z», .f‘u” —'- -, n... §_. “.-

“Fido. l'm really really sorry. How long have I been? 4 months. Listen I can explain El Fido you've changed. Somehow. Never mind. Listen. Let me tell you. They've got everything in there Fido. Look M LPs starting at £4.99. (.‘Ds £9.99 unbelievable. 1'2. T'Pau. Tanita Tikaram. Enya El Once you're in that .Megastore l defy anyone to spend less than a month looking round. There‘s every album in the .


world there. Well you know what I mean. From Black to Bach. Ya Ha Ha. A gag Fido. Bach. Woof woof. Dogjokes I love them Cl Anyway. Then there‘s loads of classic titles reduced. The LPs $2.99 the (‘Ds $26.99. Queen. Doors. Prince. Phil (‘ollins. Led Zeppelin. Am I boring you Fido‘.’ And there‘s videos from S: 7.99. Music videos like Pet Shop

Boys (old friends of yours maybe) and (ieorge Michael but

also features like Midnight Express. (ihosthusters etc etc. E] And loads of children's videos Fido. The kind of stuff you

like to watch. Pinnochio. Postman Pat. 'l‘hunderbirds. But

to choose From

Desmond Morris says dogs can only see in black and white right. Maybe you can get a black and white set Fido and save money on your TV licence. Fa Ha Ha. Another dog gag [3 Then there‘s Mpg. M axell audio (‘90 ten pack only £9.99 with free Walkman case thrown in. And Scotch video F3180 three pack only £999. With. wait for it. a free £50 holiday voucher. And just as you’re coming to terms with

u to-

all that Fido, there’s a gargantuan selection of games. Board games like Trivial Pursuit £21.99 and Wicked Willie £12.99. Hobby games like Dungeons and Dragons. And computer

games, like Afterburner. in quantities that would boggle your mind Fido Cl So now you comprehend my faithful. not- so-furry friend, why I was gone so long. And no doubt you find it easy to forgive me my little...hang on...l've just remembered I meant to look at the books section. Fido. Hold on. I’m nipping back inside. I'll be back in a moI'

ay be some time.