there is a room full. Lots of flow ersand landscapes. but a number of harder hitting paintings here as w ell. And not forgetting the ceramiCs and jewellery . which at this time of the year might make present material.

I ST JOHN'S CHURCH Princes Street. Sat l0 Dec between l2 and 4pm. Admission 20p.

Artists at Work Sat lll Dec. l2 - 4pm. l.ocal artistsat work estend an imitation to everyone to come along and watch them making masks. stained glass. sculpture. violins. painting and embroidery . The event has been organised by sttldentsol Moray llouse (‘ollege at ( ‘ramond Campus.

I SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE lJtl (‘anongate.55681.1(».Mon Sat ‘).3(lzini—5.3tlprii.

Colours at Christmas trail :4 Dec. ()neol the first ('hristmas exhibitions to he announced this year. the information for this one came through on a large carrier bag. A hint there are goodies in store perhaps?

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY ()4 ( icot'gc Street.225 5955. Mon l‘ri‘)am 5.30pm; Sat 9.3(laru lpm.

Scottish Artists Abroad t'mtt .‘~l Dec. llte gallery makes a break from the usual Christmas policy ofsmall paintingslthey do abound at this time of year) w ith a selection of work by Scottish artists inspired by trips and espet‘iettees abroad. Some of the many w ell-know n names include Baillie. Blackadder. l Iaig. Houston. Morrocco. l’eploe and Rae. Creatures Until 31 Dec. 'l'his mini xoo includes a Kate Byrne's bird teapots. Ian Ramsay's Minoan bull. 'l‘rey or I .ockie's miniature sea carvings and ( iuy 'l'aplin's carved birds. Noah's Ark for (‘hristmasl I SCOTTISH MINING MUSEUM Lady Victoria ('olliery . .\'ew tongrange. Midlothian. {so} 751‘). 'l‘ue—l-‘ri mam—4.30pm: Sat A Sun noon 5pm. Devoted to the history of mining in Midlothian. built on a mining site.

I SCOTTISH RECORD OFFICE West Register I louse. (‘harlotte Square. Mon—Fri 9am «1.30pm.

800 Years at Scottish History’t‘hroughom December.

I SCOTTISH STONE AND BRASS RUBBING CENTRETrinity Apse. ('halmers (lose. High Street. Edinburgh. .\lon -Sat 10am—6pm. Just what the title says.

I STEP GALLERY 3‘) l lowe Street. Sin 1613. Mon—Fri lilarn-bpm; Sat 10am—4pm. (‘losed 25. 27. 31 Dee. AFeastOlColourlimit 2 .lan. ('hristmas exhibition ofsmall flower. still life and landscape paintings. relief paintings. batik and limited edition prints by well-know n artists. Many works ranging from £25—£l()(). Purchases will be gift-w rapped and delivered free to local addresses. Free Conrad Sevens print (retail price £9.20) with purchases over £10”.

I STILLS GALLERY 105 l ligh Street. 557 1140. Tue—Sat Noon -(ipm.

Family-My History—My Sell [mi] 24 Dec. Contemporary photographers look at the theme of family. Work by Jo Spence Rosy Martin. Martha Mc(‘u|loeh and (iina Glover among others. Organised by the Untitled Gallery. Sheffield.

Photography Art and Technology 8 Dee. 8pm. £1 .50 (75p). Chris Wainwright talks about the growth of technology and its effects with reference to photography. “Enron and Pleasant Land 15 Dec. 7.30pm. £1.50(75p). John Davies talksabout his approach to photographing the industrial landscape.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY Old (‘ollege University of Edinburgh. 667 101 1 ext 4308. Mon—Fri. 10am—5pm.

Dream Time Until 17 Dec. A traveller's image of Australia. Paintings byJanet Patterson. an artist from Edinburgh who travelled thousands of miles during a six-month visit. A fine show which gives an atmospheric and colourful image ofthe

Paintings by the guru and mystic Sri Chinmoy

can be seen at the Collective Gallery. Edinburgh during December.

dust and heat of this sparsley populated country (Patterson finds plenty of flies). I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l lantilton Place. 2205-125.

Photographs L'ntil 22 Dec. Photographsof the work Theatre Workshop has been doing with the Neighbourhood linglish "leaching group.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. Sfititfioo. Mon—Fri Ham-6pm; Sat ltl..‘\tlam—-tpm. (‘losed24.251)ec.

Christmas Exhibition t'mil 31 Dee. Paintings. w atercolours. jewellery and ceramics.

I 369 GALLERY 2(ll)(‘ow-gate. 2253013. .\lon -Sat 10.30am-5.30pm.

A full house this December at 36‘) (iallcry.

Hock-Aun Teth Retrospective t.” mil 24 Dee. A splash of ebullient abstract colour for this w inter exhibition by (ilasgow-based artist 'l‘eh.

Contemporary Portraits limit 34 Dec. Self-portraits and portraits by a numberof Scottish painters including (ieoffrey .‘slacIiw an. ('laudia Petretti and Dorothy Black (who have just had a successful joint show at the Step Gallery). Fionna (‘arlisle and Alan Watson. All the artists involved are interested in taking on portrait commissions.

Small Pictures tor Christmas limit 24 Dec. 369's annual display ofsmall watercolours. drawings. paintings and prints by many artists associated with the gallery as well as some new names. Prices suited to (‘hristmas pockets.

369 Artists Group limit 24 Dee. The first biannual show to be held by resident artists and education programme artists. Work by Phil Duthie. Rose l-‘rain. (ieoffrey Macliwan. Robert Maclaurin. (‘aroline McNairn and more.

I WARE ON EARTH l5 llow-e Street. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

Joe Keogh Ifntil 10 Dec. New work ona small scale befitting the gallery space. with a new look at wall pieces.


Weekly Lite Drawing Class livery Tuesday at 7.30pm—9.30pm.

l Bernhard Prinz at the Fniltumt


Organised by the Norwegian Museum of Architecture and sponsored by The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Afl'airs

Department of Architecture, Edinburgh University 20 Chambers Street, Edinburgh

The Exhibition is open from 22nd November to 16th December I 988 Weekdays 9.150m—8.45pm; Weekends I 0. I5arn—2.45pm


William Green Art L/L Waverley Market Princes Street, Edinburgh

Tel: Helen Wolverson 031 552 3431



Carol Concert

in aid of the Endocrine Research Trust in the Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

on Monday 19th December 1988 at 6.00pm

Christmas Music and Carols from The Choir of Old St Paul’s Church St Mary’s Music School Choir Forth Brass Soloist: Frances McCafferty £2.00 Adults; £ I .00 Concessions

Tickets available from the I nformation Desk NA TIONAL MUSEUMS OF SCOTLAND


Now under independent management

EXHIBITIONS OPEN until 23 December

Portraits from The Western Edge by Erik Hoffmann & Ulricke Kanne Dundee, City of Discovery Photographs by Peter Adamson Hand-Turned Wooden Bowls by Iain & Iona McGregor Hand-Painted Silk Scarves by Susie Thompson & Ann Gourley

Galleries open free to the public every day Mon—Sat 1000—500 (Sun 2.00—5.00) Crawford Arts Centre, 93 North Street, St Andrews, Fife, Tel. 0334 74610

Sub3/d/sed by the Scottish Arts Council

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