369 Gallery, Edinburgh

A Christmas Party in 1985 was a boozy

blue and salmon pink with words at . excitement dashed across it. That

Christmas Party can be seen at the 369 Gallery in a retrospective exhibition at ; paintings by Hock Aun Teh, an artist

who combined a training in Malaysia

f with one at Glasgow School at Art to become one at Scotland's most assured contemporary abstract artists.

Most ot the gallery moves with the colour at his laterwork. but in the small side rooms, there is evidence olTeh's early interests in line and calligraphy. Chinese sparrows tall traditionally

from an unravelled scroll and a wave

(photo above) splashes across paper. Combining a western touch which is shown to creep into a delicate watercolour at Venice and a little charcoal ot a coltee shop in Penang, Hock Aun Teh tlexes his multi-culturat interests as he creates the colour code which he uses in his paintings today -

rnlor matron on work by all \VASI’S .irtists Slide library and intormation about how iocomrrrission work.

From Shadows Parted 1 ‘mit 13 .Ian. New work by .v\nnctte l'dgar.

Open Day Ill Dec. llam 4pm. Take anok round the .ri trsts studios aboy e \VASI’S slli‘t‘

I WARE ON EARTH JSS‘ ( ireat \Vestern Riniil. INISIIS-I

\ er \ bi rghi .rrrd cheerlirl crockery in this gallei \ ot ceramics w lriclr specialises in Mediter r arrearr imports. See Ware on l'.llIll. I'illlll‘lll'glll lordetailsot exhibition by live lscoch.

I WASHINGTON GALLERY 44 \Vasliitigton Slic'et.ll-Il 331(i".s‘ll. Mon I-"ri Illam Ipm. _‘ 5pm. Sat Illam Ipm.

Dominique Moreau Granger and Emma Tennantl nul 33 Dec. Small detailed paintings on panel by (hunger and rugs by lennant



I dmbiir glr. 3ll(‘lrarrrbers Street. Mon -I"ri ‘l 15am .\ 45pm;Sat.Siin

Ill l5am 3 45pm.

Norwegian Architecture 1975—1985 t 'rrtil to l)ec .\ surx ey.

I BOURNE FINE ART 4 Diirrdas Street. 557 -1l|5|| Mon I’ll Illam tipm. Scottrslrparnting lSlltl l‘)5lland rlecoiatiye ails.

Cadell Part Two 1 ‘niil t.s' Dec. An exhibition ol work by this Scottish (‘oloiirist

I CALTON GALLERY Ill Royal Terrace. 556 Illlll. Mon I'ri Illam trpriizSat

Illam Ipm.

Christmas Exhibition limit 23 Dec. A mixed exhibition in this drawing room gallery lllll British and Iiuropean artists I‘M! I‘lrsll. a handful ol them yeryw'ell know n .‘ytuirhead Bone. .Iames Kay. Robert I le rdmarr and Alexander

\asrrry th.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY (ieorge l\' Bridge. 335 5584. Mon I-‘ri‘lam —‘)pm; Sat

‘lam Ipm.

Australia 200 Books and other material. including a dusty old w'allaby.

I CITY ART CENTRE 3 Market Street. 335 3434 ext (yty5ll. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm. licensedcate. [DI

Beryl COOK I'ntil end Dee. Beryl Cook. painter ot “ladies with fur coats and nae draw ers‘ and other people having fun. comes to lidinburgh. Her scenes of life on the street. in the disco. in the boxing ring and other dow n to earth places. are just right for a winter giggle and a good testfor

black to write and describe, red tor strength at character, pink and orange tor llames ol applause and celebration, green tor rest and gold lor sensuality. While paintings with long, enigmatically oriental titles like The Peking Opera Excites the Europeans and The Scottish Landscape and Conlused Englishman, can be linked readily to abstract expressionism, Teh’s painterly movement seems more to rise from his lite-long interest in the martial arts. An expert himselt, Teh launches his book on exercises tor the martial arts on 8 December at the 369

(‘hristmas Serooges. \Vill they break down and smile'.’

WASPS First National Exhibition t ‘niil lll Dec. With nearly .‘stlllstiidios countrywide. Workshop and Artist Studio l’roy ision Scotland Ltd. better kirow n as WASPS. is an inx alirable organisation to thecreatiy e community in Scotland This year they are touring a show w hich collects together work by artists based in \VASI’S accomirrodation. which ranges lrom a cottage to an old cigarette Iactoi‘y. WASI’S artists come in as many y arieties as the studios theirrsely‘es. .-\s w ell as some newly graduated. many w ell-know n Scottish artists find a place in their buildings .lacki l’arry. I.ys I Iarrsen. I’elei‘ Ilow‘s’on. Ken ('urrie and Philip Braham are just a few . The exhibition is more a celebration oI \VASI’S than an encapsulation ol Scottish art. but is w eIl worth a \‘lslt.

Colour in Scottish Painting t'niil It Jan. ()n the ground floor ot the Art (‘entre's multi-story gallery space. this is a show with few surprises but a number otgood examples of Scottish painting. The exhibition briefly traces the deyelopment of Scottish eoloiirists oyer the last hundred years through the permanent collection. I CITY CHAMBERS High Street. Hi to Dec (r.3(lpm- 8.30pm.

Christmas Art Auction Works liaye been donated by yarious Scottish artists tor

Gallery, nicely tying the lruits at his passions.

Upstairs the lruits ol the 369 Studio artists (who as well as making their own work are involved in the gallery’s very busy education programme) are shown in a small but vivid exhibition. Geottrey MacEwan’s large paintings, Shoal of Fish and Bay of Shells-have the bright, enduring quality at movement which makes Hock Aun Teh's paintings so covetable. Rose Frain carves out a pink portrait while Rob Maclaurin has trapped a tigure in a luscious green valley. to true 369 tradition. colour is the dominating lorce of this exhibition.

Downstairs, portraits are given a rare group showing with all contributing artists including Dorothy Black, Geottrey MacEwan, Bob Maclaurin, Caroline McNairn ottering their talent tor commissioned portraits. A promised portrait might make an unusual and long-lasting Christmas gift. For something more modest try the selection at small paintings up tor seasonal sale in the layer. (Alice Bain)

auction. The proceeds are going to "The Bluet'ields Support l~iind' which hasbeen set up to help combat the dey astation caused by Hurricane loan in Nicaragua. There w ill be an opportunity tor potential bidders to y iew the works in the-(hambers on the prey ious day.

. GALLERY 4Tb ( ieorge Street. 33“ l3ll5. Mon Sat Illam 5.3tlpm. Thisis I/rr' place to see contemporary British glass. There are special prices tor ('hristmas too.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY tor» I Iiin Street. 33” lltill. Tue l‘ri I3..‘stl 5.30pm.

Sri Chinmoy l 'ntil 34 Dec. .-\n unusual exhibition tor the ( ’ollectiye. tronr a lamoris Indian guru. poet and painter. (‘Irinnroy . who now liy es in New York. paints sparse. colourlul marks. sometimes abstract. sometimes animal. biil always t'uIl ot tile. The Scottish writer Alan Spence. a tollow er ot ('ltirrmoy sees the rrroy'emeirt ot the abstract expressionist. the colourol India and Kandinsky andthe medititiye quality ot the Mandala in his work. They call it I-"ountain Art. ('ontinuing the (‘ollectiy'e's ()utsite lnsitc programme there is a performance by the Bow (iamelan drummer Paul Burw‘ell at the Washhouse. :‘xbbeymount (next to Gateway Iixchange) on 17 Dec. 7.3(lpm. Admission £1 (50p). Followingthe performance there will be a (‘hristmas dance at (‘alton Studios. only a short walk

At WASPS Gallery and Shop, Glasgow this month there is an exhlbltlon at recent

l patntlngs by Annette Edgar.

away from the Washhouse. Admission ft .50. I CRAIGMILLAR MUSEUM Primary School. (‘raigmillaiz .Iust opened. this new museum looks at the history and current actiy itres ot ('raigrrrillar. a district in south tidinbiirgh known lor its summer lestiyal but alsoas oneol l'dinburgh's socially neglected I CRAMONO SCULPTURE CENTRE Moray Ilotise College. ( 'ramond Road North. .5I3hlllll ext 3‘3. New Sculpture in Scotland l- \lended until 3” Dec. A new and \er welconreyerrue which w ill ser \ e as .i permanent . outdoor exhibition space lor contemporary art and sculpture the oirly space ol itstype. Tw else sculptors time made work tor the exhibition: Tracy Macls'enna. Sibylle \‘on llalem. Moira lnires. Doug ( 'ocker. \Veiidy llalstead. \aler ic I’i'agltell. Peter Hill. .-\riair Ross. .Iulie .\Ic( ~ran..lohn I Iiinter. Day id Moore and Iilr/abeth .‘ylclall. I DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE .‘s Donne Terrace. 335 “ISO. Mon l-rr Illam 5pm. Kirsten Klein l 'ntiI ‘) Dec. Klein is oireot Denmar k's loremost photographers. Iler landscape pictures look al the beatity as well as the practical aspects ol the countryside. I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART I .auriston l’lacc. Mon I-ri ‘larrr 5pm; Sat ‘lam 3pm. Alex Nisbet I 'ntil I" Dec. Drawings. paintings and prints. I ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION 33 :\llrolI (‘r'escerrt..\ton Sat Illam 5pmexeept‘l'tie Illam ltoort. Christmas Watercolour Exhibition t ‘niil 17 Dec. The toui'tlr ( 'lrrrstmas show at this spacious New low it gallery . I FILMHOUSE lotlriait Road. 338(1383. Mon Sat noon 1 1pm; Sun h Ru 1 1pm. licensed restaurant. Benson and Hedges Photographers. Illustrators and Video Awards 1988 t 'ntil in Dec. An exhibition based on the theme ‘:\dyentiire'. l orig renowned lortlreir superb adyertising photography . it is lilting that Benson and I ledges sponsor such a corrrpetition. now in its tittlryear. This year. the w rnrrer ol the I’rolessional I’hotogr'aphers' ( iold .'\w ar d is once again the Iidinbiir'gh-based l)o\ Reyes/(winner last year). Photographs by Eric Robertson It) I )ec ll .Iarr. British landscapes in colour. I FINE ART SOCIETY I3 ( ireal King Street. 55oll3ll5. Mon Sat Illam (rpm. The Thirties I 'ntil llllan. lir'itislrartists working in Thirties style. :\s well as paintings by artists like Mary :‘yl'ltltllll'iltltl Day id Donaldson ( not two you imagine stamped with the Thirties. it has tobe \iIILlI. ( ‘ow ie. lipstcin. ( iltiek and Iiut'ielt. there \s Ill be a selection ol 'I'hirties' design. sculpture and architectural drawing togiy e a real Ieel tor period. I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 3.5 William Street. 335 mm. ’1 tie Hi I larrr (rpm. Sat Illam 1pm. ('Iosed 34 Dec Han. Great Christmas Picture Show t nut 23 Dec. ()ils. pastels and watercoloiirs. rrrany with a Mediterranean t'laxoiir by 35 artists. l-Il) pictures in this show. niosl ot them lorsale at Iessthani'lllll. I FRENCH INSTITUTE I.‘~ Randolph Crescent. 335 5360. Mon I‘ri‘).3llam 1pm and 3pm—-5.3(lpm. Photographs trom the Gillman Collection limit 13 Dec. The American ( iillmair company started collecting liuropean photographs in the sex enties. The first part ot‘this exhibition concentrates on 19th century work including photographs by Fox Talbot. Roger I-enton and I .ewis ('arroll. The second part ot this exhibition will be held from ltrJan 3 Feb. I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 3‘) Market Street. 335 3383. 'I'ue-Sat ltlam— 5.30pm: Sun I.3()pm—5.3tlpm. (‘tosed 35. 3(rDec and 1.3];in. Licensed cafe just recently franchised by Negociants with two specialities spicy eastern and sticky cakes.

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