I Nightlife is listed as a diary first by day(in i this section each of the two particular days at L the fortnight are treated as one). then by city and then by venue. Special Club nights are listed undertheir club name followed by theirvenue.

KliY: sludcnts and gucstsonl};

IND] nodcnrms; |.\"l'i notraincrs:

|A| asail lor perittL' hirc on ccrtattt nights.


IThe Alhambra 3t \Varc-rloosirc-c-r.33l 32hr). .s‘pm midnight. l’rcc. Rcsidcnt D.l “Itli tltc lzttcst sotlltds.

IThe Batcave at tlcttt'} Atrrkas.

llpm 3.30am. £3. Your D.l .\lc| Barr has cstalilislrcd tlrc liatcas c \ cr_\ \\ cll on l"rida.\slurt . .tto lwc contrnucdl l. lookat Sundass?

IBennets l lpm 3.3llani. £25“. .\lainl\ (ia_\'\\ith l li-.\'R( i music.

ICIeopatras lll.3tlpm 3.3nain. £3. Non-stop miscd disco sounds in thc \Vcst lirtd. (‘omc cart} sta} latc.

I Colors at .loc l’apara/li. llpm trll latc. £15“. Dttncan Rciddcscrihcsit as‘Dccp horrsc. Dopc hcats and tank} lams‘. Dcstincd to hc massi\ c It thcir puhlicit} campaign isansthing logoh}.

I Cotton Club l lpm 3.3Ham. £3. Spccial drinks promotion \\ ith \odka and lagcr thp.

I Cruise Club at tltc 'l'tr\cdo l’r inccss. ‘lpm 3am. l-rcc hctorc 9pm (go to thc bars on hoard? I; £3 hctxsccn U and ltlpm; £5 altcr ltlpm. ()n \scckdass £3 altcr'me. IJoy at SuhLluh. llpm 3.31 lam. £35“. No. this isn't a ncxs club. but licslas} undcr'a diltcrcnt namc. Dtrc to all thc pr'css ptrhlicit} thc) '\ c had to clrangc thcir namc to a\oid lcgal action. look out tol' not onl) acid but Acid .la//. dccp housc and l’-tunk. |A|

IFolIies ltl.3llprn 3.3mm. £3.51). (‘hat't-liascd disco sounds. IND] |.\"l’]

I Hard Rock Caffe at thc Vcnuc. ltlpm till latc. £35”. [is c musicanddisco.

I Hollywood Studios ltlpm 3am. £35“. ()\ cr 2l llottsc disco. [\l]

I Mayfair l lpm 3am. £35“. ()scr25s night in thc ballroom and Radio (it) at thc (‘amco Suitc. Scc lk‘loss.

I Mardi Gras lll.3llpm- 3.3mm. L3\\‘itlt tickct.Sltalt drinkspromotionsasucll. A mixturc of Acid liotrsc and chart sounds. MI

I Palomino Club llpm 3am. £4. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax tii.4.<prn 3.3tlam. £3.50. Soul and miscd chart music \\ ith r'csidcnt DJs. 'l‘omm} Arnold or Raymond Davrcn.

I PlaZZ10.30pm~3.3llam.£4.Mixcd sounds.

I Radio City at thc Maylair. 10er 2am. £1 .50. (iroo\'_\~ psychcdclic rcs ivalist cluh (arcn't thcy all'.’). \Vcll worth a visit. but it can sccm likc a Stcphcn l’astcl lookalikc competition at timcs.

I Raffles Ill.3tl~3am. £3. Discosounds with DJ Rodd} Stcwart.

I SWDS (Singlc. Widms cd. Divorccd. Scparatcd club) at Rooftops. 'I‘his runson Fridays and Saturdays and plays MN and 7(ls' music. Mcmhcrs£l (£5 tojoinl; non-mcmhc rs £2.

I Tin Pan Alley 10.30pm —3am. £3. Sclcctcd chcap drinks arc 75p till lam. All sorts of danccahlc music tonight.

Ivaa £1 .Stlhcforc 1 1.30pm; £3.5tlaftcr. Allspiritsts’timinc mixcr). Lagcr. ltcayy and cidcr£l pcr pint. Look out torlch PAs. [A]

I Warehouse 1 lpm -.~.3(Iam. £3 with tickct'. £4 \sitltout. Blcnd ol llousc and ('ommcrcial Soul.

I West End Kids at (‘lcopatras

7pm 10.30pm. £2: £l \sith tickct. Anothcr undcr lh’s' night. this timc at (‘lc-os.

I Whizz at thc Suhfluht l-L lr\‘snighl I.

2 llpm. £2. 'l‘hc popular undcr lss' night has a namc no“ and is on l’ridass as \\ cll as Satur'dass.

I Young and Fresh at Mardi (iras. 7- llpm. l'ndcr’ lh's' disco.

I Zico's ltlpm 3am. £3. ('hart hascd disco sounds.

I Zoom - the acid house ball at l-ur} Harm's. llpm- 3.3llanr. £35”. llcrcssc goagain morc Acid. courtcs} ot (‘olin Barr.


IThe Amphitheatre Illpm 4am. 'l'hc l'II'ida} Night Spcctacular. £3.50. ‘) Dcc on|_\: Molson ( ‘anadian lagcr night..lim Dunk s;t)s. scc ya thcrc? |A|[.\'D]

I BusterBrowns I lpm 3.30am. £275; halt pricc drinks and admission hcl'orc midnight. ('hart and dancc music. Aimsat m c r‘ 2lls atrttospltcr‘c. Blistcr' Brim ns‘ l'ndcr- I.\‘s disco. 8pm llpm. \'cr}

popular \sith thc carl} tccns. |A|

I Cafe St James ( ‘ltih 25 Disco Fri and Sat 3pm 2er11. U mcmhcrs: £2 non-mcmhcrs. Mcmhcrship £2. A \\ idc rangc ot pop sounds plascd to a rclascd. lricndl} cr'oud. [ND] |.\"l'|

I Chaplins at l’inshur} l’ark‘s .\'ight (‘Iuh 1 1.30pm ham. £2. l'rcc liclorc midnight. Ihc middlc l'loor oI l-irtslnrr) is no“ opcn scrs ing snacks throughout thc night. Dancing upstairs.

I Cinderellas Rockerfellas 9pm 3am. £3 hclor'c l lpm: £3.5llal'tcr |.\'D| |.\"l’| I Edgars ltlpm 7 Jam. £l hctorc I lpm; £2 hctorc midnight; £3 altcr‘. ()uir'ks rntcrior \\ Ill) plcnts ol dat‘ls‘ L‘ot'ttL‘I's. Also lidgat‘s has prohahls tltc most cspcnsn c arr conditioning. \cr‘s cool.

I Goombay Beat at Barbados Suitc ((‘oastcrsl lllpni 3am. £2. \Vcll cstal‘lisltcd club lull has a Sham (Nicggac pick up atmosphcrc and a liland music sclcction.

I Millionaire's ltlpm ham. £2 t H liclorc midnight). l'ricndls gas clulnsith

l li-\l{( i sounds supplrcd l\_\ DJ '1 am.

I The MOiO Club at ‘l'ltc .\lissrort.

lllpm 4am. £2. 'l'hc .\loiopr'cscnts 'l'upltor‘ia'. its Acid rnght.

I Outer Limits.” (‘oastcrs l“ .illl‘ltt lam. £2 till I lpm; £3 altct'. \crs popular

L'tttl\ c'llllttllttl disco. I \“ll

I Potterrow 5pm lam t l lapp_\ l lour 8.3“ ‘).3tlprn l. Studcnts l‘rcc; ( itlcsts Flip. A li\ cl_\ night with analtcrnatn c soundtrack.

I Ouentin‘supm 3am. £2.51). \cu gas cluh aiming to prcscnt a Ir'rcndls. comlor‘tahlc night. Scc pancl.

I Reggae Club at Shad} l.adtcs.


Colors. atJoe Paparazzi,

520 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Acid is dead . . . almost! Quite a lot of people haven't realised this amazing revelation yet, but as predicted by Nightlife, Acid wouldn‘t make it to Christmas.

‘80 what now?‘ you‘re probably asking. Too many clubs are looking for ‘the next big thing' to come along and trying to copy London clubs, instead of developing theirown style.

One person who is taking the initiative is Duncan Reid, who has I masterminded such epics as Rogue ~ and Trax. His new club, Colors, will be introducing new funk tracks, deep house (this is a fast house beat with soul/gospel vocals) and re-introducing rap —sadly ignored recently with everyone playing ‘total Acieed’.

In its first week Colors attracted a crowd of over 800, creating a brilliant, sweaty (it somewhat crowded) atmosphere. The style and range of music, the videos, amazing light effects and the bubble machine are winners-and all Ioronly£1.5o. As Duncan says: ‘Enioy yourself, and get down to some smokin' music‘.

(Colin Steven)


1. TENCITY: Devotion

2. JUICE: Catch A Groove

3. CAPTAIN SKY: Supersperm

4. SKINNY BOYS: Say Yeah

5. TWO TONS: Just Us


7. COOKIE CREW: Born This Way


9. BIG LADY K: Don’t Get Me Started 10. CE CE ROGER: Someday


Ouentin's, 23 Lothian Road. Edinburgh.

It's been an exceedingly long time since there was a stylish gay club operating in Edinburgh. Ouentin‘s. opening on Friday 9 December, aims to alterthis situation.

ManagerStewart Mars feels that a high proportion of Edinburgh‘s gay population currently don‘t go to clubs at all and Ouentin‘s hopes to attract these people by offering comfortable surroundings and a friendly atmosphere. To this end a strict but sensible door policy will be enforced, the venue has been refurbished in grey and dark blue and a new sound system has been installed. Ratherthan merely pumping out the standard stream of Hi-NRG, DJ David will also be playing a wide selection of chart material and old faves like ABBA, Blondie. and Bowie. Monthly cabaret acts will also be appearing, with Hazel Dean due soon. Ouentin’s is astutely plugging a gap in the gay scene and looks sure to be successful. (Andy Crabb)


ltl.3tlprn--3am. £2. Bcst conscntional rcggac sclcction in to“ n complcmcntsa good skank atmosphcrc.

I The Renaissance at licrmuda 'l‘rianglc. ltlpm 3am. Anmct‘tl) stttdcnt-dominatcd ct‘o\\ d dancing to 'l‘hc Smiths \Vcddrng l’rcscnt cnd of thc indic spcctrum. Sonic good sounds. hut lacks cdgc.

I Roadrunnerar tltc Music Hos.

lllprn 3am. £2. llar'd tunk.dccphousc and soul spun hs thc prolific Yogi. l-ood \\ ill hc a\ arlaltlc and gucst D.ls \\ ill tcattrlc.

I Spanish Harlem at \\ Illslc I lousc.

ltlpnr 3am. £2. l'clcctic mi\ ot l lousc. Soul. lsck B and til} i iad dancc sounds \\ itlt a calc to r'c|a\ in.

I Teviot ROW "pm 2am t l lapps Hour 5.30 ‘).3tlpnr ). 'lc\ rot noxs lwoaststour liars. t\\o discos and Its c hands on a l'ridas . cnsuring a hcctrc atrnosphcrc. Art cniosahlc rught rt sou'rc tcclrng 'up‘ and ahlc to tolct'atc tltc trappings ol most studcnt unions.

IZenatec ltlpm 3. Want. l'r'cc hclor'c lll.3tlpnr: 5le hclorc llpm; £l hctor'c

I 1.3Hpm: £3.5Haltcr. l'hc aptls-namcd ‘Bcat thc(‘|ock' .-\lldtlnksarchaltpricc liclorc l l.3tlpm.



I Bennets llpm 3.3Ilam. £3. .\tarnl_\ (la) with l li-\l{(irrrtrsrc',

I Cleopatras ltl.3tlpm 2.31). £3. Non-stop disco sounds tlt tltc \Vcst liltd. ('omc cat'l}

sta) latc.

I Cotton Club I lpm 3.3Ham. £5. l'licnight at thc ( 'otton ( ‘luli. \\ hat morc can hc said'.’

I Disco Viva Illpm 3am. £3.5tl. 'I \sotloors of solid dancing \s ith pcrsonalrt} D.ls.

I Escape Club at l’xa/x. ll.3tlpm 3 Want. £1. lirian Succnc} prcscnts uncut lunk. strcctsoundsandcluhclassics.

I Follies 1|).3tlpm 3 3tlam. £31.51). |.\l)| INTI

I Hard Rock Caffe at thc \cnuc. llpm till latc. £35”. \\ ith D.l (icorgc.

I Hollywood Studios lllprn 3am £35“. Scc ill.

I House Live at 'I III Part .-\llc}.

ltl.3t|pni 3am. £35“. Hm I lousc l.l\ c is hack on thc top Iloor ol [in Part .-\llc_\ h} populardcmand.

IJoe Paparazzi I lpm 3.3llam. £5. 'l hc- hus_\ . hip trcnd_\ night at .Il’s \\ ith l).l Nick) ls'or'ansksc oltctt \srthathcmc. w

I Krackai l'ur_\ .\lurr_\s. l lpm 3am. £35”. l)L‘\pltc lllL' o\ L‘I'-stt‘ic‘t 'tt'c‘Itdki door polic_\ . thc music and atmosphcrc still makc it onc ol thc hcst clulis in tms n. I Mardi Gras lll.3tlprn 3.3llam. £4. .\lardi (ir'as Club Night. A mr\turc ol Acid housc and chart sounds.

I Mayfair l lpm 3am. £3.51). ()\ cr21s disco in thc ballroom and thc SW! )Scltrh in tlrc-(';iiric-ostirtc.

I Palomino Club‘lpm 3am £ 1. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax l lpm 3.3tlam. £-1.Souland rnrscd chart music w ith tcsrdcttt D.ls. 'l'omm} Arnoldor RaHttottd Da\ rcn.

I Raffles llldll .ittlll. L“. l)tsc‘t)sotlnds with DJ. Rodd} Sic-“art.

ISavoy l lpm 3am. £35“. ()\ct 2ls' night at (ilasgou 's lar gcst disco

I SLAM at 'l‘in l’an Allc_\. Ill.3|lpm 3am. £35”. ls tlrcrc any truth in thc rumour that thc} arc trs rrrg to opcn up hranchcsin lidinhur'gh and l ortdort All krndsot gr‘cat dancc music arc on tltc mcnu t not lorgcttingthcgo-godanccrs?).

ISub Club I lpm 3.3Ham. £35“. Still popular as c'\ct' duc to tth polrc) of

play ing brilliant dancc music

I SW03 l Siltglc. \thoss cd. Di\orccd. Scparatcdclultlat Rooltops. Scc hi.

I Texas Feverai Jo \\ cst. llpm 3am. £2. 'l'csas l-cs ct' makcs an ama/rng sccond cornchack sou can't put a good club

I Thee Septik Danse .tl \‘n as

lll.3llprn 3.1m Ll . \‘tp u ltll tickct 1 Hour

lop. lopp)

'l'hc I.ist ‘) 22 Dcccmhcr 1988 45