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72 The List 9 22 December 1988

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'l‘raditional chocolate be\ erage (still available from selected stockists) and more recent

innox ationson the conleelionar} l‘ront. Bumper bullion box iii-18 [\Hl-lMII' KitKats in attractive KitKat tin (£4.35) and o-paek ol' Lyons l‘estive ('ltnc Rolls (7tlp). both ll‘oltt Wm. Low and otheroutlets. lilsexs here on this page. ehoeophiles ma} slayer to their hearts‘ content. but tor those \\ ho abstain. Real l’oods has (’arob Santas ( £1 .58) and (‘arob Logs tilled \\ ith praline or halxa (58p to £2.40).

Valvona & Crolla's hamper ol goodies (lelt). including baby Stilton and Fonsecca port. delivered around Britain (lrom £26.99). 0r concoct your own package (25—6 lor the hamper itself). Also available: vacuum- packed smoked salmon tor 26.80/402 including p&p from George Campbell & Sons; the Scotts' Kitchen's alternative Christmas Survival Kit (the baking is vegetarian, and the only preservative is plenty ol alcohol) available lrom Peckhams at 255; complete Hellenic Christmas dinner kittrom the Greek Delicatessen at £7.50 per head.

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(‘ontinental ('hristmas comestibles from l)i l’lacido ( above. let! to right l: crunch} almond biscuits at £ 1 .Jo; orange and apricot tart with plain chocolate at £5.35; Cosmopolitan (’umbrian pudding. hotching with raisins. sherry and brand} at £3.95; orange. almond and lruit tart. also at £5.35.


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Tinned sardines (£1.95) and 20 tranc pieces (99p) in milk chocolate trom lnHouse. Also: delighttul. handmade tresh cream Amboise chocolates at £4/Bozlrom Jenners: Victorian-style Turkish Delight. £3.45 trom Crabtree & Evelyn; genuine Eastern promise lrom Royal Sweets. including halva (£1.20/lb) in raspberry. coconutand pistachio tlavours and Indian ice cream in mango and other tlavours: Amerena cherries (£4.50) or Strawberries in liqueur(£6.25) from Fazzis.

Cheeses from Darcy's (left to right): Stilton (£2.12 lb); Dunsyre blue (£32 whole ); ()rkney Cheddar (£4.20 whole); half Lanark blue (£16): Beamerdale (£8 whole): 'l‘omme de Savoie (£21 whole). All are sold according to weight. and can be halved or quartered if desired.




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