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I _ MYERS 0F GLASGOW LIMITED For the \‘criliv>txt15casoi:cilDem:Datum; Slailunct‘t, and Fittings

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lxl."xi\)_\-tfl ' PAPER - SH KS ' PRINTS 33-37Admiral Street, Glasgow G41 lHR. _, _ - . t T I h 1041-429 0537F :041-4201036 L s bi‘ephen Place, Edinburgh. iel: 031~220 1671 e fianfigfmum Mm m] :§.:(.W 4 WW

lir--:: printing lait. candle holders glass engraving kit. silk paints. stencil pack. candle way. di;’;csaur .Ltrass [airtight 1; let. cat'idie moulds. toad kit. water paints. Pooh kit wax crayons. Des cane. fabric painting star-fer kit. pot—pourri. macrame beads. seating cane. pipe cleaners

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7 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, 031 229 7884. Open 10am-6pm Mon—Sat. Also open three Sundays before Christmas 11am—5pm. We accept Access, Visa and American Express.


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