Waterstone's new bookshop at the Ca. d'Oro has opened its doors.

And they stay open until IO pm on week-

days. and 9.30 am-7 pm on Saturday.

They're even open from H am-6 pm on Sunday.

Behind the doors. in the convivial claret and gold surroundings with a classical music soundtrack. you'll find thousands of books always in stock.

Everything from 'Little Dorrit' to 'The

Big Man'; trom'Sinister Street'to'lispedair Street'. Our booksellers will give you any advice and information you may need. If the book you're looking for isn't in stock. they'll order it for you, and gilt-wrap it free if required. Even if your books out of print it's not out of the question.There’s no charge for Our book search service.

So whatever you're looking for. you'll never

be in the dark.

l 32. Linton Street. Glasgow (ll 3QH. Tel: (04' ) 22'0890. ()pen:;\10n.-Fri.9.30 am“ l0.00 pm. Sat. 9.30 (am-7.“) pm Sun. ll (I) am (i (X) pm.