Repeat showing of Alan Plater‘s marvellous adaptation of ex-Labour MP Chris Mullins's political thriller.

I David Dimbleby’s Review of 1988 (BBC!) 10—] 1.15pm. Dimble Davidby looks back at the year and chooses his highlights of the year.


I Taggart-Double Jeopardy (Scottish)

8. 15—9.45Pm. Special edition ofthe Glasgow cop show has our sour-faced hero investigating a suicide which is more than meets the eye.

I Wild Things (BBC2) 9— 10.20pm. Atmospheric psychological thriller written by David Pirie.

I Twelfth Night (C4) 9—1 1 .55pm. Richard Briers leads the cast in Renaissance Theatre Company's production of Shakespeare's seasonal comedy.

I Films of the Year ( BBCl)

i i . 15— l 1 .55pm. Barry Norman‘s choice of the year‘s new releases.


I Top Of The Pops Celebrates 25 Unbroken Years (BBCI ) 5.20—6.3(lpm. The i3()()th TOTP is a birthday party with celebrity guests and a host ofex-presenters ofthe programme including Tony Blackburn. I Victor And Barry Take The High Road (Scottish) 5.3(l—opm. The V & B in performance in London. fairly near the V & A.

I City Lights Special (BBCI) 7.40—8.4llpm. One Billy Connolly joins the regular cast for this festive special.

I The Steamie (C4) 9—10.3tlpm. Very adventuroUs of C4 to show this extremely funny. and very seasonal. Glaswegian comedy which was such a hit at the Edinburgh Festival.

I Comic Heliet's Nose at Ten: The Compilation (BBC!) 10-1 lpm. A hostof comic celebrities in this distillation from February's telethon.

I Scotch And Wry(BBCl)10.50—11.50pm. After ten years. this show is becomingan institution. Brilliant stuff.

I Clive James Review of the Year( BBCI) llpm—lZam. What promises to be the glibbest of the many reviews of 1988.

I Eurythmics Live (BBC2) 11.15pm—12.5(lam. Into the New Year with this concert recorded in Sydney in February last year. and being shown for the first time on TV.

I The New Year Show (Scottish) l1.5(lpm—I.()5am. Live show from Edinburgh features the Proclaimers. Stanley Baxter and Kate Robbins. Hosted by Nicky Campbell.


I The Natural World (BBC2) 7.45—8.35pm. Film about the various aspects of waterfalls in the wild. takes in footage of the three biggest waterfalls in the world as well as some much smaller ones.

I The Dog It Was That Died (C4)

9-10.20pm. Tom Stoppard‘s farce set in the world ofcspionage stars Alan Bates. I Nativity Blues (BBC2) 9.05— i(). l()pm. Humorous domestic drama from young American playwright Wendy McLeod. I The Trouble With Michael Caine (Scottish) lO—i lpm. Caine is grilled by Michael Aspel. in front of a studio audience. and with testimony from star witnesses. about what is the trouble with Michael Caine.

I The Movie Lite of George (Scottish)

1 I . l5pm—l2. 15am. Celebration of George Harrison‘s work in music (he was a member of a famous pop group) and film (through HandMade Films.)


I Chart Show Christmas Special (C4) 12.3(}—2.3()pm. Pick of the year's best. and worst. pop music.

I Moscow State Clrcus(BBC1)5.45—7pm. A circus is inevitable over the holiday. but it might as well be this one. which hasa well-deserved reputation as one ofthe best.

IMinder(Scottish) 8-9pm. New seriesof George and Den's loveable London antics.

I Precious Dane(BBCl)9.2t)—11.25pm. Adaptation ofa best-selling novel by Mary Webb. this is a tale of love. magic and murder set in 19th century Shropshire. IXerxes (C4) 9pm—12.2(lam. Handel's marvellous comic opera receives a very stylish performance in this English National Opera production.

IArena (BBC2) i().45—li.55pm. Film about i93tls folk-hero and progenitorof the folk revival movement Woody Guthrie.


I The Ancient Art at Cookery (C4) 6.30—7pm. Sir Roy Strong guides us through the history of British cuisine from the Middle Ages to the Victorian era.

I Cariani And The Courtesans ( BBCZ) 9—l().2()pm. Repeat showing of Lelie Megahy‘s brilliant Italian Renaissance thriller.

I The Late Shift (C4) 1.05—2. 15am. Now in a regular Tuesday slot. Tonight there are two films: The Jazz Hooter shows BeBop tap dancer Baby Laurence in action. and After Hours features performances from. amongst others. the legendary Coleman Hawkins.


I The Making of Moonwalker ( BBCZ) 6.50—7.20pm. How Wacko Jaeko became a film star. and what special effects went into the film.

I Inspector Morse (Scottish) 8— 10pm. John Thaw returns as the Oxford detective in a new series.

I Signals: Two Dogs and Freedom (C4) 9.15—1t).5()pm. An all-star gala concert in aid of the children of political detainees in South Africa.



Rossini Overture - Semirimide Bruch Violin Concerto No l Mahler Symphony No l in D


Wednesday 4 January 7.30pm

Tickets: £6. £4.50. £3 from the Usher Hall Box Office 0312281155 Sponsored by BANK OF SCOTLAND CITY HALL, GLASGOW Thursday 5 January 7.30pm Tickets: £5. £4. £3 from the Ticket Centre and other outlets 0412275511 Sponsored by RADIO CLYDE plc

HALF PRICE FOR STUDENTS AND OAPS NYOS is sponsored by the BP Group in Scotland and receives grant aid from the Scottish Education Department



Two Dogs and Friends: South African satarist Pieter Dirk Uys with Splitting lmage's Thatcher ln Signals charity gala. See Wed 4 Jan.

I Dark Angel (BBCZ)9.25—lt).25pm. Three part ‘gothic thriller‘ stars Peter O‘Toole. though he does not appear until next week.

I Postcard From Clive James ( BBCI) 9.3m 10.20pm. A new seriesofJamesian travel reports kicks off with a glib card from Rio.

I The NuclearAge (Scottish)

10.35- I 1 .35pm. A history of nuclear power and its various applications.


I The North Sea (BBC2) SSW-9pm. New six part series on the ecology of the North Sea is the result of some very timely international co-operation. l’erhapsour governments can take a lead from the TV companies.

I Desmond's (C4) 8.3(lv~‘)pm. New comedy series starring Norman Beaton. and produced by the team which brought you No Problem.

I Yellow Earth (C4) 9— 10.40pm. TV premiere ofChen Kaige's wonderful evocation of rural life during the Sino-Japanese War.

I The Two Mrs Grenvilles ( Scottish)

‘)—- lllpm. 10.35»! 1 .25pm. First oftwo instalments of an American melodrama which stars Ann-Margret and. strangely. veteran film actress Claudette Colbert. Concludes Fri (ith 9pm.

I Bette Midler: Art Dr Bust ( B BCI )

l l.1()pm—-12am. The American performer in concert.


I Arena ( BBCZ) 9— 10.30pm. A portrait of Barcelona currently. in cultural terms. very much to Spain what Glasgow isto Scotland.

I Making Out ( BBCl ) 9.30— 10.20pm. New drama series about six women who work in a Lancashire electronics factory.

I Miami Memoirs (C4) 10—1 1 . 15pm. Detailing the annual pilgrimage of Ruby Wax to her parents‘ condo. and the adventures she encounters along the way. I Roy Orbison And Friends: A BlackAnd While NithC-l)11.15pm—12.15am. Shown again as a tribute to the recently deceased rock and roll legend. the friends seen here performing with The Big O include Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen.


I The Chart Show (Scottish)

ll.3()am~ 1 2.30pm. The all video chart show (last seen on Channel Four) in a new series.

I Super Boy (Scottish) 5.45-0. l5pm. John Haynes Newton stars in the brand new tales of the super brat -- from the people who brought you Superman the movies. I Trick or Treat (Scottish ) o. lS—b.45prtt. Mike Smith with a new game show based on sending up game shows.

I Thunderball (Scottish) 6.45—9. Illpm. Vintage 1965 Bond adventure.

I CDIUTT‘IDD (BBCI ) 8.25—9.4(lpm. Moved to BBCI from lTV. this series ofshabby detective adventures starts with an episode directed by one S.Spielberg.

I Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky ( C4) 9—10.55pm. A new season of films by the

Russian director starts off with his new documentary. which was screened at the London Film Festival.

I Film Club (BBC2) Ill. 15—1 . ltlam. Three films by Stanley Kubrick. The first two being his directorial debut and its companion. a couple ofdocumentaries entitled Flying Padre and Day OfThe Flight. The main feature is Lolita.

I Aspel and Co (Scottish) Ill—10.45pm. New series.

I Sounds of Surprise (C4) ill.55pm‘12.35am. Film profile of the jazz saxophonist whom many regard asthe greatest there ever was. Charlie Parker.


I Atlantic Realm(BBC2)7.15-8.tupm. New natural history programme about the Atlantic Ocean and its coasts.

I Fragile Earth (C4) 7. IS~8. 15pm. New series of the ecology programme begins with ‘The Stolen River‘. an examination of what drought did over several years in Botswana.

I Wish Me Luck (Scottish) 7.45—8.45pm. Return of the series about women spies behind World War Two enemy lines.

I See For Yourself (BBC! istisr- lllpm. The BBC‘s annual report to the licence fee payers. There are reports from independent observers. and Marmaduke ilussey and Michael Checkland will be in the studio to answer questions from the audience.

I High Anxiety ( BBCZ) s. ll)—‘).4l)pm. Mel Brooks's very funny Hitchcock parody stars Brooks himself and Madeline Kahn. I Hercule Poirot‘s Casebook (Scottish) 8.45—9.45pm. Agatha Christie‘s most famous detective comes to TV in a lavish new series starring David Suchet.

I The Movie Lite of George (Scottish) Ill-11pm. Documentary about George Harrison.


I Snub (BBC2) 7—7.3(lpm. New DEF lI programme focuses on non-chart pop music.

I Just tor Laughs (Scottish) 8—8.3ilpm. Compilation of the funnier bits of [TV comedy shows of the past. New series. I The Mercantile Classic (Scottish) il.35pm—l2.3llam. Start of the Iastest snooker championship.

I Asylum (Scottish) 12.3(l-2.(l5am. Patrick Magee and Robert Powell in an enjoyable horror compilation.


I After Henry (Scottish) 8.3ll—9pm. New series of the likeable comedy which made a successful transfer from radio.

I Talking Heads (BBCZ) 9—9.35pm. Not David Byrne but Alan Bennett. A repeat screening of his excellent seriesof monologues.

I Death of a Centretold ( BBC!)

9.30— 1 1.05pm. Jamie Lee Curtis stars in this average TV movie based on the lifeof Dorothy Stratten.

I Body Styles (C4) 1 1—1 1.30pm. A history of fashion and style throughout the whole world.

I Dark Angel (BBCZ) 9.25—-1t).25pm. Continues from last week. Peter O‘Toole makes his first appearance.

I Postcard From Clive James ( BBCI) 9.30—1 I .(l5pm. This week Clive gets to go to Chicago.

IThirtysomething (C4) 10. 15— 1 l . 15pm. No. not a typo. but a new American drama series. doing for home life what Hill Street Blues does for cops and St Elsewhere does for doctors.


I Healthy Heart (Scottish) 1.30—2pm.

Second part of the Scottish television series on healthy eating.

22 The List 23 Dec 1988-12Jan 1989