18. lIam—4pm. Free. For thethree Sundays before (‘hristmas Princes Street will have something of tire air ofthe Festival. with a Christmas flavour. There will he roving performers. street theatre (at I I .30'am. 1.30pm & 3pm). magicians. jugglers. a Victorian carousel. sleigh rides and puppet tales (at 1230me 2.30pm). Also seasonal refreshments. Organised by lidinburgh District ( ‘ouncil and the Princes Street 'I‘raders Association.

I NAUTILUS FLUME COMPLEX Royal Commonwealth I’ool. Dalkeith Road. (iii? 7311. Mon- l-ri 2.30pm 8pm. Sat ix Sun I0am --Ipm. 'l'ickets £1 for 5 rides: £2 for 10. laurope's largest lltrrne complex. all-action aquatic advertture in which the rider has to negotiate river rapids. the 'l‘wister. the Black vortex and Stingray. It's not quite life on tlte high seas. butas near as you're likely toget in lidinhurgh. I ROYAL BRITISH HOTEL 20 Princes Street Children's Christmas Creche Mon Sat 10am 5pm; Sundays 10am 4pm. until 24 December. Don't worry if yotr can't get a baby sitter for a couple of hours when you want to go (‘ht‘istmas shopping without the kids. Drop them off at this creche. run. as in previous years. by Iidinburgh District ('ouneil's Women's ('ommittee. It‘s open to any child between 2 and 10 years. and children can he left for a maximum of 2 hours at a flat rate charge of 50p. Youget the chance to do some hassle-free shopping. arid the kids get a chance to play with other children.

I THINS BOOKSHOP 53-59 South Bridge. 55667-13 Saturday Club livery Saturday.

10.30 11.30am. Free. Open to anychild (age range approx 2' 13 years). Story-telling for younger children as w ell as activities and competitions with prizes. Special seasonal activities from time to time. I 359 GALLERY 233 ('owgate. 235 3013 359 Art Club This art class for r», 13 year olds will run every Saturday from lo January to 25 March next year. At the time of going to press there were still a few places left for both the morning sessions (10.30am -noon) and afternoon sessions (2.30—4pm). To book a place write to Sandra Duncan at the above address giving name and address and fee (£20).or call into the (iallery between Monday~Hidayx I0.30am--5.30pm and book in person. 'I'elephone bookings can no longer be accepted.

Film I FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 22S 2688 Children's Saturday matinees: All seats £1. bookable. l-‘ilms start at 2pm. The Wizard 0t 02 ( 1939) 10 December. Judy Garland leads the cowardly lion. the brainless Scarecrow and the Tin Man who doesn't have a heart. along the Yellow Brick Road. to find the Wizard of ()zand the answer to all their dreams. Yellow Submarine ( 1968) 17 December. as mins. The Beatles at their phantasmagorical best: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. When I'm (T-i. All you Need is Love . . . twenty yearsold and still magical.


I QUEEN'S HALL Clerk Street. (ms 201‘) Piccolo Pack: Winter Wonderland Sat If) December. llam. Kidsil (75pforthose who have Piccolo badges from previous events). Adults £2. Last in the SCO's present series of lively musical mornings for 8— I 2 year olds. This week‘s session has a seasonal theme. with carols and well known ('hristmas tunes.


See separate section for full list of Edinburgh and Glagow pantomimes and Christmas shows.

I Sport is listed as diary: by sport. then by m. then by event.


Plans are well under way for the formation of a new l~ield Archery ("Ith for (‘enlral and West Scotland. 'l’Ins w ill be a fourteen-target woodland w Illliil the (ilencryan Woods. managed by l’alacerigg('ountry Park. for further information contact; Scottish Field Archery Association Mr .I. Baster . or I r».=.1.‘.so,<. Palacerigg Field Archery Club .‘ytr


ATHLETICS Tuesday 20

IWesI District IndoorChampionships Kelvin llall. Argyle Street. ( ilasgow phone ti-ll 3.31311 lot details, 'l he event is for senior rneriand

BADMINTON Saturday 1D-Sunday 11

I Sun Life Scottish Singles invitation Bishopbtiggs Sportst'entrc. Bishopbriggs. Saturday Illain (tfillpiii. Sunday l0 illanr until all inatthcshaye

Times to be decided

been completed. w ith the finals scheduled to begin at 3.31 Ipni.



I Rangers V East End llarrhead Sports (eiitrc. .\Iain Street. liarrhead. 3.45pm.

IKE— Edinburgh

I Race Days Inesday . 'l Iiursday and Saturday . l’owdet hall Stadium. lieayeihall Road. lzdinhurgh. izach meeting includes 10 races. startingat ".me. L3.51lSt;tiitl;£1.30(iround.l’rice of admission includesprogramme


I Race Days 'I ticsday . 'l htrrsday and Saturday . Shawlield Stadium. Rutherglen Road. ( ilasgow lherc are ten races in each nieeting. star titig at 7:15pm. £3.

FOOTBALL Saturday 1 D

PREMIER LEAGUE I Celtic v Aberdeen ( 'eltie l’ark . ( ilasgow

(Buses ()l . (i2. ()4). 3pm. Another ci uc ial fixture in (‘eltic's attempted return to

championship contention. They may well have the edge on .-\berdeen. as the latter are likely to go through a sticky spell following their recent defeat by Ranger s. I Dundee Utd V Hibs 'l‘annadice l’ar k l)uridee(Biises 19.20.31 I. 3pm Stun. «t the most tedious matches l'ye ey ci seen have involved t'nited. including an achineg awful game at Izaster Road last season. 'l‘heir highly mechanised play is built on fear. with the result that their undoubtedly talented player s such .is French and (iallacher often feel unable to express any individual flair. Manager .lrru .\lcl.ean is clearly the culprit: only w heir he steps down will the team take on a new lease of life. .-\s for today 's match. tlier e is just one result which will be a y tctoiy It Ii football a crushing win by llibs.

I Hamilton v Dundee Douglas I’Ltt ls. ttéllllttIUIll lllllyatds l lantilton \Vcst station). 3pm. A mere four points currently separate Hamilton and ninth-placed .\lotherwcll. but such is the low morale of the Douglas l’ark men that that small gap probably resembles a yawning chasm. Many ol the faces III llic crowd will no doubt take on asrrntla: appearance long before the end of this match. for which Dundee must start favourites.

I Hearts v Bangers lyttccastle ina k. (iorgie Road. lidiriburgh, 3pm. lhe: e w as a time long ago when I lcaitsregularly heat Rangers home and away lint w .~‘; c not liyingin I‘).S(i anymore. \tiasetvlc draw is far likelicr'. 'I'hts may be the r eta: r. match for both ex-Ranger Sandy ('la: k and. after an absence of oy er' a year . the magnificent (‘raig l.eyein. who will. it. lac not too distant future. for Ill an international partnership with team-mu. Dave McPherson as long as his knee ‘s a; s


With the World Open Championships in Glasgow this month it is clear that skateboarding in Scotland has made the transition from a minor hobby to a properparficipation sport.

Three and a half thousand spectators are expected over the weekend for the

Kelvin Hall event, which incorporates

the final stage of the European Series ’88. The championship, which offers a cash prize to the winners, is sponsored by Hanes Original American Clothing. and with TV coverage as well. organisers the Scottish Skateboarding Association see this as the first of many competitions which will attract the world‘s best to Scotland.

On the national scene. the Angel Lights skatepark in Glasgow is currently being constructed in a disused church at Anniesland. With an initial grant from Glasgow District Council, work has begun on transforming the site into the complete skate centre. An indoor park. restaurant, multi-screen video lounge and music are all planned, and due to be completed in the next few months. The combination of these elements will, believes the SSA, create one of the ultimate sporting environments.

In the capital, the Edinburgh Skate Party has been formed with the intention of finding the money to build a similar park to Glasgow‘s, and of drawing attention to skaters’ needs.

Scotland's best performers are hoping for success in Glasgow. Davie Philips (Zorlac Skateboards) and Jamie Blair (Schmitt Stix) of Clan


. P“ ‘~ Skates are expected to do well in the main ramp contest. while in the street competition, Angel Lights skater Mikey Ward should place highly, along with Bill Davidson from Glasgow.

Contacts and Shops

I Scottish Skateboarding Association Angel Lights Skatepark, Old Temple

Church. Strathcona Drive, Glasgow 959


I Clan Skates 45 Hyndland Street, Glasgow 339 6523.

I Edinburgh Skate Party Paul Welsh (Secretary), Room 3. Edinburgh Youth Business Centre, 25 Johnstone Terrace. Edinburgh.

I Mach Enterprises Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh 229 5887.

Glasgow Spots

I Angel Lights Skatepark— see above. Full size 10 foot transmission half pipe and the UK‘s smoothest mini-ramps. Sessions cost 50p midweek, £1 at weekends.

I I Behind Princes Square. Four-sided

bank with flat top and built-in slidey pipes. The security guards are a hassle but you should manage a dozen oIIies before they arrive.

I Bath Street Banks. From one foot to eight feet high, these highly carveabie constructions are good. Boardslides. grinds and allies over the steps make this worth the fast downhill approach. I Nosher Bank Jordanhiil College (nearthe park). From before the beginning of time these have been sessioned by skating legends, and now once more they are being ground.

I Northcote Prince Albert Byres Road. A local will show you the board will carry you—thespeed will amaze you.

I Shields Road Underground. Take the tube to some of the best banks in Glasgow—to wall, to lip, to skate.

Edinburgh Spots

I Bristo Square. Saturday sessions with forty people are normal. Kerbs. steps and walls provide for street action in Edinburgh’s main spot.

I Leith Banks otf Constitution Street. Banks of all sizes let airborne division fly.

I High Street- Castle Terrace Lothian Road. The speed run of all time. A fast, smooth pavement allows maximum movement over three-quarters of a mile.

I Middle Meadow Walk. Slalom heaven if there are no wet leaves.

I Castle Terrace Car Park. Painted kerbs and banks to wall are found here Well-lit and dry most days on the bottom level of the multi-storey.

The List I)

3: Deceitil‘ct I‘).\.\