Merchant City. 552 592-1. Afternoon. Instrumental session.

I Kells Scott's Corner. Derby Street. 334 489]. Evening. Saturday residency. IrishrScotssingalong band. Popular.

I Ceilidh Riverside. Fox Street . off Clyde Street.3-ti<3l44. l0pm. £3.


I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 9pm. Meeting place of Edinburgh (iaels. Accordion etc.

I Denny Swanson Scotch And Rye. 5n (ieorge IV Bridge. 335 168]. Evening. I Session Sandy Bells. Forrest Road. Evening.


G asgow

I Stramash Babbity Bowsters. Blackfriars Street. 553 5055. 8pm. (ilasgoyy'grotrp‘s homage to McGinn OfThe Calton. See panel.

I Clydesiders Black Bull llotel Folk Club. Milngavie. 8.30pm. Popular. old fashioned folkles.

I Christmas Party Brabloch I lotel Folk Club. Paisley. Spm. Residentsand visitors.

I Zul! La Chute Wintersgills. Crreat Western Road. Evening. 0ch timey. American and cajun.


I Final Glenelg Session Youngs l lotel. Leamington Terrace. 9pm-midnight. Free. Acoustic music nights. Last night of the committee's years-long labour of love. Archie Fisher sings a thank you.

I Absent Friends L‘Attache. basement of Rutland Ilotel. West End ofPrinces Street. 9pm—13.30am. Free. Fortnightly outing for accomplished band of folk musicos. all well known from other bands. John Croall. vocals. bodhran: Ian McNan. vocals. guitar; Peter McCIements. fiddle; Les Cockburn. fiddle. mandoline and keyboards; Roy Martin. Bass. Next here .lan 15th.

I Seannachie Green Tree. Cowgate. Evening. Scottish songs and zippy instrumentals from resident band.

I Jim Knight/Colin Ramage/Robin Laing Ensign Ewart. Lawnmarket. Evening. Three singer guitarists.

I North Sea Gas Rutland IIotel. Rutland Street. 339 3043. 9pm. Singalong.



I Victoria Bar Bridgegate. 553 ()040. 9pm. Regular session. good music with an Irish slant.


I Nobody's Business Bannermans Bar. Cow-gate. Evening. Blues and folk roots. I Miro The Green Tree. Cowgate. Evening. Bar till lam. Fast and furioUs session.

I Fiddlers Arms Grassmarket. Evening. Scottish music session. Bar closes at I Ipm. I Dougie McD Scotch And Rye. 50(ieorge IV Bridge. 325 I681. Evening.



I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. 887 1010.8pm.


I Mllnes Acoustic Music Night Milnes Bar. Ilanover Street. 8.30pm. Free. New weekly folk/blues music scene. PA set up. and regular local musicians include Gill Bowman and Jock Brown. with a weekly guest performer.

I Barrie Band Bannermans Bar. Cowgate. 556 3354. Evening. The Barrie Band. Fiddle. flute. mandocello and vocals. Mainly Irish.

I Chris Thompson St James Oyster Bar. Calton Road. opposite St James Centre.

Evening. Rockabilly blues.

I Miro Ensign Eyy art. Layy nmarket . topof the l liin Street. liy erritrg. Acoustic eeltie music.

I Blue Blazer Bread Street. I- y ening. Singerguitarists including Alan .lohnstone.

WEDNESDAY 21 Glasgow

I Scotia FDIIt Night Scotla Bar . Stockyy ell Street. .553 SlySI.

I Folk session l Ialt Bar . \Voodlantls Road. 333 I310 liyerrmg. Instrumental lllllslc Ult Ilddle. accordion etc.


I Edinburgh Folk Club ( ‘Iosetl for holiday s. I Alchemy Bannerrrrans Bar. ( ‘oyy gate. 55o335J. layening. .\'eys Folk ousyntlr. liddle. flute and \ treats.

I North Sea Gas Platform I.Rutland Street. liyening. Resident ptrb tolkband. I Guizer Scotch :\lld Rye. 5t) ( ietll‘ge IV Bridge. 335 MM. lye-rung.

THURSDAY 22 Glasgow

I Star FOIIt Club ( ilasgoys Society ()I Musrcians. Berkeley Street. 331 01 I3. Spm. LL50. Tonight. BBC's'I’rayelling I'itllls records its ( illl lstmas I’allto \y itIl

y arious \y eel kerrt bodies and Black Izyed Biddy.

I Kenny Caird ( )\ erdratrght Bar. I3S Broomielayy, liyenmg. Socialist song



I Colin Ramage/Robin Laing Iinsign Ewart. Lawnmarket. Izyening.

I Jim Knight Scotch And Rye. 50(ieorgc I\' Bridge. 335 MM. liycning.



I George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher Blacktrial'S. Bell Street. Merchant ( ‘ity. 553 593-1. layening. Regular crowd for resident band yy itlr songstr'ess.

I Glasgow Rhythm Club I ‘rritarian ( ‘hurch. 73 Berkeley Street. 7.45pm. Talks with gramophone records. Tonight Duncan .\'airn talks about the exceptional clarincttist and sopt ano sax player Bob Wilbur.


I Bobby Watson ()treens I Iall. ('Ierk Street. (ms 31)I‘).S.3llpm. iofitltcs reserved table seats). Tickets from Queens I lall Box ( mice or trom Virgin Records. Princes Street.

I Alpha Jazz Quartet Izllcrsley l Iotrse llotel. Iillersley Road. Corstorphine. 337' 6888. S- I Ipm.

I Cale Diarritz til I'rederick Street. 33.5 53-1-1. 9-» I 3pm. Live band.

I Alex Shaw Trio Coppers. ( 'ockburn Street. 335 1-1-1]. Evening.

I Spirits 01 Rhythm Basin Street. llaymarket Terrace. 337 l00o. Evening. Trad band.



I Steve McLelIan Group Curlers. By‘res Road. Lunchtime.

I Jim Fitzimmons Group Riverside. Fox Street. off ( 'Iyde Street. Afternoon.

I George McGowan Orchestra Berlin Lounge Bar. S- I0 West (ieorgeStreet. Queen Street Station. 335 3383. 3—-5pm. free. The Big Band Sound. old and new. I Ron Moore. Rikki Fernandez l .a lay erna. Lansdoyy nc Crescent. 33‘) 7007. 0.30-midnight. Free. Music in the bar. I Society Quartet Society Of Mtrsicians. Berkeley Street. 33] bl I3. Spin. 50p. Music and dancing ys ith Ted Bosley. guitar; Jimmy Alston. yocals;(ieorgc Morrison. bass guitar; Pat ( iallaghcr. drums.


I Toto And The Jazz Bostons Presery ation llall. \‘rctoria Street. 33b 3Slo. 3 4pm. I Alex Shaw Trio Platform l.Rulland Street. 335 3433. lunchtime.

I Blue Finger Platform I . Rutland Street. 335 3433. llpm. Blues.

I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Brotrghtotr Street. 55" 054p. Jack Hammereand

‘) l 1.30pm.

The Shore. l.eith. 9pm. Tonight Ewan Baird Group. guitar. piano. bass.

I Alpha Jazz Quartet lillersley House Hotel. liller'slcy Road. Corstorphirre. 33" lrSSS.S llpm.

I Cale Diarritz (rl Frederick Street. 335 5344. ‘) 13pm. Liyesyying.

I Alex Shaw Trio Coppers. (‘ockbtrrrr Street. 335 I44I. Iiyening.

I Doctor MacJazz Basin Street. llaymarkel ‘l‘err'aee. .3 3" l00h. liyerring. Trad band.



I Bobby Wishart and Stralhclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra ( ilasgow Society Of Musicians. Berkeley street. 33] or 13. 3 5pm. £I. ‘I'alented and experienced big band of youngsters. under Wishart's tutelage. have already played with Benny Carter and ( ierry' Mulligan.

I Paisley ArtsJazz Paisley ArtsCentrc. NewStreet. 13.30pm. Lunchtime.

I George Penman's Jazz Band Curlers.

By res Road. 334 I384. 'l'rad from

8.30 l0.50pm.

I New Jazz The Bar. Tron Theatre. I’arnie Street. 553 ~13o7. £1 .50 (£I ). 1.30 75pm. Tron's yyeekly nrodern jazz.

I George Forrest Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant ('ity . 553 593-1. Evening. Resident ivory tinklcr runs through the old standards.


I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Broughton Street. 557054o. Live band. S30 I lprrr. Tonight Melanie D‘Reilly and Francis Cowan. vocals with guitar.

I That Swing Thang Cafe Biar'ritz. bl Frederick Street. 335 53-14. 1) ~l3pm. Jump jive vocals and swing. Sometimes a change of band. Phone for details.

MONDAY 12 Glasgow

I George Penman‘s Jazz Band Carnegies Jazz Club. 143 St Vincent Street. 3363833. t)» 1 13pm. ()ch fashioned trad masters.


I Bell The Cat L‘Attache. basement of Rutland Hotel. West End of Princes Street. Evening. (iuitar and keyboard lead soft jazz rock four piece.

I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.eith. 9pm. 'I'onight Mike Nolan. piano bar music.

I East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon. Angle Park Terrace. 331 9933. Evening.

9 A l3pm. Resident Trad band.



I Bobby Wishart llalt Bar. Woodlands

I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant.

Road. 333 I310. Evening. Leading saxophonist's jazz and fusion band.

I Jazz Academy Bonharns. Byres Road. 3573-134. Evening.


I Swing '88 Malt Shovel. Cockbtrrn Street. 335 (ix-13. liyening. 'I‘yvogiritars. clarinet and sax. l lot Cltrb sound.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Navaar l louse I lotel. Mayficld (iardelrs. (m7 3838. Evening.

I West End Jazz Band Basin Street. Ilaynrarket Terrace. 33" lllllo. Eyening. Trad.

I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restatrrant. The Shore. l.eith. 0pm. Tonight Robert Peltigrew and Kenny Ellis. piano double




I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo ( ilasgoyv Society ()1 Musicians. BerkeleyStreet. 33I ol l3. S30pm. 50p. Bar.


I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.eith. 9pm. Tonight Sixteen Strings three piece guitar swing.

I Charlie McNair's Band Preservation Ilall. Victoria Street. 33b 38%. Evening.



I Jeanette Burns and Andy Alston Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant City. 553 5934. Evening. Songs and piano.

I Riverside Blues Riverside. Fox Street. oil ('Iyde Street. t)pm-midnight. Bo Weevil and the Night Hawks.


I Jazz Pool L'Attache. basement of Rtrtland I lotel. West End. Princes Street. 9pm. Free. A group from a large poolof y'ottngish musicians. usually

piano keyboards. bass. drums. guitar. and brass and or reeds. Modern. bop. some mainstream. blues.

I Graham Blamyre Jazzers Basin Street. llaymarket Terrace. 337 1006. Evening. I Templehall Stompers Temple 1 lotel. Esplanade. Joppa. (16‘) 4364. Evening. Trad and dixie residents.

I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.eith. 9pm. Tonight Psycho Blue Fiona sings. Brian plays piano.

FRIDAY 16 Glasgow

I George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant City. 553 593-1. Evening. Long established residency with regular crowd.

I Glasgow Rhythm Club L'nitarian Church. 73 Berkeley Street. 7.45pm. Allwelcorne. Talks with gramophorre records. Tonight. Norrie McSwan on Count Basie.


I Alpha Jazz Quartet Ellersley I louse Ilotel. Ellersley Road. Corstorphine. 337 6888.841an

I Alex Shaw Trio Coppers. Cockburn Street. 335 1441. Evening.

I Spirits Dl Rhythm Basin Street. llaymarket Terrace. 337 1006. Evening. Trad band.

SATURDAY 17 Glasgow

I Steve McLelIan Group Curlers. Byres Road. Lunchtime.

I Jim Fitzimmons Group Riverside. Fox Street. off Clyde Street. Afternoon.

I George McGowan Orchestra Berlin Lounge Bar. 8— 10 West George Street. Queen Street Station. 335 3382. 3—5pm.

Free. The Big Band Sound. old and new.

32 The List 9 22 December 1988