8.30pm. Highl) thought ot‘singer lrornthe North liast ol lingland.

I Zut! La Chute Wintersgills. (ireat Western Road. lis'ening. Old time}. American and caiun.


I Glenelg Sessions Youngs I lolel. Learnington terrace. 9pm ~midnight. Free. Acoustic music nights. ‘l'onight Just The Very Donkeys. Blues and he} ond lr‘om hig electric lineup.

I Seannachie ( ireen 'l'ree. (1m gale. lis'cning. Scottish songs and lipp} instrumentals l'rorn resident hand.

I Jim KnighUColin Damage/Robin Laing linsign izxsart. l.a\\nmarkct. l'scning. Three singer guitarists.

I North Sea Gas Rolland I lotel. Rolland Street. 22‘) .‘ill12. ‘lpni. Singalong.

MONDAY 12 Glasgow

I Victoria Bar Br irlgegalc. 553 mun «)pm Regular session.


I Nobody's Business Banncrnians Bar. (‘ougate Ii\ening. ('onlidcnt hlues lolk. I Miro 'liltc‘ ( ir‘ecn 'l'l‘L‘L‘. (irm gale. lit'eriing. Bar till lam. Instrumental lunin the har.

I Fiddlers Arms ( irassmarket. lasening. Scottiin music session. Bar closcsat l Iprn. I Dougie M60 Scolclt And Rte. 5tl(icorge l\' Bridge. 225 lust. lis'crting.



I Runrig Mothcm ell (‘is'ic ('entrc. S‘pm.

I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley .-\rts('entre. New Street. 887 ltllll. Sprn.'l‘onight 7.}deco'ssinger Alasdair Robertson.


I Penicuik Folk Club \a\ aar l lotel. Bog Road. l’enicuik. 'l’onight. Singers Night. I Milnes Acoustic Music Night \tilrtes Bar. Hanos cr Street. S.3llpm. l‘r'ec. Regular local musicians inchrding ( iill Bow man and .lock Bro“ n. with a \s eekh guest pertormer. 'l'onrght singer Sheila McWhirter and triends.

I Barrie Band Banncrntans Bar. ( ~ougate. 55h3254. I-.\eriirig. l-‘iddlc. llute. mandocclloand \ocals. Mainls lrish.

I Chris Thompson St James ( )_\ ster Bar. ('alton Road. opposite St James ( 'entre. l-Cxcning. Rockahilh hlues. somctrmesa hrass section.

I Miro i-nsign l'.\\;il'l. Lassnmarkct . topol the High Street. li\cning. .-\cousticccllic music.

I Blue Blazer Bread Street. i:\ ening. Singerguitarists including Alan .lohnstone.

WEDNESDAY 14 Glasgow

I Runrig Barrmsland. See Rock listings. I lnverclyde Folk Club Busters. ltl2 Roxhurgh Street. ( ir'ecnock. tonight Stramash. ( ilttsgtns 's musical all sorts include Adam McNaughton. and pertorm their' acclaimed McGinn or The Calton shim.

I The Humph Family The trading l’ost . (13 ('alton Place. 42‘) 3-1-15. l'rom ahout 8.30pm. (‘lcs'er pseudo countr} stut'l.

I Scotia Folk Night Scotia Bar. Stockxs ell Street. 552 8681.

Lett Glasgow. Friday 9th.


A stramash is what they are not. They are detiantly Scots and do what they do so well, and caretully, tor obvious love and enjoyment, because there is no money to be made pertorming traditional music. It it's jazzed up, taken on the road, and packaged, the music can keep but a tew bands in tull time employment. And so, in Glasgow, Stramash are one at a lew semi pro groups at talented and intormed individuals who thinkthat some things are worth saving against the suttocating English or Mid Atlantic or European cultural contormity. Their

show, in Greenock 14th and Glasgow 18th, this time locuses on the quirky character and uncanny eartorthe patter olthe Dear Green Place, that made Matt McGinn‘s songs so popular. Matt himseltwas ateacherand socialist and in a later and more dominating aspect, somewhat ol 3 musichall comedian. Strident and sentimental byturn, he lelt a body. some bawdy, oi songs, recently published in an illustrated biography, grandioser titled McGinn Di Calton. His miner‘s lullaby, Coorie Doon, has already been absorbed into the repertoire of many singers, who are, in a lot of cases, unaware of its recent origins. But I don‘t know how long people will sing about and smirk at the convoluted puns in his Big Etten Bee.

Witty, ascerbic and at least McGinn's equals as socialists are Leon Rosselson and Roy Bailey. At the GAC on the 11th, they are a must tor anyone who enjoys tine songwriting. Bosselson‘s merciless irony and accuracy is very entertaining, and he knows how to pertorm, having been around tor some time. Truth is, he was in a band with Jimmy MacGregor, way back when there was only one channel on black and white TV.

And tinaily, many will be saddened by the news that the Glenelg, which it continues to be called though the venue changed its name to Youngs Hotel, is to end its Sunday Sessions, which brought high quality music, entirely tree of charge, toryears to citizens oi the Capital. The last night, tears, splitting up 01 the PA, etc is on the 18th when the avuncular Archie Fisherwill lead everyone in song. (Norman Chalmers)

I Folk Session l lalt Bar. woodlands Road. 332 I2lll. iisening. lnstrurnental music on t'iddle. accordion etc.


I Ian Bruce and Ian Walker titlinhurgh t'olk (‘luh. ()shournc Hotel. York Place. 55o 5577.Spm.£2.3ll(£1.5ll).'l‘woxsellknosxn Scots singer guitarists. tirm lolk cluh

lax ourites. on an occasional outing as a duo.

I C8llldh Dance Bristo Relector'} . Bt'isio Square. 0pm 2,3(lam. £2. Bar till 2am. The capillar} caledonians. Hugh MacDiarmid's Haircut \\ ith a caller to help those that dinna ken ho“ tae.

I Alchemy Bannerrnans Bar. ( "msgate. 55(13254. lixcning. Roots} soundson synth. l'iddle. flute and \ocals.

I North Sea Gas Platform l.Rutland Street. Inserting. Resident puh l'olk hand. I Guizer Scotch And Rte. 50 ( ieorge l\‘ Bridge. 225 lots]. herring.

THURSDAY 15 Glasgow

I Alasdair Robertson/The Sirens Third it} c ('entrc. Sauchiehall Street. 332 "52]. Split. {2.5” ( l; l .5”). From 7.}‘tleco( .L‘llltlll Band and (‘ado Belle. kc} hoard and guitar singer songss riter Roherison in a dotihle hill \\ ith (ilasgim 'ssociall} conscious accapella lcnrale threesome

I Star Folk Club ( ilasgoxs Society ()l .‘sltrsicians. Berkeley Street. 221 (ii 12. Spin. 1; l .5”. Tonight Billy Jackson, Billy Ross and John Martin. all l'rom incarnations of ( )ssian. pla} harp. l'iddlc. pipes. guitar. dulcirner. Billy R sings in (iaelic and Scots.


I Proclaimers l’la_\ house. Spin. Sec Rock Listings.

I Green Tree (‘oss gate. Evening. Folk scene session. Late har.

I Colin Bamage/Robin Laing linsign lissar‘l. lawnmarket. lzscning.

I Jim Knight Scotch .-\nd Rse. 5ll(ieorgc l\' Bridge. 225 lirS‘l. lisening.

FRIDAY 16 Glasgow

I Proclaimers Barron land. S‘pm. See Rock listings.

I Rowantree Folk Club RU“ anlrec Inn. B_\ l'ddingston ( 'ross. l'ddingston. S..‘~llprri. £1. lnlorrnal (‘hrrstniaspartv

I Second Fiddle Scott‘s ( ‘or'ncr. Derh} Street. 334 JS‘UI. l'.\c‘lilllg.

I Peelie Wallies ( )ser'draught Bar. I28 Broomrelau. l-.\ enrng. l-un session.

I CBllldl‘l Rtsei'sirle. l’u\ Street . Ull ('Isde Street. 2JS5I-1-1. alm. U.


I Simpson Perrie/Brian Mulligan Slim-e Bar. The Shore. l.eith. i€senrng. Violin and guitar. cahar’el.

I Junction Bar \Vesr l’rcslon Strel . 9pm. l.r\c music,

I North Sea Gas l’latlor'm I.Rtil|and Street. l'.\cning. Resident puh lolk hand. I Session Sand} Bells. l'or'r'est Road. l'.\enlng.


Glasgow I All Because The Lady Loves 'l'hird l-._\ e

(critic. Sauchiehall Street. 332 7'52 1. Spin. £3 t £2 l. l-enialc duo. hass. guitarand percussion. making \sgncs dim n South. lst l.l’ titled :\ll}tlllllf_’ But .-\ Solt ( ‘entre. 'I'herr rm n songs are u my and well sung. (iei to knim [Item helorc the} get too lamous.

I Merino‘s Men lilackrrtais. lit-II Street.


\\ ith the legendary

on tlrlttle

Sweet 7 Rural ; Shade!

The tie“ album. recorded in the ( .isr .rde \louniains ol the PM lllt \orthssest.l SA 'l‘radrtronal rnusir .it its lK‘St

tli' Hum '.s' fir/die shines [)rll‘llt‘ll/(U‘Ij‘ brig/i! " -- Irels \Iaga/rne

ALSO AVAILABLE . . . . ’4 /. ' III ’"fijflc‘m 'WSOFWEW "

C ll)|\lll Rt.” IH‘I |l)‘ HI "‘1 JJ‘lthlil

at“; Lough

1..“ " .. Asarlahle on album and r .issette lrnm [Hi (:11 RH ()Rl)\ .it Ms tit) ('.I( ll lllt ludrng & pat king or 1mm your lHt .rl record store

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