It was all so much simpler once. When extra-terrestrials looked just like us. except tortheir green skin or antennae. and whatever unsavoury reproductive cyclesthey had they kept strictlyto themselves. When a square-jawed hero would steer clearol all that mystical gobbledegook. and think no more oi breaking the laws ot physics in his gleaming rocket than

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he would at lighting his

pipe. Now Hawk Books have collected Frank Hampson's early Dan Dare stories trom the Eagle as a reminderot those halcyon days. The lirst volume. in paperback. costs £9.95. and the second. still in hardback. is £17.95. Available lrom Forbidden Planet and AKA in Glasgow. Science Fiction Bookshop. Edinburgh. and the betterbookshops.


This agile amphibian was once a normal turtle. betore he and his comrades ran into a pool at radioactive sewage. and then lound their true paths at the teet of a wise ninja master. Now. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a popular comic book and theirinner serenity is threatened by the glare ot publicity. A bit in the States as a comic and a hot seller as a range at dolls (£4.49). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming to a sewer nearyou. or. ilyou preler. Forbidden Planet. Glasgow. and Science Fiction Bookshop. Edinburgh.

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New-tound respectability lorthe cult of Batman has resulted in a handlul otchic lashion accessories. like cigarette cases (not pictured) and ashtrays adorned with the Batsymbol (opposite. £6). The Imai Batmobile (£7.95) will be preterred by collectors who rememberthe earlier. more innocent crimetighter. Available trom Forbidden Planet. Glasgow. and Science Fiction Bookshop. Edinburgh.

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You don‘t have to be a dedicated lollower ot kitsch to own a Mickey Mouse telephone (£39.95). but it could help detusethe tension at a pleading call to the bank managerorthe stockbroker. But could you unseltconsciously organise a luneral with it? Might be best to keep a spare. sober phone torthose occasions. Ormove up the range tothe Tardis-style police box phone. which is nudging on £100. Both are available from the British Telecom shop in Buchanan Street. Glasgow (a new branch in Edinburgh opening soon).

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Toy manulacturers have

been trying on variations on v the theme at a scary . pepperpot loryears. Anyone rememberthe crinkly

plastic suit that more ; resembled a sorry tent than i a terrifying alien? Dodgy paint job aside. this item is a pretty good scaling-down

~ :5 otthe best aliens ever created. but the pony clockwork motor inside hardly betits a supreme killing machine. Still. the head swivels all the way round and the moving eyestick can conveythe witble gamut ol Dalek expressiveness- the ‘It does not compute' lreakout mode is ton to pose. Available tor £4.95 trom Science Fiction Bookshop. Edinburgh. and Forbidden Planet. Glasgow.

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