I Theatre is listed by city first. then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Touring shows are listed separately under the relevant heading. KEY: [D] facilitiesfor the disabled. [E] facilities for the hard of hearing, usually an induction loop system. For prices. price in brackets eg (£1.50) isthe concessionary price. Long running shows. unless specified otherwise. do not run on Sundays. At this time of year mosttheatres are hosting Christmas shows and Pantomimes many are given a cursory listing below. but they have been listed in full in our special ‘A—Z of Pantos and Christmas Shows'.


I CITIZENS' THEATRE (iorbals Street . 42‘) 111122. Box Office Mon Sal IllatnSpm. liar [1)].

Pinocchio l 'ntil Sat 21 .Ian. SI:Ii PAN'IT) I 1ST.

I CRAWFURDTHEATREJordanhiII College. 76 Sotithbrae Drive. (ilas‘gow. (141(15(13437 343K.

The Magic Snowball ( 'ntil Sat 7.12m. 81-114. 1’.-\.\’T()1.IST.

I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE ( ‘umbernauld. (1236732SS7. Box ()ffice Mon-I-‘ri

1(1am- -6pm; Sat lllam 3pm; 6 Hpm perf.

L'\ gs Bar Cafe.

The Jungle Book ( 'ntiI Sat 31 Dec. Stiii l’.\.\"l‘()1,1S'1'.

I DRAMA CENTRE 126 Ingram Street. 552 SS2”.

Tamburlaine the Great Tue 1" -Sat21.Ian. ".3llpm. Sat tnat 2.3(1pm. Please note: because of illness this show has been postponed until now from its earlier

scheduled date in December.

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 22] 452(1. The Story of the Monkey King Thurs

l2 Weds lSJan. 1(1amck 2pm. Back by popular demand. SIiIi PANTT) LIST. I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Box Office. Mon Sat noon 6pm. 4 bars. [1)] [1- ]. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. (anclleriggs. Mon -Sat I(1.3(1am-6.3(1pm. (1412275511. Jackand the Beanstalk ('ntil Sat lllieh. SI'I' PA.\'T (11.1ST.

I MITCHELL THEATRE (iranville Street. 22131118.Box()tfice Mon -Sat noon—6pm. Rat . Cale. [D]. Tickets also available from the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 227 5511 Mott Sat 1(1.3(1am- 6.311pm.

Cinderella Thurs 22 k I‘ri 23 Dec. SIiIi l’.-\.\'T()1.IST'.

The Tree That Woke Up Tue 3---Sat 7 .Ian. S121 I’.-\.\'T()1.1ST

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley . SST 111111. Box ()fliic‘e open Tue-Sun noon-S.3(1pm. Bar(()pen noon-1Imeue-Sat; 12.3(1-2.3(1pm ck (1.3(1-1 1pm Sun. Meals served). Cafe ((1pennoon-l1pm). [1)].

\o theatre performances this issue.

I PALACE THEATRE 1) Ctreen Street. Kilmarnock. (1563 2359(1.

Peterand Penny‘s Panto tfntil Fri 30 Dec. SIiIi PA.\'T() LIST.

Rikki Tikki Tavi Sat 7 Jan. 2pm. £2. Izdinburgh Puppet Company in the tale of the mongoose.

I PAVILION THEATRE 121 Renficld Street. 332 1846. Box Office Mon-Sat

Il lain-8pm. Bar.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs L'ntil Sat 20.1an. SIiIi PANIC) LIST.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA 1(1(1chfrewStrcet.(1-11332 4111]_

To Kill a Mocking Bird Mon 2—Sat 7.lan.

26The List 23 Dec 1988— 12 Jan 198‘)

r ..~(1pm. Thurs mat 2.3(1pm: Sat mat 3pm. Alan Dobie plays Atticus 15inch iii a dramatisation of I Iarper Lee‘s seminal novel about racial prejudice in Depression America. adapted by Christopher Sergel and presented by North Bank Productions and the Royal Theatre. Northampton. See Panel.

I THEATRE ROYAL I lope Street. .331 I234. Ros ()flice Mom-Sat 1(1am- 6pm. (7.3(1pm on perfevgs). Bar. Buffet.

lolanthe Mon I‘)--I-'ri 23 Dec; Weds 2S I’ri

3(11)ec. 7. 15pm. Tue 27 k Weds 2SI)cc. ' 2. 15pm. SIiI-l PA.\"I‘() LIST.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 35(1Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521 . Cafe open I lam-2.3(1pm 'I‘ue-I-‘ri and during evening

,- performances. ' Notheatrcperformancesthisissue.

I TRON THEATRE 63 Trorigatc. 552 4267 S. Box ()ffice Tue—Sat Noon—8pm;

Sun 12.3(1-1 1pm. Closed Mondays. Christmas Present 1 'ntil Sun Slanuary.



I BEDLAM THEATRE Iiorrest Road. (131 225 939.3.

' I BRUNTON THEATRE Mttsselburgh. 665


Frankie MacStein-the Panto ( 'ntil Sat 7 .lan. 7.45pm. Sat mats 2.3(1pm. SIiIi PANTO LIST.


Happy Birthday Donald: Walt Disney's World on Ice Tue UL Sun 22Jan.SI-'.1iPAN'I'() LIS'I'AND PANEL ().\' KIDS PA(iI-Z. I KINGS THEATRE 2 Leven Street. 22‘) 12(11. Box ()ffice Mon—Sat mam-Spin. Bar. [1)]. [Ii].


Even after four months spent playing defence lawyer Atticus Finch in the touring production of To Kill A Mocking Bird, Alan Dobie still has a great fondness forthe play. He's appearing in an adaptation by American Christopher Segel the best-selling novel by Harper Lee. Although Dobie acknowledges that plays are ‘always better if purpose-written' he’s lull of praise for Sergel’s ‘simple but ingenious' version.

The play takes the form of a narrative by Finch’s tomboyish young daughter Scout of the events following her lather defending a negro wrongfully accused of raping a white woman. Whilst the story is largely about the prejudices of a small town in the Deep South of America it‘s also, as Dobie points out, ‘a celebration and a revelation of growing-up'.

I I I l

Capturing the right atmosphere of the

southern states during the depressed Thirties has been made easier by the presence of several Americans in the cast. They have, however, tried to go

easy on the very broad and slow accent

of the South.

‘11 everyone started doing that accent,‘ says Dobie. ‘It could become extremely tedious.‘

For many peoplethe definitive

Mother Goose l'ntil Sat IS Feb. 7pm. 2.15pm matinees. SIiIi PAN'I'OIJS'I‘.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43I1igh Street. 556 (157‘). Box ()ffice. ll1am—4.3(lpm. 7—‘1pm perf. evgs. Cafe. [1)]. [Ti].

The Lunchpack of Boab ‘n' Tam Tue 2(1—Sat 31 Dec. 7.3(1pm. Also 2pm on 26. 27.31 Dec. .\'o perf25 Dec. SIiI-I PANTO LIST. I PLAYHOUSE lS-—22 (ireenside Place. 557 259(1. Bos()flice Mon—Sat 1(1am—6pm (S’pm on show nights). Bar.

Oklahoma! Tue 2(1 Dec» Sat 7.1an. 7.3(1pm. Weds ck Sat matinees. 2.3(1pm. SISI‘. I’A.\'T( ) LIST.

I ROYAL LYCEUM (irindlay Street. 22‘) (1697. Box Office Mon— Sat 1(1am—6pm. IIlitmePlTl on perf. evgs. Bar. Rest Cafe. [1)]. [It]. ('I‘hcatreSav-er Concession Cards cost 1' l . last all year. give £1 offthefuII price each time you come for you and a friend available to ()APs. I7B4l1s. Students. Disabled and YTS scheme) Tickets for Lyceum productions are also available at the Ticket Centre. Waverley Bridge: branches of AT May's Travel and the Queen's I la“. Clerk Street.

The Snow Queen Cntil Sat 7 Jan. SIiIi PANTT ) LIST.

I SI BRIDES CENTRE ()rwell 'I‘erracc. 346 5425.

A Bicycle to the Moon L'ntil Sat 24 Dec. 1.3(1 ck 7.3(1pm.SIi1-Z T’AN'ITHJS'I‘.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 I Iamilton Place. 226 5425. Box ()ffice Mon-Sat l).3(1am-5.3(1pm. Bar. Cafe. [1)][Ii]. Bonds of Enchantment Thurs 22—-Sat 31 Dec. £3.3(1(£2). SIiI-Z 1’A.‘\'T() LIST. Performance Project Rehearsals Rehearsals start this month towards a performance project to be shown later in the year. Anyone interested in getting involved in any aspect of the production is welcome to come along » please contact the theatre. I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow. (irassmarket. 226 2633. Box Office

Tue Sat 1(1am»-Spm. Sun (y-l(1pm. Bar. Rest. Tickets also available from the Ticket Centre. Market Street.

Hell Bent on Christmas L'ntil Sun SJan. SI-ZI‘". P.»\.\"1‘()1.1S'1‘.

version of To Kill A Mocking Bird is the film of 1962 starring Gregory Peck as Atticus. Dobie seems in no way intimidated by his predecessor. ‘I did see the film but it was twenty live or thirty years ago, and I haven't seen it since. I certainly don't think it’s affected my approach to the part.‘

The show has been selling out in English venues, (doubtless helped by the novel’s being a set-text in many schools), and will be coming to Glasgow‘s RSAMD in the New Year. Asked to define the appeal of the piece Dobie talks about the charm of Scout and her brotherJem, and explains the strength of a character like Atticus. ‘lt‘s his sense of values, his sense of

integrity that wins you over. He cares

enough about justice to defy prejudice, and put himself and his lamin in the line of fire.’ (Helen Davidson)


I Aladdin

Leith Community Centre (Combat 1 Tall). Leith. Thurs 22 and Hi 23 Dec. 7.3(1pm. LI.5(1(£1). Leith RepCommunityTheatre Company. a new ly formed group. present a traditional pantomime that somehow

my oh es Tw ankey 's Takeaway arid Atistralian seasoning. I’or tickets please calll13l 554 475(1; (131 554 l5(1‘)ot‘

: (131 4476761). I Babes in the Magic Wood

Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. Paisley.


Matinee Sat 24 Dec 3pm. £4 (£2); Matinee £2 ( £1 1. A cautionary tale about treading

: warily in woody places from Paisley Youth

Theatre. working together with professional actors to tell the traditional story.

I Babes in the Wood

Ciy ic'I‘Iieatre. Motherw e11. Cntil Sat 7 .Ian. 1.3(1and 7.3(1pni daily excl. Stilts. £3.5(1. Iiamily and party coiicsavailable. Iliin Teas cart be booked in advance £2. . (I; 1 .5(1). Christian is the starin .‘ylotherwell's version of the lost babes” talc.

I A Bicycle to the Moon

St Brides Centre. ()rwellTerracc. Iidinburgh. (131 346 1405. L'ntil Sat 24 Dec. 1.3(lpm ck 7.3(1pm. £3 adults; £2 cones; £1.5(1ehildren. Family-saver£6. (‘ommunicado Theatre Company in a Christmas show See Review.

I Bonds ofEnchantment

Theatre Workshop. 34 Hamilton Place. Iidinburgh. (131 226 5425. Thurs 22 -Sat 31 Dec. 22 ck 23 Dec. 4.3(1pm. 2-1 62311)ec 2pm. 26- 3‘) Dec 2pm ck 5pm. £3.3(1(£2 children under 16). Janet I-‘enton'snew Christmas show -- see Review.

I Care Bears and the Spell of the Ice Dragon SI-LCC I‘innieston. (ilasgow. (141 24S3l1l1tl. Mon 2 —Sun 8 Jan. two perfs per day. times vary. More saccharine musical entertainment in the new show by the outsize cuddly bears.

I Christmas and New Year Carnival SIiCCIiinnieston.(ilasgow.(14124S 311(k). L'ntilThurs l5Jan. l.3(1pm—l(1.3(1pm. Closed 25 Dec. A big wheel. a 3D cinema and a mini roller-coaster. as well as a host ofstalls are included in the fairground-style Carnival here.

I Christmas Present

Tron Theatre. 63 Trongate. Glasgow. (1-11 552 4267. Until Sun XJan. 7.3(1pm. 27 ck 28 Dec also 3pm. 24 Dec 5pm. No pcr125.26 Dec. 1 ck 2 Jan. £5 non-members;£4 members; concs available check with box office. The Tron's ‘alternativc' Cltristmas Show this year is a review otthe year - see Review.

I Cinderella

Mitchell Theatre. (iranville Street. (ilasgow. Thurs 22 ck Fri 23 Dec. 7.3(1pm. £3 (1.2). An amateur production of the tale ofCinders and her Ifgly' Sisters.

I Frankie MacStein. The Panto

Brunton Theatre. Musselbttrgh. (131 665 224(1. L'titil Sat 7 Jan. 7.3(1pm. matinees 2.3(1pm on 24. 26. 2H. 31 Dec ck 4. 7 Jan. £4 (£3.5(1).Mats ck Mondayevesall seats£3. .\'o perfs 25 Dec ck lJan. A new family Christmas show by David Swan see Review.

I Hell Bent on Christmas

Traverse Theatre. I 12 West Bow. (irassmarket. Edinburgh. (131 226 2633 cc (131 22666361.’riti1 Sun 812m. 14—31Dcc (except Suns. Mons 61; 24 Dec). & 4—81an, 7.3(1pm. Matinees 24. 28 61; 29 Decat 2.3(1pm. £4.50 (£2.50) I’amily ticket £7 (one adult. two children) or £l()(two adults. two children). A somewhat alternative Christmas show. written by the young comic writer John McKay see Review.

I Humpty Dumpty

Adam Smith Centre. Kirkcaldy. (1592 260498. Until Sat 21 Jan. 7pm every evening, «S: 2pm also on 24. 26-31 Dcc;3.