like Stainsh} (iirls or Steel Rix er but most of the time he fails even in that department. His last gig here was assliek and boring as would he expected.

I Happy Mondays and The Strechheads and Remember Fun Rooftops. 9: Satrehiehall Street. 333 5883. 10.30pm. Manehester‘x greatest hopes supported h} l\\tt loeal hands v the Stretehheads hax ing just released their Bros Are Shite single

vt hieh features a memorable \ ersion otl Should Be So Luek}.

I Burden Blues Breakers la 'l'aniet‘e. 15 l-‘ox Street. 221 48-1-1. 9pm. l-ree. Regulars. .

I Yes Yes Juliette Queen Margaret 1 'nion. L’nixersrt} (iartlens. 3399784. l’ophantl from Edinburgh. likened to 1352s.


I Gary Glitterand GlilSCbOOl l’la} house 'l'heatre. (ir'eensitle Place. 557 3590. “,30pm. £7.50. L050. 'l'he annual totrrsht (i.(i. are heeoming something of a ('hrrstmas tradition. A pantomime tor the older 'uns. in laet. Support eomes from (iii lsehool. whose Personnel er'aekups and record eornpan} li.t\\le\ meant the} \\ ere nex er able to eapitalrse on their \tlL'CC\\ in the earl} lztghties.

IJohnny Mars l’t‘eser'mtiorr llall. Vietor‘ia Street. 226 3816. £2.50. Seeontl of No nights. See Sat 10.

I Bluefinger .\ll1\lL' llo\. Victoria Street. 220170811alteme.Strllpaekrng‘emrn With their l'ttties-trilltteneetl pop.

I Texas Breakfast ( )tidiellom. l'ot'tesf Road. 320 1310 free. See Sat 10.

I Condi and Kate Negoeiartlx. lolliian Street. 335 0313. t)pm. l-ree.

I Live band (‘;I\Cl'll.(.tl\\g’;llc. 3305041.

MONDAY 12 Glasgow

I Bros Seottish lthihrtron and (‘onter‘enee (‘entre linnieston. 2453000. 7.30pm. In ent of the year? (‘an )Ull \\ art to see Matt's stars and stripes boxer sltorts'.’ (‘an )ou pre\ent _\otir'se|t from throwing tour knrekers )'-lr‘onts(rio sexism here) on stage'.’ ('an the} play‘.’ Do we eare‘.’ Immature pop tor irmnature people. I suppose.

I Dream Parade La ’l‘aniere. 15 Fox Street. 331 48-1-1. 9pm. Free.


I Happy Mondays Venue. (‘alron Road. 557 3073. See panel.

I Johnny Sunbeam Negoeiants. Lothian Street. 225 (i313. 9pm. Free.

I Charlie and Her Sheepdogs Preset-x atton Hall. Victoria Street. 220 3810. 9.30pm. Free.



I Hue and Cry and The Highlanders Seottish lthihition and Conference Centre. l~innieston. 248 3000. 7.30pm. 801.1)



Fans of Love and up in goodtimeto catch support act Pale Fire atthe Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, on Thursday 22. Although it is to be only theirfourth ‘proper‘ gig. an appearance at the Music Box in November confirmed that they are definitely a band worth watching. with a set of fine songs which deserve to be heard by a much wideraudience than they have

had so far. Your humble correspondent

pronounced them as ‘jazz-influenced‘. when theirtape first fell into his hands. but the fact is that some of their best songs are dreamy, smouldering numbers which owe more to the scene from which the band members came than any pseudo-jazz stance. Without wishing to pigeonhole them at all. Pale Fire make the kind of low-key pop that one thought Glasgow bands had left behind in their pursuit to become the next blue-eyed soul wonders.

The excellent singer and guitarist Beatrice Colin has been singing and playing to audiences since she was seventeen, with The French Impressionists and April Showers, and was fora while a backing singer with Love and Money, all the time writing songs that surfaced on demos under her own name, or more recently under thatof Pale Fire.

A fortuitous meeting last year with Campbell Owens, whose distinctive

. melodic basslines were the perfect

()l'l. but see also \Vetl l-l l)ee. See feature. The Highlanders are alsottorth going early tosee. .

IAnd Now The World i-ixx. souther- Street. 248 285‘). 10pm. l‘tee. l)e\eloping hand with fine vocalist. .

I The River Detectives and Hearts and MlndsHo he eonlirmed) litrr’} Murry. ‘10 Max“ ell Street. 231 051 1 ("ash [or Kltl\ Benefit with Moot the best \tiligwnllllg based aets in Scotland.

I Magnum Barrow lantl. 3-H ( iallotx gate. 553 4001 . 7,30pm. ()ne of the better hard rock bands \\ itli htrge local lt)llt)\\ mg.

I Bobby Wishart l lalt Bar. 100 \Vootllantls Road. 333 1310. Upm. l~ree. Rexitlene}.


I Siouxsie and The Banshees and Suicide l’ltl)'lit)tl\L‘ ‘l‘heatr‘e. (ll'CL‘ll\l(lL‘ l’laee. >5 ' 2590. £7.50. £6.50. Other than plax mgoltl




Money should turn '

complement to Roddy Frame's songs in

the original Aztec Camera. was the spark around which Pale Fire formed. The line-up was only completed when Paul Henderson and tan Murray, guitarist and drummer respectively, joined up in August, recording a tape of three' songs (‘Pale Fire‘, ‘Sweet Adelaide' and ‘Spin‘) in the Ayrshire cottage they use as a practice room/studio.

Onstage, the individual components

songs liaeku aids to eome up \\ rllr new

mater tal. does Siomsre hax e :lll\lltlll}.!11e\\ to tell tl\ .’ ( )ne elemetrt that\e\tltt\ more than |tl\l another Banshees tour 1\ lllL' [ilL‘\e‘lit'L‘ til StllL'ItlL'. the lL‘g'etttltttk proto-punk \e\\ \ oi l. tltio of .>\l.rn Vega and Martin Rex . \\ rthotrt “horn Sol: ( "ell and Sigtte Srgtte Sputnik (and e‘tlllllllL'\\ lesser-know n names) “Ullltl hax e laeketl muehol their inspiration. .'\tter a splrtol se\eral tears. Strreitle release a next 1 l’ot all-tie“ material on ( 'hapter‘ .‘3. l)on‘t lorget to piek up the first! 1’ while you're at the \ltit'e.

IThe Men They Couldn‘tllang Venue. ('alton Road. 55" 30"} 'l he .\len earr lieeome a l‘ll ol a drag when the_\ get tothe

' ‘lt‘x a smuggler \ ltle lor rne' krntl o1 \titig\.

but the} 'te one ot the finest loll. tlerixetl hands in the eottrrtrt . and make a t!t)t)tll1\ e



l7fh DEC


mesh to make a sound which is not sparse. but leaves ample space for each of them to be heard, and the band are capable enough to shade Beatrice’s songs with appropriate textures. Given a little time. Pale Fire could be a gem of a band. As it is, they're already well onthe way.

The Love and Money date will be the only chance to see them before the end of the year, but they have a date provisionally fixed at the Music Box

I Shotgun Religion \llhlL‘ lln\. \'ietorta Street._‘_‘01"0.\.‘l iflpm. l'ree. :\eou\tie eomho '\\ tilt the 1tlL'.ll\ of folk nrrrsieantl lhexprrrt of punk.

I The Tex Fillet Five \egoeiants. lothran Street. 33* 0313 ('ottntl'}.

I The Rootsie Tootsie Blues Band

l’rexer \ .ition l lall. \'retor ta Str'eet.33(i 3810. 9.30pm. l-r'ee.

I Last Minute ( )tltltelloxu. l-orrest Road. 3.30 loll» l'tee,

I Live band ( kn er tr. ( 1m gate. 33050-1].


Glasgow I Hue and Cry mi The Highlanders Seotltsh

l'\l11l‘1l1tl11.tlitl ( 'onlerenee('etttr‘e. l‘llllllL‘\lUll. 3-15 301 10 ".30an Stillxome treketxat ttrrreot \xrrtrng.



eomeuecn tumors: is». oec

34'l‘he List (1-32 Deeemher 1988