e\ehanges for mu summer .\ll IL‘\L‘I\. l~1 :5ye‘atx I’hone I'.t\l Kilbi ide H3752 .‘NVh


I Glasgow lesbian (30) tie“ to

'scene. \\ tshes to find rte“

lttentls loi support and .i Inehet soetal ltle Ht‘\ \o\: l IWherearealImuulaeii15 - l lesbians ' I know \ou'ie there. but can't lind you (omeon. \hou \ouisehes. lets take Ill some concer ts. ha\ e ntealsoul, and .i teu laughs llo\ \o\,‘ IGay Glasgow sensitive lemale (24)enio\s Iile antlhkeslo l.tll}Jll llllt‘ L'Urttl It't‘tl .Illtl

w mes. cinema. theatre and more Seekssnntlar toshaie lllLWeHt'c.t\lt\tl\\\|lll I’llltlt' appreciated Ilo\ \o\_‘ \ ISllghllyimmaturel dinbuieh male l I“ l seeks ll\ ely unique lc‘ltlillL‘ lttsllaleL‘\|‘L‘tleltces.tlltl enjoy music. gigs. photogi aphx. motorbikes. pool. I\ andlilnts l’hotoappreciated Ho\ \o

.s‘: In.

ITall quietchap (25)\eekmg female company . I‘tlllll‘lllgll Izast lothian Beimekshne areas. Interests: cinema. rock

concerts. tra\el. lood. Not too oxerweighlll ll you’ieshghtlx era/y please \\ l ile to Ilo\ \o


IAmericannovelist(403) e\-I:thnburgh dweller no“

stay in}; m I ‘S.\. seekseheei lul. independent. lelt-w mg Scotswoman l 3“ I“ and not too

Illllli l to share two-continent hle l’holoappreciated Ilo\ \o s3 13

IMale aged 29qutet. good-natured. atlraetn e. enjoys swimming. easy climbing. tia\el

( I

and green |rle~~t_\le.\eeks healthy Illelltl\lll|‘ relationship \\llll \llllllJl tpiolessronal ’I man (ienume letter and photo .lj‘l‘lexldleil \«‘\.: l\ Il'm 27. male. handsome (really). bright. stiteesslul. educated. \\ lll\ \\ ell oll and ll‘ll\l\

.ibme ‘llt .ilttaelne .tlllc‘tllJle‘, warm antloulztoinz' \\ et‘llLYIII lortteel _~ IWomanl31. leOICBd)\\I\lle\ to meet genuine man \\ ith good \ell\\ ol humour loi relationship \\itl. l.tll‘.'|ll‘.' intereststnelutle theatre. llllll. music. eating in out etc

I Glasgow female .‘ 1. male .* illloi llle'lltl\lll[‘ relationship 4H .‘in. etesot blue. I“ be all alone Illl\ (llll\llll.t\. how about yott' l’holoappte.rated llo\\o

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IAltractivelemalel inimih goodsense ot humour likes cinema. eating out. keep Ill Seeks \ltllll.” male age 3‘ gootleompam l tlllll‘lllL‘llJlk'J .lpj‘l} BIN \t‘\.; I

I Female. 30. \lllll. *lt "in. alliaetixe. \t‘clJl‘le. intelligent. \aiietlinteiests. lun-loxine. practicalseeksamusing. interestinetnan withstable personality if” ‘or lot lirentlshtp Ilo\ \ofi IBllemaleine\peiteneetl.shin. -3 I ooking loi triends

asgou area I iktsmusreantl quiet L‘\t‘ll|llL'\ llo\ .\o\3 o

I 'Nice‘ Male 26 I.lll. \Illll.\ll\ bttt huinoiousand‘thtteienl'

I Ikes. musics. lilins. eulluie etc.

\ oti'ze l. male about thesani.

..-‘ 5 a“. .fi’i 9 ' r f‘ _‘ - .




.iz‘e’. l‘eltiu on | hi” .III\\\ {lg}!

l;l‘\ \I‘\:l

l;(‘\ \t‘ \.I ‘I Ht»\\ii

\_‘~ Ill

I Female 32 shmattiaelis e sociable happy -go-Iueky . seeks similar male to bring a cheer III the .\e\\ \ ear and h\ en up dull \HlllL'l exeiiiiigs All letters Ill“ \tl\.: ll , ITwo bachelors. _‘-\.IL‘l\lllc'tl. spot ting. \\ est l' nd tx pe. seek



lit“ \H \z I:

If August is wicked. the time of year.

so said (‘yril ('onnolly. when wars break out and broken glass betrays the woodland to the vindictive sun (he'd had a few). then December is indifferent. a marking time when peace comes dropping slow. like coins in a charity box. The first three weeks ofthe month are the phoney Christmas. Everything is on hold: everyone is fasting or has taken the pledge so that when the big push comes they can go over the top and not burst a gut. My gut feeling is that attack is better than defence. Every so often. to adopt an athletic analogy. someone goes off like a

hare in the first three laps ofthe 1500

metres and hangs on for the last 400 to surprise Said or Seb. That's my tactic for Christmas. I‘m damned if I‘m going to boycott the Doric for three weeks then hurtle down the home straight with the Clausthaler-mad rank and file. But every year more and more are catching on as Christmas strays into the greenbelt. blitzing bars with party hats. rugby ties. singing secretaries and liberty bosses. Even midweek the late buses are choked with puking crew-cuts and girls who

think that anyone sober enough to be

reading Graham Greene has taken holy orders. I took a rambling confession from one the other night who kept asking ifI thought she

animals l)l\lll\L‘\ tlrscos.tlitrgs. idealogues \eeds'niee reasonably .illiaetn e temale lot llltlltl.tlll.l}‘|‘llle\\ l-dinbuigh. lit\\ \l‘\: - IAllracliveGlasgowlemaleijwi separated I ll|t‘\\lllll\le.£l‘l‘tl eorixeisatiorr.t Inema. lootball. etc \eeks \‘.lllll_'.2 male Ioi lircntlship l’holoappreciated but not necessarx lit'\ \n\_: \

IAre you 25—35? I emale ' ldinbuighl\.isell'( realixe .IIltl or .iilislie In nature ' In \eaiehol a lastingrelationship \\llll \ man \\ rite now' ll ooks not oxei ~impoi tantl

I Guy (24) tall. \lllll. lL‘.t\‘l_\ atliaetne. seekssnnilat any lot lllL‘Iltl\lll|‘ relationship \I\ inter e\ls in. lude skiing. squash. . socialisingand tun. Discretion assuieilnon scene l’hoto

please (ilasgow area Ilo\ \o

choice lemale company tor nighlsout. nights In l'ot _\our e\e\oltl\ Intelligenceassured

IWoman aged 30l dinburgh l‘asetl wishes tomeel

dou n to earth man for liiendship relationship Inteieslsmelutle llltl\le. cinema. llo\ \? I3, I Allectionate male I .‘~.‘~ l seeks lottel\ alleetronale leinale loi possible longtetm relationship


looking lot lemale

\ll letters

()ne of the grooviest

fashion accessories around the gyms and bedsits of (‘entral Scotland right now is the hipper-than-hip I.Lst'I'-shirt. Possession of said garment will propel you into the heady world of designer chic. yet the cost to you is a tnere £6 (plus 50p P&P). How can you

resist'.’ Send a cheque made out to The LISI LId together with the filled out order form below please state size: Large or Extra Large. Please allow 21 days for delivery. ()ffer subject to availability.

Alan Taylor resists the temptation to extend peac and goodwill to all men. despite taking confessions on the homeward-bound bus.

could get away with wearing two pairs oftights at her office party. I didn‘t ask why she'd want to but said ldidn‘t see why not; the second pair to be wrapped round her neck. tightly. It's (‘ity (‘abs from here on. But I have to admit I tnade a foray among the crowds on Saturday to buy presents. a chore I usually postpone to the last minute. I put it down to the need fora deadline and one that’s 365 days off is never as pressing as those that crop up weekly. At least I managed to buy a copy of The Magician 's Nephew at Waterstone's for the eldest of les terribles who is going through a CS. Lewis phase. but I gave it him straight away so I‘m back to square one. Other purchases have been abandoned indefinitely. Nor have I sent any cards though a few have filtered through to me. First off the


mark was Brian McCabe who. abetted by the Arts Council. is trying to bring culture to the Canadians. Better him than me. Most of his time. when he‘s not teaching the use of the semi-colon. catching salmon and imitating Dylan Thomas. seems to be spent in Iogger‘s bars and strip joints where ‘quiche‘ is something you say to huskies when they get sick of‘mush'. Dilys. who's down for the same sentence. isn't enthused either and has taken to doing lithographs of photocopies ofsketches ofbits of wood. There's nowhere better for wood than Canada. Regular. retentive readers will remember that I tried to warn them that you couldn‘t leave 'I'ollcross one day and drift logs the next. but would they listen?

Still. you can‘t desert friends in need and I must get something offto

l ikes; music. cinema. dining. dancing. walks. climbing. badnnnton l’leasewritesoon. Photo and phone number

appreciated (ilasgow area Ilo\

I Male (28) missed out on lile.

lirentl companion \ aiious interests. no serious bad habits.

Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

tendenex towardsdepression Help me get otit ot Illl\ i tll Hm \UN‘ l‘.

IWanted single peopleru

join help i un small intor mal social club tor people _‘I - interested in outingstoptibs. \‘ltll‘\ L'le (ll.l\f_‘t‘\\ area “lllc' now for \mas \eu \ eai outing “in \tt.\§ lli


To obtaln your very own Llst T-shlrt send a cheque or postal order tormso (lnc post and pecklng) to the address below. together wlth this coupon.

Slze: Large/Extra Large (please delete where appllcable). Send to THE LIST T-SHIRI OFFER. 14 ngh Street. Edinburgh EH11TE.


the Antarctic. Not that there's much

to report. All's been pretty quiet on i the eastern front of late. 'l‘he most l monumental piece of news is that the joiner took up residence for about a fortnight and has made a cupboard out ofchaos. This has left us with a room urgently in need of decoration and although I'm in the infantry as far as DIY is concerned I have to show willing. 'I‘he joiner entirely understood my rationale and said. inspecting my uncalloused hands. that anything I attempted myself would be a false economy. My role is that of fetcher and carrier but in a blaze ofenthusiasrn I decided that I would try and repair the door which had more holes in it than Jocky Wilson’s dartboard. A substance called ‘Joy‘ was procured and I began to apply it before reading the instructions. Before long I realised I had made an awful mistake. ‘Dries like wood'. said the instructions. ‘apply like putty‘. Not only that. apparently it can be sawn. sanded. drilled. painted or varnished. But nowhere does it say you can apply it with your fingers. Within minutes I had a brown stookie covering half my right hand which proved remarkably resistant to soap. ‘Can be sawn. sanded. drilled . . .‘ Forget August. December is a wicked

. g the gulag before the scribes head for


The List I) - 32 December 1988