I Northern Lights ((.‘4) I I . Ifipnr- 1.25am. “Radical underground moy ie made in 1978 by John Hanson and Rob .\'ilsson (whois the founding director of ( ‘4‘s I/rr'Srn-ei). It chronicles the battle of \‘or tli Dakota

homesteadcrs in 191‘) against the encroaching agricultural tttttltstpnlics


I Faerie Tale Theatre (( ‘4) (s 7pm. American series imported lor('hristmas ofclassic faerie tales with big star names in the cast. This is an adaptation of Anderson‘s "The limperor's New ('loths’ starring Alan Arkin.

I Edens Lost ( Seotlish ) it lllpm. Part one ofa three part (parts two and three tomorrow) Australian drama about a family duringthclast war haven't wehad all there is tosay on Australia at war'.’

I Tennis: The Davis Cup Final ( ( '4) ll.21lpm lZCllam. Sweden slugs itout with West Germany. Stefar) lidbcrg. Mats Wilander and Boris ( 'best form of my life' Becker will all be on show

I The Beast with Five Fingers (( '4) l3.2l)—2arn. Seminal. seyeicd-hand-of-a- murdered-pianist-stalkingPeter l.orre. horror movie. Made in W40.


I The Poseidon Adventure ( Hm ‘I ) 8.3(l—ll).2llpm. (iene llackman. lirnest Borgnine. Stella Stey ens and Shelley Winters in the well made and entertaining: disaster movie directed by Ronald .\'came in I973. A luxury liner turns turtle andthc passengers have to fight their way to the hull mm above them.

I The Film Club: A Bout De Soullle and Gun Crazy 8.50% l .Sllpm. Bernado Bertolucci introduces this excellent double bill which begins with Jean-l iic ( iodard's classic French thriller made in l‘W). Jean-Paul Belmondo stars as the man on the run from the police but entrapped by his fascination for an American girl (.lean Seberg). Au Bout De Sorrfflelor ‘Brcathless‘. as it translates) is follow ed by a 1950 B-moy ie (fun (‘ruzv which had been one of the influences on ( iodard's film. John Dall stars as the gun addict who marries a trick-shot artist ( Peggy Cummins) and together they turn tocrime when their money runs out. .lim McBride's remake of Breathless can be seen tomorrow.

I The Thomas Crown Altair ( Scottish) ll.()5pm- lam. Steve McQueen and ‘Thc Windmillsof Your Mind' in the ions thriller.

I Tennis: The Davis Cup Final ((4) 11.35pm- l2.35am. More coverage of the final: see Friday.


I The Chronicles of Narnia ( Btu 't ) 5.40—6. lllpm. Final part of the allegorical children's story. Aslan is dead and Peter prepares to take on the army of the White Witch.

ITamlngthe Flood ((4) 7- 8pm. Last of the trilogy of programmes looking at the ecological and environmental importance and problems of land drainage.

I Face to Face ( BBQ) )4. t() s.4iipm. The famous edition of the classic interview show when Freeman reduced ( iilbert Harding to tears over questioning about his mother.

I South Bank Show (Scottish) 10.05 1 1pm Profile of photographer. David Bailey.

I The Media Show ((‘4) s). lllpm. ’I'owhich lucky little TV station will Santa deliver the ratings? A look at the seasonal battle for TV audiences.

IThe RainbowiBB(‘l )9. H)- i(). llfpm. Final part ofthe [).ll. lawrence adaptation.

I Hockey's Golden Year( B B(.‘2) 9.25—1ll.1()pm. A look back at the British hockey team's brilliantly successful year. I The Rocky Horror Picture Show ( (‘4)

10—1 1.55pm. Tim Curry in the evergreen horror spoof. Made in 1975.

IEverymaMBBCI) t(). i()—i().5()pm. A new series of the Sunday night documentary programme and it begins in seasonal note with a chonicle ofthe evolution of the Santa character. whose eomparatiy ely short life was giy en its biggest boost by (‘oca ("ola who adopted him for an advertising campaign.

I Breathless ( BB(‘2) ll). 10- l l .Sipm. Stylish but disappointing remake ofthe French original (Shown again yesterday ). Still a great performance from Richard (iere in the WSHim McBride film.

I Tennis: The Davis Cup Final ((34) llSFpm l2.55am. The concluding singles match. Sec Friday


I Five to Eleven ( BBH ) 10.35 t lam. Judi l)ench with the first ofa nightly selection ot( hristmas poetry and prose.

I My Little Chickadee (( ‘4)

11am llflllpm. Worth taking the morning off for this comedy classic starring \\'.('. Fields at hisbcst in I‘Ml). (let up a bit earlier and you can make ita double bill of comedy : Bob l lope's My" I'lll'rlllflft’ Blunt/e starts at 0.30am.

I Wildlife Garden ( Btu ‘2 ) s. to 9pm. A return to the garden of Professor (‘hris Baines who. fiy c years ago. show ed a TV audience how a garden could be cultivated to help preserve wildlife.

I SupersenSElBBCl)S.31)--‘)pm.How and what do animals hear'.’ All the answers including filephants that 'communieate' with rumbling too low in pitch for humans to hear.

I Game Set and Match ( .s‘coiiish ) 9 lllpm. Final part of the [en l)eighton adaptation starring lari llolm.

I In The Club ((11) ‘J ‘l.45pm. Final partol the ‘l‘elevision llistory Workshop‘s three parter on the influence birth control has had on people‘s behay ior. I Houdini (Scottish) Midnight» 3.05pm. Tony (‘urtis tightening his stomach muscles for the entertaining 195.) biopic.


I The Secret Life of the Television Setir 11) ().3l)—7pm. Last in the series that spun off from the ()bsth't’r riiugunne cartoon st rip. "l'he Rudiments of \Visdom'.

I People Christmas Special ( BB( ‘1 i

7 7.30pm. Special edition of the programme following up some of the l \' tabloid stories of the last series. \Vitli Derek .lameson dressed as Santa.

I The Train Now Departing ( B B( 1‘.)

S 8.3llpm. Not all steam power liasbeen lost to our diesel age: the last programme in the series shows how fascination w ith steam trains has led them to be cr illcclcd and restored.

I The Modern Mandarin ( BB( '1)

8.3” 9pm. Portrait of one of tliccotmtry 's most powerful civil sciy ants. Sir Robin Butler. head of the l lomc ( 'i\ ll Set \ ice

I The Divided Kingdom ((‘4 ) s' s 30pm ('an litirope proy ide a new identity for a divided Britain‘.’ ( 'oncluding programme in the round Britain quiz/irig of regional


IThe Mind Machinemttc I)” It) Rtipm The final programme in the series looksat people's ability to act against char acter and become suddenly \iolent. ‘Mad'or ‘bad'. ( ’olin Blakeinore presents some difficult case histories.


I Signals ((31) 9. l5 10.15pm.l.adysmith Black Mamba/o (made famous by Paul Simon's (irur clam!) in a piogiamme taking a seasonal look at vocal harmony music.

I Alas Sage and Onion ( tine: ) u i). 4) )pm (iriff Rhys-.lones and Mel Smith in a ('hristmas special w inch is also the ill st programme that the coinediansow ii production company . 'l‘alkbaek. has made for the BB('.

IPoison Candymnr‘i )Hso llpm [his is the first BB(' film toget aeinema release outside the l 'K Set in Florida. it

starslolin Hurt and Karen \ o'ing iiia i thriller adapted from .\rtl.1ii \\ ise's (:~ is ; l [he Naughty (fir/s.

I The Greatest Show on Earth ( ( 11)

ll). li- Illllpm. (‘ontempoiaiy . no animals.circiisesiiicludii:g('ircus Lumiere. the Shenyang .r‘tcrobats ll!l_l (‘ii'ciis Senso. Filmed at l ondoii‘sl estiv r: of New ( 'irctis in .-\iigtist tliisyea-

I Magnum FchelScitlltsli)

ll)~ ifipm l7.5"pm, (lint liastwood as Dirty Harry in the follow up to lin.‘ c ‘.a‘ ~.rc Made it) 1073.

I The Cruel Sea ( Riser i

ll <llpm l f‘llam Start of a new seasoiic-t classic lilmsintioduced by Barry Norm tl‘. \"orman's father actually pmtlirced this film based on Nicholas M: »i‘.~ a) rat's from is successful novel. w liich gay e .lac'r; l lays kinsone of his most r l.l‘rs"‘.l‘~ !: Made in 1‘53.


I Wheel of Fortune Christmas Special (Scottish) 5 3” “pm. Slat Sllltltlc'duliiii‘lr of the (fill! show w ith a wheeldiflci cm : ITroubleS(('-4)s illpm 1.) 25am .-\ chance to see again( liar les Slur ; .dstc .tlzsl (‘liiistopliei' .\1oi':iliiias engaging adaptation of .l (i larrell's novel. l iii (liailcson and Susannah llaikersiai 'nzii'. lan Richardson in if): («wt llls If!) Irelandin l‘ll‘l. ISeason'sGreetingsmm ‘3)

‘l 1” ll 35pm Repeat ()fllic .\lati

.\y ckboni'n play about .1 tttatt l( icoitzcs l’almct )w ho insistson stibriiillingliis family to liis marathon puppet show IPumpinglronu‘4) i_‘,_‘< 3.(i<pm. the celebrated documentary about body building made in l‘Voand featiiriirgl mars l’criigno who wasiil as g: ccn {lien isli-

.1 .\

wastobccomc llulk.

I Joy to the World: Gala From The Royal Albert Hall ( BBCI ) 3. l 5 33W ll Sarah (iieeiie introduces tliis ( ‘liiistinasconc at in the presence of 'l be P) inccss Royal

lie went on to play 1b :




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