mUsic in aid of the Malcolm Sargent (‘ancer Fund for Children.

I Glasgow Cathedral Choral Society (ilasgow Cathedral. John Knox Street. Tickets: at door. 730an (‘oncert o1 ('hristmas music conducted by John R. Turner with organist .lohn Langdon.

I Cappella Nova Henry Wood 1 lall. (’laremont Street. Tickets: 2275511 (Ticket Centre). 8pm. £4.50(£2.50). (Urn/s by Candlelight in a family concert of ( ‘hristmas music including Scottish. old. new and humorous arrangements and opportunities for audience participation.


I Organ Recital Reid ('oncert llall. Bristo Square. Free at door. 1.10pm. Musiclor organ played by Philip Sawyer.

I 3N0 L'sher l lall. l.othian Road. 228 1155 or 6(18 201‘) (Queens l lall ). 7.30pm. lixtra date: Saturday 17. (ilasgow. £2.7(L-£1 1.511(standby £2.50). Matthias Bamert. the orchestra's .\'o 1 guest conductor. is still around and tonight he conducts a popular programme of Peter and (lie ll'olfw ith .Mary Marquis as soloist. the suite trom Tchaikoy sky‘s Smut l.ilkt' and Rimsky Korsakoy ‘s 'I'yurSu/Iun Stiite. I Charity Concert it” I ester 1 1|in School 7.30pm t21£1l..\ \1usical 1-ycning \\lll1 .lohn Marshall. baritone. and liiendsw ith proceeds going towards the ( 'liildien Ill \L‘L‘tl .-\|‘|‘k‘.ll



I RSAMD Junior Dept Steycnson l lall. RSAMl). 100 Rentrew Street. 332 5057. 3pm. £3 (£2). Seasonal programme with

orchestras and choir including Saint-Saens ( 'urm'i'al oft/w Animals and I )r'sncytime by- Ron (ioodwin.

I lolanthe Theatre Royal. 1 lope Street. 331 1234 or 332 9000. 7.15pm. lixtra dates: Monday 1‘). Tuesday 20. Wednesday 2 1 . Thursday 22. Friday 23. Tuesday 27 (2. 15pm ). Wednesday 28

(2. 15pm). Thursday 2‘). Friday 30.

£2.51L£12. See Friday loforlull

1 description.

I SNO(‘ity llall. (‘andleriggs. 227 5511. 7.30pm.£2.50—£11.50(standby £2.50). ? See Friday to. Edinburgh. for full


= Glasgow



I Cappella Nova with Caledonia Brass ()uecn's l lall. ('lerk Street. (168 201‘). 8pm. £4 £4.50(£2 £2.50). See Friday lo. (ilasgow . (or full description.


I Carol Service liniyersity ('hapel. (ilasgow liniy‘ersity. 3pm. Free at door.

I SND (‘ity llall. (fandleriggs. 227 5511. 7.30pm. lixtra date: Tuesday 20.

£2.50-- £1 1 .50 (standby £2.50). It's not long until Christmas. so it‘s ( 'arol (‘oncert

time. Fayourite music and carols with the SN( ) Junior and Youth ('horuses conducted by Philip Ledger.


I Waverley Singers St Bernard's (’hurch. Saxe (‘oburg Street. Stockbridge. 7pm. Tickets: at door. (‘arol concert from this excellent girls‘ choir conducted by Pamela Duncan.


1 (CllllllltflS'll‘MAS

. Carol Concert

; in aid of the Endocrine Research Trust it in the Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

on Monday 19th December 1988 at 6.00pm

! l I Christmas Music and Carols from I i The Choir of Old St Paul’s Church l St Mary’s Music School Choir : Forth Brass 1 Soloist: Frances M cCafl'erty 2

£2 .00 Adults; £1 .00 Concessions Tickets available from the Information Desk NATIONAL MUSEUMS OF SCOTLAND

@d'néurgb 657%"

Q man

Chorus Master Christopher Bell

Monday 2nd January 1989 12 noon in Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Lorna Anderson Elizabeth Harley Paul Nilon Stephen Richardson

Tickets £3.50—£7 from Usher Hall Box Office Schoolchildren £2. Vouchers from UHBO.


I Christmas Carol Concert Queen's I la”. (‘lerk Street. (368 201‘). 8pm. £3 (£2). Music tor (‘hristmas timc presented by Jubilo with the l.idinburgh Players. Walter 'l'homson conducts.

I Carol Concert l'sher l lall. l.olhian Road. 228 1155.Saly'ation:\rrny"sannual (‘hristmas concert. ('heck yenue for details.

I The Musical Toyshop Poi tol‘cllot )Iti Parish (hutch l l.ill. Belllield Street lickcts: at door 3.30pm. £2 ( L1 l. .\n cnlet tainnient in words and music \s lll1

proceeds going to liar 11.11tl0‘8


0NDAY 19


I The Linn Choirt ’ity llall . ( andlet Iggs.

2275511 7 30pm L1 "5 (hiistmaschoial

I lolanthe Theatre Royal. llope Street.

331 1234 or 332 ‘)000. 7.15pm. lixtra dates: Tuesday 20. Wednesday 21. Thursday 22. Friday 23. Tuesday 27

(2. 15pm). Wednesday 28 (2. 15pm). Thursday 2‘). Friday 30. £2.50-£12.See Friday 16 tor full description.

I John Currie Singers Stey enson l lall. RS.-\Ml). 100 Renlreyy Street. 332 5057. 8pm. £5 ( £3.50). Annual performance oi 'I‘lu’ .tlt'ss‘tu/t. this year w ith .lohn Pry ce Jones and the S('().


I Carol Concert Queen's 1 tall . (‘lerk Street. (m8 201‘). 7.30pm. £1 .50 (75p). A carol concert for all the lamily withchoir and bands from l.ibcrton High School. Audience participation too.

I Christmas Carol Concert Royal Museum (ll Sc‘tillulltl. ( illttllil‘c‘l's Street. ll lL‘lsL‘tsl

ay ailablc lioni lnlortnation Desk. opm. L2 ( £1 1. (11118111108 music and carols hour the (‘hon o1 ( )ld St Paul‘s ( ‘buich. St Marys Mtisic School ( lion and l-orth Btasswith soloist l-rances .\1c( ‘allerly. In aid ol the lindociine Research Trust.



I lolanthe Theatre Royal. 1 lope Street. 331 1234 or 332 ‘)000. 7. 15pm. lixtra dates: Wednesday 21 . Thursday 22. Friday 23. Tuesday 27 ( 2. 15pm). Wednesday 28 (2. 15pm). 'I‘hursday2‘). Friday 311. £250 £12. See Friday In for full description.

I 3N0 ('ity' Hall. (landlcriggs. 227 5511. 7.30pm. £2.50-£l l .50 (standby £2.50). See Sunday 18 for full description. (ilasgow concert only l‘ollowed by(‘eilidh Dance. Tickets from S.\'()()t‘lice.041332 7244 -- £5 (£4.50) including Bar bullet.


I Christmas Concert L'sher llall. l.olhian Road. 228 1155. More (‘hristmas music. this time from (ieorge lleriot's School.

I SCO Queen's llall.(‘1erk Street. (168 201‘). 7.45pm. £2—£8. (‘arols for Everyone with Ian McCrorie and the Scottish Philharmonic Singers in aid of(ireytriars International Appeal. (‘ould be a surprise or two in store.

WEDNESDAY 21 Glasgow

I lolanthe Theatre Royal. llope Street. 331 1234 or 3329000. 7.15pm. Extra dates: Thursday 22. Friday 23. Tuesday 27 (2. 15pm). Wednesday 28 (2. 15pm). Thursday 2‘). Friday 30. £2.50—£12. See Friday 16 for full description.

I Glasgow Youth Choir ( ‘ity 1 la”. (‘andleriggs. 227 5511.7.30pm. lixtra date: Friday 23. £2 £2.50. Talented young singers from (ilasgow in their annual (‘ity llall concert. 1


I SNO Usher Hall. Edinburgh. 228 l 155

or (108 201‘) (Queen‘s 1 tall). 7.30pm. fixtradate: 'l'hursday22. £2.70—£1 1.50 (standby £2.50). .\'o S.\'() (‘arol(‘oncert tor lidinburgh but this Viennese Night might almost make up ("or it. Lotsol Strauss ot the l and 11 yarieties. Schubert's Iy’osumunde. Mozart's liim' Is'lcim' .Vue/imtusik and the Rosenkuyult't'r Suite from Richard Strauss (no relation). Bryden 'l‘homson conducts.



I lolanthe Theatre Royal. llope Street. 331 1234 or 332 0000. 7. 15pm. lixtra dates: Friday 23. 'l‘uesday 27(2. 15pm). \Vedncsday 28 (2. 15pm 1. Thursday 2‘). Friday 3012.50 £12. See Friday lb (or lulldcscription.

I SNOCity llall.(ilasgow.227551l. ".30ptn. £2.50 £11.50(standby £2.50). See Wednesday 2 l . lidinburgh. for lull description.


I Carol Concert l'sher 1 lall. l.olhian Road. 228 1 1.55. A choirol‘around 400 nurses. doctors and other hospital staff tt'om l.olhian. File and 'lay side 1 1ealth Boards sing in aid of the Malcolm Sargent (‘aneer Fund for Children.




I Pogues S1-.(‘(‘. 1-‘innieston. 8pm. £5. Famous urban punk l'olk rootsers. Worst y cnue 111 ( ilasgow.

I Leon Rosselson and Roy Bailey(ilasgow .v\l'ts ( ‘cntre. Washington Street. 221 4528 “7.30pm. £3 (£1 .50). Brilliant and cley er songs (tom the masters olpolitical lyric. Absorbing. moying. thought-prosoking and lunny.

I Rowantree Folk Club Row antrcc Inn. By l'ddingston ( ~ross. l'ddingston.

‘) 11.45pm. £1. Residents and yisitors.

I CBilldh Riy ersidc. l't)\ Street. o11(‘lyde Street. 248 3144. 10pm. £3.


I North Sea Gas l’latt'orm 1.Rutland Street. liycning. Resident pub t'olk band. I Junction Bar \Vest Preston Stret. ‘)pm. the music.

I Simpson Perrie/Brian Mulligan Shore Bar. The Shore. l.cith. liyening. Violin and guitar. tolk cabaret.



I Kells Scott's Corner. Derby Street. 334 48‘)1 . liycning. Saturday residency.

lrish Scotssingalong band. Popular.

I lain Bruce ()yerdraught Bar. 128 Broornielaw. Fyening.

I Ceilidh Riyerside. Fox Street. oft'('1ydc Street. 2483144. 10pm.£3.


I Runrig Playhouse. See Rock l.istings. I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. ‘)pm. lidinburgh's 1 lighland haunt. Accordion etc.

I Denny Swanson Scotch And Rye. St) (ieorge 1\' Bridge. 225 1081. liyening. I Session Sandy Bells. Forrest Road. liy'ening.


I Tich Frier Paisley Folk Club. Brabloch llotel. Rent‘rew Road. Paisley. 8.30pm. Songs and humour.

I Bob Fox Black Bull liotel.Mi1ngayie.

30 The List 9 22 December 1988