I Faerie Tale Theatre (C4) 6-7pm. Little Red Ridinghood begins a new series from America of classic faerie tales.

I The Cavalry of the Clouds (C4)8—8.45pm. Documentary on the Royal Flying( ‘orps to mark the seventy-fifth anniversary ofits birth.

I Tagged (Scottish) 9— 10pm. Final episode of the repeated thriller series.

I Lennon-Goldman (C4)

11.20pm— 12.50am. ('ritical account ofthe process employed by Albert (ioldman to create his controversial biography of.lolin Lennon.

I The Return of Dracula ( C4) 12.5()—2.l5am. Atmospheric B-movie vampire in California! Paul Landres directed in 1958.


I European Curling Championships (Scottish) 1.35—3pm. Coverage of the semi finals from Perth. Highlights ofthe final can be seen later this evening in a programme which starts at 10.05pm.

I Human Rights— How Much Do We Care? (BBC!) 7. 1()—8.2()pm. Follow up tothc series ofTV appeals on behalfofprisoners of conscience. Jonathan Dimbleby chairs this debate from the Human Rights Centre in Geneva where he challenges the Jan Martenson (the Centre‘s director) and Andrew Young (President Carter's I 'N ambassador) to account for what the l'.\' is doing to help these prisoners.

I Messiaen at 80 (BBC2)8.2()~8.SSpm. Portrait of the French composer celebrating his cightieth birthday. followed by the final act (in a live similcast with Radio Three from the Royal Festival Hall) of his 5! Francis ofAssisi.

I Human Rights Now ( C4)

l().3()pm-l .25am. Special concert broadcast from Buenos Aires to mark Human Rights Day. Sting. Peter (iabriel. Tracy Chapman join with Bruce Springsteen for the concert which will be seen in up to sixty countries around the world.

I Snooker (Scottish) HUS—midnight. Final session of the richest snooker competition yet.


I Defeat in the West (C4) 4.20—5. 10pm. 1963 Rediffusion programme now seen as a classic: Milton Shulman argues that if Germany had had better military leadership. their armies would have defeated the Alies.

I The Media Show (C4) 9—IUpm. How the rest of the world reports Northern Ireland plus Are westerns making a come back'.’ IMrMom(BBCl)7.15—8.45pm. Dad loses job and has to take over the ‘mother‘ role at home as his wife becomes the breadwinner. Despite the script by John Hughes (Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club) this 1983 film is cliched stuff. Stars Michael Keaton.

I Grandmaster Clash ( BBCZ)

9.20—10. 15pm. Stephen Fry presentsan oblique look at last month‘s chess Olympiad.

I The Phantom of the Paradise (C4)

10—] 1.45pm. Brian de Palma's 1974

48 The List 9 - 22 December 1988




musical send up of l'lit’ Phantom ofthe ()pt'rtt.

I Mountain Language (BBCZ)

ll). l5 ll)..“5pln. Harold I’inter's‘ new twenty-minute play (still in rep at the Royal [sic] National Theatre) in a TV recording to mark the 4llth Anniversary of

5 the l'myersal Declarationoflluman

Rights Described as ‘a study of interrogation and imprisonment" the plav stars Michael ( iambon. 'l ony Haygarth. Douglas Mel-eiran. Ales Hardy and Jennifer Hill.

I The South Bank Show ( Scottish )

lll.3(| l 1,3llt‘fll The veteran American actor. writer and producer. .lohn Houseman died last tnonth. The South Bank Show had inst finished thisprolile

intery iew. Now it is shown in tribute.

I Citizens Band ( BBCJ)

It) 35pm- l3. 15am. Portrait of asmall American town seen through the eyes of ('8 radio enthusiast played by Paul Le Mat. Jonathan Demme. who made the Talking I Icad‘s Stop Making Sense directed ( ‘ttizt'n Band in 1977.

I Focal Point Special ( BBCt)

l 1.05 ll..‘\5pm. Mary Marquis talks toSir James Black w ho this year became the first Scot since Alexander Fleming to win the \'obel Prize for Medicine.


I Scottish Action on Poverty ( Scottish)

(3.30 7pm, Last in the six-part investigation into poverty in Scotland.

I Return to Peking ( BBC: ) 8-9pm. Anthony (.irey. imprisoned for two and a half years in Peking in the Sixties when he was Britain‘s only foreign correspondent stationed in China. retuns for the first time and reports on the country's many changes forthe better.

IMalcolmlBBClW lll.25pm. ('ontinuing the season of first run Australian films. This one. starring ( ‘olin I‘rielsand John Hargreaves and directed by Nadia 'I ass. is a comedy about an emotionally retarded niCCi‘litlllyitl genius

whose talent isnoticed by a criminal lodger.

Mick Brown with Bert Weedon in a recent edition of the Nightnetwortt. The Nightnatwork Is broadcast each Friday and saturday night on Scottish between 2 and 4am.


Two o‘clock in the morning isn't exactly the most prestigious hour in which a fledgling programme could find itself located but this doesn't seem to have affected Night Network too badly.

After only fourteen months on the air (Scottish viewers missed the show’s first year. thanks to the reticence of Granada, from whom Scottish receive their night-time schedules, to take the LWT-made programme) the small- houred assemblage of videos, chat and vintage telly classics like Batman and The Partridge Familyfinds itselfwith a regular weekly audience of half a million, a figure on a par with that of The Tube in its heyday.

For Night Network's producer Jill Sinclair this tally is particularly pleasing: Sinclairwas the producer of The Tube before going on to devise the groundbreaking Chart Show. With such a prodigious record in her wake, I asked Jill Sinclair why she had found the concept of the late-night show equally promising: ‘I think because it took into the account the lifestyles of those in the 16—24 age group. Part of

the reason The Tube didn’t achieve higher figures was because it went out at half past five, when people are otherwise occupied. With Night Network there are no distractions and no parents around to decide what is seen.’ In Scotland 70,000 tune in regularly- and that's more than three times the weekday audience for the same time slot.

Those more than a little wary of ‘yoof' programming might be tempted to write off the show as yet another ragbag of migraine visuals and sour-faced style victims. What lifts Night Network out of this category is its choice of regular features: Siggy's great-granddaughter Emma Freud interviews celebrities in the comfort of her bed, music journos get theirsay in Press Gang and rarely-seen independent videos receive a well deserved airing in the Lonely Charts Club. it you are prepared to forgive them their schedule-conscious mutilations of Batman, Night Network is an intelligent attempt to make the dawn just a little more bearable. (Allan Brown)

I Panorama (BBCl ) 9.30—l0.10pm. This month the trial ofJohn Demjanjuk.a Detroit car worker accused of having been a concentration camp guard during the Second World War. continues in Israel. Panorama reports on the people who are still hunting Nazis.

I Who Will Cast The First Stone? (C4) llpm—lZ. ltlam. Eleventh Hour presentation of a film about treatment of women in Islamic Pakistan. A timely screening following only days after Ben/.air Bhutt. the country's new President. pledged her government to equal rights for women.


IAYearinthe Lite(BBC1)2.lS-3.45pm. Irresistible sounding US soap for Christmas. It's based round the dramas that befall an American family. the (iardners. over three Christmases. Parts two and three on Thursday and Friday.

I Eurocops (C4) 10-] 1 .(lSpm. Final story (ofsis ) in the pan-European crime series where each episode was made by a different national TV company. In tonight's programme. from Germany. two graffiti artists witness a murder. . .

I Building Sights (BBCZ) ll).2()-lll.3llpm. Deyan Sudjic. editor of Blueprint (the architecture and design magazine) presents the last in the series on favourite buildings. He chooses houses by Norman Foster and Richard Rodgers.

I Livre Du Saint Sacrament (C4) LIBS—3am. Marking the cightieth birthday of French organ composer ()livier Messiaen. this is a recording ofa concert held in Westminster Cathedral. Jennifer Bate performs the epic biblical work. Livre (in SaintSacrement.


I Rockliffe's Folly (BBC2 ) 8—8.5(lpm. Last episode in the current series of the cop show that comes closest to being a worthy successor to Z Cars and the like.

I Wideworld (BBC!) 8. Ill—9pm. Photographer Kos Evans goes to Australia to attempt to track down a real life (‘rocodile Dundee and succeeds. only to find Michael Parkinson got there first.

I Rumpole of the Bailey (Scottish)

9 ltipm. Rumpolc again come tothe defence of the Timsons.

I Signals (C4) 9. 15— 10. 15pm. The Royal ()pera House. The Royal National Theatre. The Tate Gallery and The Victoria and Albert Museum. Together they cost the tax payer £40 million ayear: w hat line will Signals. Channel Four‘s new flagship arts programme take?

IThe VisilfBBCl ) 9.35-10.25pm. Ina new documentary Desmond Wilcox revisits the boy David. the Peruvian child w hose face. badly damaged by disease. was rebuilt by a Scottish surgeon and who is now fourteen and living in America.


IThompson (BBCI ) 9.30—10pm. Last in the curious non comedy. comedy show. I True Stories: Riding the Gale (C4) 1030-1 1 .35pm. Continuing the illuminating Channel Four series of documentaries that tackle real life stories with something approaching the narrative techniques of the cinema. this is the dreadfully moving account of the lives over the last ten years ofAustralian filmmaker couple Kim and Genni Batterham. Their lives were shattered with the realisation that Genni has MS. but they went on. although the disease has now left (ienni practically paralysed and speechless. to record on film their experiences.

I Scottish Education (Scottish)

ll.()5pm— 12.05am. Sheena McDonald introduces a discussion which aims to assess the professional skills ofthe teacher.