()akfield Avenue. Info from (ilasgow Independent Dance on 334 4836.

Stretch and Get Loose with Jane Simpson (‘lass every Monday beginning OJanuary. 7—S.3()pni. £2.

I SCOTTISH BALLET STUDIO 3M W'est Princes Street. 331 293 1.

Junior Contemporary livery Tuesday. (+77an £1 .50.

Adult Contemporary livery Wednesday. (»‘7pm. £1.51).

Performance Group Every Thursday. (r-7pm. £2 (£1 .511).

Beginners Ballet livery Saturday. 14 years to adtilt. 11.3llam—r 1pm. £2 (£1.50). Beginners Jazz Livery Saturday. 14 years to

adult. 11.3llam— 1pm. £2(£1.5(l). ITHIHD EYE CENTRE 35(1Sattchiehall

Street. 332 7521.

Laurie BOOII‘I Beginning Third (‘entre's 1%“) New .‘sloves' season. Laurie Booth is working at Third Centre for four weeks before presenting his performance ‘1)anse Noir 11‘ during the week beginning 31 January. While he is up in Scotland. (ilasgow Independent Dance hase arranged a series ofSaturday morning classes on 14.21 .28 January and 4 February. ( ‘ontact Shiela Mc(‘ubbin on 334 4836 for times and cost ofihose workshops. Much recommended.


Classes I EPWDRTH HALLS Nicolson Square. Info 22‘) 1(171. Tracy Hawkes lixcellcnt evening classes with the artistic'l‘racy 1Iawkes.directorof SPRING and dancer with Khoros Dance Theatre. Ballet and Jazz. I’hone Tracy at the above number for details of New Year times and cost. I KINGS THEATRE 1.ey en Street. 2294840 ex. 133. Dance with Sheridan Nicol New classes based at the Kings Theatre start the week beginning ‘1 January with Iidinburgh‘s new Dancer-in-Residence. Sheridan Nicol is an extremely vivacious teacher with bags ofenergy and fun. (‘ontact her at the above number for more details of the classes listed below. All classes cost £2. Contemporary Mondays 5.311—7pm. Jazz- Level 1 Tuesdays 5.31) 7pm. Jazz Beginners \Vednesdays S . 311—7pm. General Open 'I‘htirsdays 5.3(1-7pm. Jazz Advanced/Professional Wednesday-s 11am»-1pm. Edinburgh Youth Dance Theatre Wednesdays (wUpm. Sheridan is building up a youth group which will take classand workshops at this time at St. Bride‘s ('entre just off(iorgie Road. ('ontact the phone number aboy e for details. YOUII’i Jazz Fridays 5.15 (v31 1pm. Minimum age 11). Lindsay John Workshops Also at the Kings this month. the start of a special seriesof workshops taken by Lindsay John. performance artist dancer known for his work in experimental and exciting new areas like Butoh. Lindsay invites all those interested in exploring dance to come and try out his class and technique from 14 January and every Saturday until 4 March thereafter. lilam—lpm. £3.50 (£3)eaeh class. liight classes for £24 (£20). With so little dance in Edinburgh at the moment. these workshops make an unusual break from the mould.


I Music is listed as diary: by day. then by city, then by event.



' Glasgow

f I lolanlhe Theatre Royal. Hope Street.

. 331 1234or 33291104). 7. 15pm. lixtra dates: Tue: (2.15pm). Wed28(2.15pm and 7. 15pm). Thurs 29(7. 15pm). Fri3il

g (7. 15pm ). £2.5l)--£12. Scottish ()pera‘s

('hristmas production with Rikki Fulton in

I the role of the Lord (‘hanccllor in (iilbert

ck Sullivan's comic send-upoi‘thelegal



s”.- - k .g

Theatre Royal, Glasgow Scottish Opera must have been aware of the risks involved in casting Rikki Fulton as the Lord Chancellor in their Christmas production oi Gilbert and Sullivan’s lolanthe. It’s a risk which, in terms oi comedy, pays oil very well. Unfortunately, although Fulton succeeds brilliantly in debagging the pomposity oi the British judiciary, in a show oi such high musical calibre his own musical short-comings were all the more embarrassingly evident. This by no means does irreparable damage to an extremely good production. The plot of this light-hearted operetta centres on Strephon, a tairy down to the waist, but whose legs, as a chorus of bespectacled, Sue Pollard-look-alike tairies assure us, are pure mortal. His love ior Phyllis, a ward of chancery, also desired by the venerable Lord Chancellor himselt, gives rise to a number of romantic and political complications.

Merry chaos ensues as the normal boundaries between youth and age, mortal and immortal are broken down. Gilbert, renowned as a misogyhist,

K. F P,


I Glasgow Youth Choir (‘ity l lall. ('andlcriggs. 227 5511. 7.3Ilpm.£2 £25“. More choral music for the festive season. I John Currie Singers Henry wood I la”. (‘Iaremont Street. Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre) or 332 5057 ( RSAMI) ). 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50). ('hristmas music concert with Edith MacArthur reading the

' (.‘hristmas Story in Scots and Robert Dean

as conductor. Mulled wine and mince pics in the interval.



I lolanthe Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 331 1234or 332 Olltlil. 2.15pm. lixtra


can’t resist making iun oi the advances made by the stout and matronly Queen of the Fairies, (a very impressive Anne Collins) to young Private Willis, the epitome oi vigourous British manhood. lolanthe is clearly Scottish Opera’s attempt to capture those people who are more traditionally panto-goers during the testive season, and yet the elements at pantomime merge rather uneasily with operetta. Whenever Fulton abandoned the world of Gilbert and Sullivan to deliver a string of comic asides oi the kind he’s perfected during his many years in pantomime, he seemed uneasily out on a limb from the rest oi the cast. Hugh Hetherington and Alan Oke as the Earls oi Tolloller and Mountararat giggled nervously, as it Fulton's well-aimed jibes at the SNP had ilummoxed them completely. Nonetheless, what the show lacks in cohesiveness it more than makes up tor in entertainment value. Saturday night’s audience were clearly prepared to excuse the ilat singing of a chancellor as drolly funny as Rikki Fulton. (Helen Davidson) lolanihe is at the Theatre Royal till 30 Dec. See Friday 23 Dec ior details.

dates: Wed 28 (2. 15pm and 7.15pm). Thurs 2‘) (7. 15pm). Fri 3(1(7. 15pm). £2.5l)-£12. See Fri 23 for fulldescription.

WEDNESDAY 28 Glasgow

I lolanthe Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 33] 1334 or 332 Willi). 2. 15pm and7. 15pm. Iixtra dates: Thurs 2i) (7. 15pm). Fri 31)

(7. 15pm ). £2.5()--£12. See Fri 23 for full description.



I lolanthe Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 331 1234 or 332 Olllltl. 7. 15pm. Iixtra dates: Fri 30 (7. 15pm). £2.5(L1£12. See Fri 23 for fttll description.

FRIDAY 30 Glasgow

I lolanthe Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 331 1234 or 332 ‘lilllll. 7.15pm. £2.5ll—£12. See Fri 23 for lull description.

MONDAY 2 Edinburgh

I Edinburgh Royal Choral Union L'sher Hall. Lothian Road. 228 1 155. Noon. £3.50 £7.Ilil(£2.5ll). Surely more than an annual tradition now. the F.R(‘II quite incredibly present their 1(l2nd consecutive annual performance of 1Iandel‘s.llessiuh. Soloists are Lorna Anderson. Elizabeth Harley . Stephen Richardson and Paul Nilon. the orchestra is (‘antorum Amici and conductor is Simon Halsey.

WEDNESDAY 4 Edinburgh

I National Youth Orchestra otScotland L'slier l 1all. Lothian Road. 228 1 I55. 7.3llpm. lixtra date: Thurs 5. (ilasgow. £3 £6. Following theirannual NewYear course. Scotland‘s most talented young musicians play Rossini's ()verture to .SY’IIIIHINIIYIU. Bruch’s Violin Concerto. with (ilasgow born soloist Lorrain McAslan. and Mahler's Symphony .\'o 1. ('onductor is Diego Masson.

THURSDAY 5 Glasgow

I National Youth Orchestra at Scotland City Hall. (‘andleriggs. 227 551 I. 7.30pm. £3—<£5. See Wed 4. Edinburgh. forfull description.

FRIDAY 6 Edinburgh

I 3N0 I'sher 1 fall. Lothian Road. 228 1155 or ()(38 2111‘) (Queen‘s Hall). 7.3(lpm. Iixtra date: Sat 7. Glasgow. £2.7()—£I I .50. The SNO's first concert of 1989 features Iidith Volckacrt as soloist in the Sibelius Violin ('oncerto. Also on the programme is Ronnie/(ion by the Swedish composer l.idliolm and Schumann's Symphony No

1. SATURDAY 7 Glasgow

I SNO('ity Hall.('andleriggs.2275511. 7.3(lpm. £2.51) £11.5()(standby£2.5()). See Fri (i. Fdinburgh. for fulldescription.

SUNDAY 8 Edinburgh

I Butler University Chorale Duddingston Kirk. l)uddingston. Free at door. 3.30pm. Touring group from USA give an afternoon concert including works by Mendelssohn.J.S. Bach. Rachmaninov and Copland.

3D The List 23 Dec IQSS —- 12 Jan 198‘)