotrol Greater Glasgow Health Board perform in aid of the Malcolm Sargent ( aitccr l-und loi (‘lnldten Soloist is l)a\ rd

lloi tie. pratio. runner -up in thrsyeat ‘s BB(' I \"s Young Mtrsteian ol the \ car I 88C 380 Stevenson Ilall. RSAMI). Itltl Renfrew Street. 332 51157. 12. 15pm. £4.51) (£2.75 £2.25). Fantasia It'by Edward Harper. Mozart'sConcerto for Flute and I larp with Rosemary Eliot and Kate Wilson. followed by Beethoven Symphony No 4. Jerzy Maksy'miuk conducts.

I lolanthe Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 331 1234 or 332 9000. 7.15pm. Extra dates: Saturday 17. Monday 1‘).'l‘uesday 211. Wednesday 21 . Thursday 22. Friday 23. Tuesday 27 (2. 15pm). Wednesday 28 (2. 15pm ). 'I‘liursday 2‘). Friday 311. £2.5()—£I2. Special Scottish ()pera production ofthis G c". S favourite with

Rikki Hilton in the role of Lord Chancellor.

I Christmas Concert (‘ity t Iall. ('andleriggs. 227 551 l. 7.3(lpm. Christmas

The List 9— 22 December 1988 29