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Wm: lrmous KISSES

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! 1. Beauty and the Beast: 8. ‘Kiss Me Hardy‘: the next g Marilyn Monroe kisses Tom most famous kiss in history. 3 Ewell in 'The Seven Year 9. Charles and Dionlhe

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5 2. Denis gives Maggie a peeping-Tom inclinations

smacker. while she tries to gel them to snog in hard not to recoil. public.

3. Marlon Brando opens his 10. The Pope pecksthe gub to Salvation Army angel sifted soil at Edinburgh Jean Simmonsin ‘Guys and Airport. No wormsthere Dolls‘. sadly.

i 4. Yoko and John share an 11. Nancy avoids Ronnie's Eskimo kiss because her nose and still managesto skin‘s sensitive to stubble. plant one on his mouth. 0f 5. SirLarry and Vivien course. he's had good Leigh enjoy some epic trainingin on-camera passion as Antony and kisses which show up his Cleopatra. manly profile.

6. Elvis and Priscilla have a 12. Rodin‘s sculpture wedding kiss (she‘s the one leaves the couple locked in inthe bowtie). eternal embrace. They can‘t

l 7. Judas sells J.C. down the _ come up for air. butthen.

river. Moral: have a care glued at the mouth. neither

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