I—Street. uti(‘l}de Street. H.30pm. Honest Sam And The Dealers

I Scotia Folk Night Sentia Bar. Stueku eII Street. 552 ShSI.

I Folk Session l Ialt Bar. \Vtmdlzrnth Road. 333 I31“. szening. Instrumental rnuxie tit] lltItIIe. aeent'tlinn ele.



I Alchemy Bannermanx Bar. (‘mx gate. 55(1325-1. I-.\eriing. Next I-‘nik unxynth. Iitltlle. flute and \ueals.

I North Sea Gas I’Iatlnrrn I. Rutland Street. I:\enrng. Resident puh tnlkhand.

THURSDAY 29 Glasgow

I Riverside Blues Rn erxrde ( ‘Iuh. I’m Street. nit ( Ix de Street. «\Nipm. Henry Brothers. Nighthawks and the King Bees.

three hands.


ICritterHill Varmints Venue-.(‘alinn Ruad. Iliprn. IIuedtmn mots.

IGreen Tree('m\gate. I:\ening. I‘ulk

\eene \exsiun. I.ale liar.

I Colin Ramage/Robin Laing tithigti I‘.\\;tit. Iannmarkel. Iiwning.

I Jim Knight Seuteh .-\ntI R} e. 5II( ienrge I\' Bridge. :25 1M]. szening.



I Rowantree Folk Club Ruuaniree Inn. By I'ddingstun (rim. t'ddrngxtun. S..‘~Iiprn. L'I. Intnrmal\ewun.

I second Fiddle Setiit\ ( Itil'ilei'. I)erh_\ Street. 334 451)]. I~.\erung.

I Ceilidh RI\L‘I'SI(IL‘. I'Ux Street. tilt ('I_\tle Street. 34354-14. lilpm. L“.


I Simpson Perrie/Brian Mulligan Slime Iiar'. I he Shore. I.eith. I-.\ening. Violin and gurtar. eahar‘et.

I Junction 8ar We“ I’r'extnn Street. 9pm. I.i\ e musre.

I North Sea Gas I’Iattnrrn I. Rutland Street. I'.\enrng. Resident puh irilk hand.


I FOlk Band Blaekir tars. Bell Street. Merchant (’it} . 553 5034. Afternoon. Instrumental \exxitm.

I Kells Sentt's ( ~urner. Derby Street. 35-1 “W. Ixxening. IIngrrtart;i_\ hnnlre.

I Ceilidh Ri\et'\itle. I‘ux Street. tilt-(IHIe Street. 24531-14. Ilipm 2am. Snldthrtl.


I Avalon I’rexen atinn Ilall. \‘ietnria

Street. I)ti(it\ elme Ilipin. £2. 'I ieketx

9 unh . Sentland'x real lnlk rnek hand. Big mund.

I North Sea Gas ( 'altnn Studim. ('altun Road. 9.30pm. (‘eilidh tor I Ingmana}.

IWest End Hotel I’almerstun I’Iaee.

E Meeting plaee til dernhurgh(iaelx. I.i\ e

i muxieineludingtiddleuraeenrdinn.


I I Denny Swanson Senteh .-\nd Rte. 51) (ieurge I\' Bridge. 225 MS]. Iiwning.

‘l MONDAY 2 ; Glasgow

I I Victoria Bar Bridge-gate. 552 tilt-iii. 9pm. ,\'e\\ Yearxexxinn.

5 Edinburgh

3 I Miro 'l‘he (ireen 'I‘r‘ee. (km gate.

szening. Bar trlI Iarn. IUSU'snpening


IFiddlersArms(iraxxmarket. Iiwning. Sentiixh musre. Bar eluxes at I Ipm.

TUESDAY 3 ; Glasgow

I I Rab Noakes/SileaS/Scotia Riverside. Fox I


Ceilidh out the old year and into the new, at Edinburgh folk/rocking Avalon’s Preservation Hall gig, and in Glasgow at the Riverside’s Hogmanay special. 80th riotous events are ticket only, and I believe the Riverside have just about sold out. But it you stay at

home, ITV are putting out hours oi tasty

music, their programming catching up with the real musical value in traditional music, aiteryears oi the hooch and haggis iare usually doled out round midnight on the 3131.

There's a bit oi a niggle going on between C4 and SW, as they are both broadcasting Shetland’s Aly Bain at the same time. STV’s show has Aly with the Boys Di The Lough and the Proclaimers, running up to the bells, and Aly again, with Run Rig, Capercaillie, Robbie Coltrane, Stramash and Mairi Mclnnes on into the wee small hours at 1989. Channel 4 has a brilliant hour long iilm oi Aly in Louisiana. In Aly Bain Meets The Cajuns, irom 11.30pm, the virtuoso iiddler meets, talks, eats and playsthe music oi the distinctive French/American culture in company with the legendary Queen Ida, Dewey Balla, D.L. Menard, Marc and Anne Savoy, Mike Doucet, Boozo Chavis and much vaunted electric band, Wayne Troups. Glasgow's Pelicula Films made it over the Autumn, and a superb album oithe music is released on Lismor Records.

It's been two decades since an astonishing young Glasgow guitarist changed his name to John Martyn, made an acoustic album, and set oii round the folk clubs. He has since deiined a unique, stylised drawling vocal style, iurther evolved his guitar technique, uses pedals and electric instruments, usuallytours with a sophisticated rock band, and has written songs that have articulated an era, gaining him a worldwide loyal audience. Living now in the Borders, he comes up to Edinburgh‘s intimate Music Box ior an eagerly awaited pre-Christmas gig on the 23rd.

An East Coast contemporary oi Martyn is Rab Noakes. His voice has a tremendous aiiecting quality, he plays iine, clear guitar, and his songs are

Street. 011 (‘Iyde Street. 348 .iIJ-i. Spm. Late Bar. 15.5”. I'it'xt \htm til the Ne“ Year has the unique mree nl sung“ r'iter and guitarist \uakex \\ tilt the harpdun Sileax and the sung and instrumental \eteranx Sentia.


I Barrie Band Bannermans Bar. ( ‘mx gate. 5563254. Iixening. 'I'he Barrie Band. I‘iddle. t‘lute. mandueellu and \‘tietlls. Mainly Irish.

I Chris Thompson St James ( )yster Bar. (‘altun Road. uppusite St James ( ‘entre. Iivening. Rnekahilly blues.

I Miro Iinsign [in art. Lannmarket. input theIligh Street. Iixening. Aeuuxtieeeltie musie.


I Scotia Folk Night Sentia Bar. Stuck“ ell Street. 55.‘ 3681. I Folk Session IIaIt Bar. Woodlandx

Rab Noakes who appears in Giasgow'siirst ioik concerts oi the New Year on 3Jan.

personal and universal as the best oi 7Ds‘ singer/songwriting. He plays the second at the Glasgow Riverside‘s two holiday concerts on the 3rd, in company with the ileet iingerwork oi the two women harpers in Sileas. Mary MacMaster and Patsy Seddon are back over in Glasgow with their clarsachs and repertoire oi songs in Scots and Gaelic, to launch the Black Bull Folk Club's New Year season on the 8th.

A third 80's veteran, and billed ior the last night oi Edinburgh's Glenelg, Archie Fisher had to bow out, his place being taken by the Donkey's Blues Band. Archie will, however, be the Edinburgh Folk Club’s iirst 1989 guest on the 11th. Dne oi the most compelling, yet delicate singers and guitarists, he has a lot to teach the younger generation on how to let a song breathe, and to leaven proceedings with genuine good humour.

lntimations oi the death at the Glenelg have turned out to be a bit early. Two keen musicians have stepped iorward to take over the organisation, their avowed intention to keep a similar mix at music, oi a high standard, and pay more to the artists by instituting an admission charge at son. The iirst night 01 the New Glenelg will be on Sunday the 15th, and groups or singers, comedians and periormers should contactJim and Anne Marie, 0313431467.

Rnad. 332 III”. Iivetting. Instrumental rnusie (in liddIe. aeenrdinn ete.


I Edinburgh FOIk Club ( ‘Itixetl tnr hnlitla} \. I Alchemy Bannerrnans Iiar. ( ‘im gate. 55(13354. I'.\'e'riir1g.\e~\\ I-'i)Ikr)rt\}ritI1. liddle. Ilute and \uealx.

I North Sea Gas I’lattnrm I. Rutland Street. herring. Rextttent puh lnlkhand.

THURSDAY 5 Glasgow IStarClub(‘lmed.


I Colin Ramage/Robin Laing Iinsign

[in art. I.a\\ nmarket. Iix ening.

I Jim Knight Seuteh :‘xtttl R}e. 5ll( ienrge I\' Bridge. 22.5 IhSI. Iiyening.

FRIDAY 6 Glasgow

I Rowantree Folk Club erantree Inn. By

I I i‘ I

‘I I I.~I5pni. LI. Residentsand\ixitnrs.

I C8Ilidh Rn erside. l'0\ Street. tilt (‘Iyde Street. 348 FIJI Ilipni. £3. (’Iulehuilt ('eIIIdh Band.


I North Sea Gas I’latlurm I.Rutland Street. [wetting ReSItlelit puh tnlkhand. I Junction Bar \Ve\l I’rextnn Street. 0pm. I r\ e iiillSle.

I Simpson Perrie/Brian Mulligan Shin-e liar . Ilie Shnr'e. I eith. I-.\ ening. Violin and guitar . tulk eaharet

I Muckle Ado Seuteh .-\nd Rte. 5ii( ieurge I\' Bridge. :25 IhSl. Itxening.

SATURDAY 7 Glasgow

I KEIIS SCUIES ( ‘nr‘net . Derby Street. 33-1 48”]. I-\ening. Saturda} residene}.

It Iin Senhwngalnng hand. I’npular.

I CBIlldh RnetNltIe. I‘H\ Street . tilt (‘hde Street. 11S Slit lllpni. L3.


I West End Hotel l’ahnerstnn I’Iaee. 9pm. I'drnhur gh'\ I Irghland haunt. .-\eenrdiun

SUNDAY 8 Glasgow

I Sileas Iilaek IIuII l'tillx Huh. IiIaek Bull I Intel. \Irlngax ie. .\ .‘liprn. (iaeIieand Semis \nng. 1mintmmnmenupmneritsni the elarxaeh. m Seutlixh Ilarp. Not all muted iii the past though. they pla} in a \er_\ model it “at

I Zut! La Chute \Vrnter'xngh. ( ireat

\\'e\ter n Ruad. I'.\elilllg Old time}. ;\mer'rean and ealun


I Seannachie ( iteelt ‘l lee-tun gate. I~\enrng Seuttrxh wrigsarrd/rppy iiiSIllllltelttJlS lrnm resident hand.

I Jim Knight/Colin Ramage/Robin Laing Iznxrgn I'\\;rli. Iaunmarket. szening.

'I hreexrnger _L'lllt;ll'l\t\.

I North 388 Gas Rutland I Intel. Rutland Stzeet. 'fl‘).‘~|l~13.‘)pm.Singalnng.



I Victoria Bar Iir'ldgegate. 552 nuJu. 0pm.

Regular \exxiun.


I Miro I he ( it'eell '1 Ne. ( Arm gate. Ixxening. Bar tiII Iain. Instrumental iunin the liar.

I Fiddlers Arms ( ii';l\\iil;ll'l\el. szening. Senttixh lllti\le\e\\ltili. Iiarelmesat I Iprn.

TUESDAY 10 Glasgow

IPaisieyArts Folk I);tl\le) .-\rt\('entre. Ne“ Street. 5'3" Illlll. Spill.


I Black Eyed Biddy I’enreuik I‘ulk Club. .\'a\ aar Ilntel. I’enreuik, 8.30pm. ('heertul tr'rn.

I Barrie Band lianner‘rnanx liar.(‘tm gate. 55(1335—1,I',\etiitig.I'IrIdIe.IIute. mandneellnand \nealx. Mainh Irish.

I Chris Thompson Si .ltimex ( )} \ter Bar. (‘altnn Road. uppmrte St James ( 'entre. I:\enrng. Rnekahilh hlues. wmettmexa tiruxx \eeittin.

I Miro Iznsign I2“ art. La“ nrnarket. input the I Iigh Street I'.\'eiillig. .-\enu\tieeeltie muxie.

I Blue Blazer Iiread Street. In ening. Singerguitar'ists ineluding Alan .Iuhnstune.

WEDNESDAY 11 Glasgow

I Scotia Folk Night Sentia Bar. Stuekwell

32'I‘he List 23 Dee 1988— lZJan 198‘)