I Ran Moore. Rikki Fernandez La Taverna. Lansdowne Crescent. 33‘) 7007. 9.3li—midnight. Free. Music in thehar.

I Society Ouartet Society Of Musicians.

l-‘innieston. 24S 30th).7.3llpm.(11al|4) Perry's onl_\ Scottish date. and who knows with the inl'requencs ol‘ his the work. and the ageing process. maybe his last'.’ .\'ot

through the changes in a hard bop

BUMIC.‘ SUSS" 32' M '2' 89”" 50P- number With Bifd'like $08“ and much on his last album would make “WC W1 “mm”? “'"h T“ BN6}- imagination. It‘s a measure ot the tuttohe hurry to go. so olwiousl) the rapid .L'l‘lli‘rillmm." -’\'-‘l”"~ "Will-“(icmék‘ continuous quality olBIakey's Jazz ticket salesarc hasetlon hispast record.

Morrison. bass guitar: Pat (iallagher. drums.


I Alex Shaw Trio Platt‘orm l.Rutland Street. 225 2433. Lunchtime.

I Toto And The Jazz Bostons Preservation ltall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 2—4pm. I That Swing Thang Platform 1. Rutland Street. 225 2433. 9pm. Tonight and c\ er} fortnight. the l.ouis.1ordan suing Vocal slickct's.

I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Broughton Street. 557 l 1546. Jack Hammer Band

‘)——1 1.30pm.

I Alpha Jazz Quartet lillersle} llousc

Messengers, that one comes to expect Londonlical are reportedly intinitel} such a standard in the band's "om tine. hetter llxe than on theirdisappointingly and Watson gradual“ "0'" "'3‘ 171.1713Ill‘iilli't‘fillllll‘,iI '.‘t2'l‘til'.‘."."r‘llf momle academy after servmg {he I Roachiord and Bliss Strathchde grummerfgortihouryearsdas "1:5":th l'nixerstt} l'nion. Ulilohn Street.552 "8010'. 8 8" move on mug 1805. 0 3m. Almost a \eal'since Roachlord such diverse musical groupings as the plut cd it httlhtutt cue {u the same \enuc. Savoy suitans‘ the Winds Of Manhattan and lust met a year since Bliss supported and the 29th Street saxophone Quartet. litre and (I'l's' at the Pa\ ilion. Both are Queens Ha“ a'icianados win well worth seeing. and Bliss. tronted h) the remember his previous visits with me lil'l-ll‘létllt \ olce ol Rachel Morrison haw reccnth \lgllc d tol .tllophone 29m and also the remarkable George I Elkie Brooks Scottish l:\hihition and Coleman bop octet. And in this week’s ('onteteuee ( ‘etute. l-‘ltutleston. 24s soon.

concert the man lrom Kansas will be Tisllpm. (Hall I l‘l'uo gigs on the one night

Hotel. lullersley Road. ('orstorphinc. 33'.“ taking up where he |eit oii with at the S1-( ‘(‘ imagine how many excuses

1 1pm]. V av": illk‘ \L‘Clllill} \ltlil \\ Ill lltt\ C ill l'L' Uhlltl\lUtl\

.A'" Shawn“)('“PPC”.(“’Ckl‘m" Bobby Watson.stopping atOueens Hall. pianist Alex Shaw. Forthe last of this '“P‘fln‘w "unmlmmg'icm'cmmw’

Street. 225 1441. liwning. Edinbur h Frida gm. ' ' this should he her last ole in(tlasgo\\

I DoctorMacJazz Basin Street. 9 ' y yegrsfiueex Ha” cpn.cens’ thrfytare below the wnu‘hau‘k mm:

llaymarket Terrace. 337 11100. lisening. pa're oge eraga'n m a qua e i lAngst 'l'he chue. 244 ( 't;tllottt_t,lte~_ 55:

Trad hand. . Where Alex gels the Chalice ‘0 Show 4(illl. llipnl. Supported ht othet'SS'l

Three consecutive weeks have brought what a marvellously quick, htuule

SUNDAY 18 three otthe world'sleading knowledgeable and experienced IThe RunawayTrainsllalt Bar. loll

Glasgow saxophonists to Edinburgh. It Pharoah accompanist he is, \t'ootlhuuh Road. 3}: I2 It). «hurt. tree.

I N J .H B .I. .H I, . Sanders is Fire, and Jan Garbarek. Air: Over in Glasgow. itwill be well worth li’l'mllww ' «'"iu'NHW “dweller imp ew 322 ie ar. ron teatl'e arntc - - - ‘itllt

. -_ - ' atson. who la 5 the Queens _ ,

Street. .552 42m. £1 .511 (£1 ). 1.3li‘5pm. 32:2};th 9th is wgtery making Inn 81:2: Gizigggoioalte'g 2‘1"] I The Prowlers La lantet'e. 15 his Street.

'1‘ron's‘tseek1}modernists.Century's End , I . . us'c'a s 0 ,e a r 221 4x44. i1pm. lice.

and Festiva on kex hoards. percussion. Fund and ceaseless” mvemwe' he ls Where the mum talented and hard .

electric Violin. tenor sax untl bass. 3 modern master, schooled In all the working Bobby Wishart will be putting Ed | nburgh

I Paisley Arts Jazz Paisle} .-\rts(‘eutre. musws delined by the saxophone. hls Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra . Run mg Hm MN. 11-m.m.k._ ( hwnmic

.‘seu street. 12.3(1pm. tunehunte.‘ srnce Its postwar emergenceas the through their paces. Brought Into being mm, 5v gstut atop”, gt )1 [mt "t; hm

I George FQFfestl}}*_ckjrlmj\. Be” Sil‘s‘cl- dominant lazz Instrument. With a_ O only a couple of years ago, the sec ttlsti “ea 14 Dee. .-\nothel‘ packed

Ms‘fl‘hiimt “in”- -‘"-4- “cm”?- background in piano and composutlon. standard is high and increasing. the house lot-thet'elue rockers\shouatched

th'f'fc”; ""1"" ""k'” “m‘ "mu?" “‘C Watson has specialised in the alto sax, obvious seed bed torihe Scottish jazz the eurlt the ( ‘outut-t steal their thunder.

o s am an s. - t - - hut max \cl ha\c the last laugh. SceLP

I Jazz Academy ( )‘l lenrys. (ireat Western dafégglregc::in|§:easbfi:?g g‘husllc'ans 0' the 908' (Norman m K.“ '

R‘m‘L‘”KCIVl'll‘ri‘lgC~3-m1375~()”‘HP'"- W q ' a mars) I Johnny Mars l’resen ation 1 tall. Victoria

I George Penman's Jazz Band (‘urlet-s.

Street. 22o 3S1o. £2511. l-ilst ol [\soniuhts. \ 1) ' . i BU“ R‘Md- 3-24 l—M- [Md ""1" Harp-lilo“ in}; liluesntan. \\ ho put on a 8.3tL—lll.5(lpm.

, s ._ L'ch shtm ill the ulllikch sul'roundinusol I Bill Fanning Orchestra (‘lyde 1 [all ltig'i'l'm: T; :‘Cnmu the High“ :thttll hat ox the Pesto al. liallrooltt..318(‘hde Street. S—y- 1 1pm. liar. .IT‘M i i ' ' ‘7' High“ [.L.w'lmm.micd_ 12‘““W'N‘“‘"ngm'h(“mmBMW“! .‘snt’ue Music'l'he shot-e our Restaurant. '79‘353'eak1351-‘1‘"i°“"‘W'l‘mrm ("‘7‘ MM“ “mm?” the shore. Leith. 0pm. ‘l'otuuht Robert 5"1‘133” 13"” U 4"“""’P'"- Pettigrew and Kenny Ellis.piano doulile Rllitliin‘n‘lillles.\sith accomplished F

In“. two-euttar interplay I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Broughton 9 I Silent Falls \cgoclants. Lolliian Street. Street. 5570546. Live band. 8.30— 11 mt. 225o3l3 ‘l mt. l’t'cc. 'rnmum Melanie o'eeinyand FrancisI WEDNESDAY 21 Glasgow - Live bantilortl hut-nu, _ ut-u l’ort.22‘) Cowan. vocals with guitar. I The pogues Scottish [{xhiinmm and 4.141 ltlpm l-ree M0 19 . , ('onl’erence ('entre. liinnieston. 2483000, I “‘19 band ( 3" k" '1' (it"‘t—WC- lzl‘sm '- Fsandylaymmmmm Dumllmw“ 7.3Hpm. l'ntil recentlythethingthe Glasgow 2"““1"_2}“"“"‘I“'Wm“ MW“ l’oizucs had anything totlowith that I liked _ .George Penman.s Jazz Bandfumcgics ~31(‘1'—~h--‘”Pm-2”P~Bi”- uasthe (’ait()'Rairdan sungllaunted.

~ - t- ~ . l-‘ollou inu their recent contribution to

2" w 2. s u s n.22t3s33. Edlnblll‘ ll .. . _ I

1:11 lSllLlS'llhu:tnl:lt(::\L‘r:ir tddics g Ste\c l:ar'1e's.lohnm ( otne Latch the“ I Chr's Rea SUMM‘ l' \h'l‘ll'ml “ml

I Charlie McNair‘s Band l’l'L'sc‘H .ttton single ltllV now), I'll make that two. (‘onterence Centre. l'llllllL'Sltill. 2483111)“. “it”. “Vim” SUCCL 3:“ 35'“ “Wing Host ever. it you \s ant the same ".3llpm. her} so oltclt ( ‘htls Reacomes _ I Shore MUSiC the Show liar Restaurant. “imimphcrc g” I” [)urkhcud meioud iii up \\ ith a timeless Ratlltl '1'“ (1 rock still}: I Be" The cal L'AW‘CPC- hascmcm “1 The Shore. Leith. “pm. ‘1 onieht Sixteen least Pattl McStaV is talented.

Rutland l lotel. West [ind of Princes Sirings‘ 1hr“. pic“. gum”. mun \“ In}, I The Right sum and Odessamuxgn“

Street. Evening. (iuitar and keyboard (“New 7”(.(mu“idcm RWKL 333mm”

it‘th jitZZ'SUl't LUCK fog” plCCC. gpln. \Rcccnl (illuwcuiun hiu lnuncx -

IEastCoastJazz Ban Blue Lagoon. qummm mm “1‘ I“ .. ' i .. , . . * . . j g. .r t .. pportu i} anot tel . I J

Angle Park '1 errace. 331 9922. [:ventng.

. hand u ho should he worth seeing. ()— lzpm' Res-“km 'I rad bund‘ I Riverside Blues RiVersidc. l'itl\ Street. . __ , I - . Shore Mus“: Th“. Sm)” Bi” RCW‘UW'W otf('1\de Street. 9pm midnight. Bo Weevil I /

1 ht Shu'u‘ 1 mm pin rm"th MIChael ‘md N'gm Ham‘s I Roachlord Venue. ( alton Road. 557 Nolan. piano bar muste.

3U73See panel. _ _ _ I. _ _ I Boxing Clever Mus-i ~Box. \'i ‘ttirltt Wine SUNDAY SCHOOl MAN/«Grimm V_ I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. L L

Street. 220 17113. £1 after 9pm. [ixtremeh The Sunday School ,5 ochvciy iooking The Shore. Leith. 0pm. ‘l'omeht Psycho

: commercial pop. 'l‘heir clettltlsttggests for Bonds and Solo Armies to, iis I Bobby Wishart l lalt Bar. Woodlands Blue’ . v mm “mm Emmi: mr‘ and “mn'( "uh new Management Co./Rccord Label. 1 . . . I {\ititCllC. l7tt\ClllL‘lli Hi [hen] hcrc hrgL S d S ‘h OI (on Road.332 1-1(1. I;\’en1ng.Leadlng . L. w . _ H tt. un oy c o . , . I . Rllilitnd l iUlCl. CSl I'.ll(l.l llllLk\5llLkl. I Prcscryiituni [lulL \ lcinrlu . d ) } cordin saxnphnnm Sjuuand fumonhzmd' () in Free l’su'tlls' ti’tno ke\ho'trds St “1 72f “’10 £1 all T‘) 3thm 1 pro“ L m- ‘ousc'e . 9' IJazzAcademy Bonhams. Bvres Road. pi ' ' .‘ t l I - t f - “f --- ‘-‘ - ~ ,1 ' n rchcorsol, production a thco ‘57 um Ewnin , ' bass. drums. gurtar. and hrassand or I lee band Lord Darnle)‘. \\ est Port.--” {comes . i i _ l i E. WCdS- 3““‘ngl‘hplitlcr5-"1“‘1‘""‘~l“’1‘- 4341. lllpm. Free. Unconfirmed. d d t ' . - s - - 1 f some mainstream. blues. I Live band ( mom. ( “Vi-gum. 33656.; i. Pléosc Sen do?) 0985 :Q'c ‘3 , . I Edinburgh Jazz QuartetCoppcrs. Unconfirmed. “’"h C-V- 0" P 0'09’09 5 °- I swmg 88 Ma" Shmidl “Ckhum (‘ockhurn Street. 225 1441. livening.

- i Rob Thirkettlc— Director olA&R Street. 225 (3843. Evening. 1 wogurtars. . Graham Biamyre Jane's Him" Sm“. 10

and reeds. Hot Club sound.

, . HaymarketTerrace. 337 ltitlo. lixening. _,___ -"B!FP'fO‘f‘E.‘?-??§2€’.‘__-.- _.. I Loutstana Ragtime Band Navaar l louse . Tempieha” Stampers itcmplc 1 {mi 9 liotel. Gardens. 667 2828. Espiunudc. Juppu. («,9 43,41 in “unit I Bryan Ferry and Londonbeat Scottish Evcnmg' Trad and dim Whldk‘mh- tixhihition and (‘onferenee ('entre.

The List 9 _ 22 December 1988 33