SUNDAY 8 Glasgow

I Go Go Street The Buck. St Vincent Street. All we really know about this group is that they played the (ireenhelt Festival with Runrig and The Proclaimers alheit much further down the hill.


I Bluefinger Music Box. Victoria Street. 221117118.“ alter 9pm. See Sat 24.

I The Charge Preseryation Hall. Victoria Street. 2263816. £1 after‘)pm.

I Live band Negociants. l.othian Street.

225 6313. 9pm. Free.

MONDAY 9 Edinburgh

I The Favourites I’rcseryation l Iall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. ‘).3Ilpm. Free. I The Majority Music Box. Victoria Street 220 I708. ‘).3(lpm. Free.

I Johnny Sunbeam Negociants. l.othian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free.

TUESDAY 10 Edinburgh

I Boxing Clever Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 17118. 9.30pm. Free. 'I‘hcir seyerely commercial material has itlsl resulted in a signing with RCA. See them

I Charlie and Her Sheepdogs Prescn ation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. ‘).3Ilpm. Free.

I The Tex Fillet Five .\'egociants. l.othian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free.

I Beans and Cornbread ( )LILIICIIU“ s. Forrest Road. 2211 1816. 8.30pm. Free. Folk}.

WEDNESDAY 11 Glasgow

I Hearts and Minds Fixx. so Miller Street. 248 285‘). ltlpm. Free. 'I‘heir appearance at the ‘('ain for Kids' henelit showed the changes that Hearts and Minds haye gone through. Dayey Scott is now out front will his guitar. two keyhoard players take his place. and the music is by all accounts pretty special. (‘ould he worth bray ing the chill night air for.


I The Sheepdogs Music Box. Victoria Street. 2211 17118. ‘).3Ilpm. Free. l’ossihly some relation to the Sheepdogs w ho played at the I’res last night'.’

I Live band Negociants. l.othian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free.



I The Darling Buds. Golden Dawn and The Orchids Rooftops. ()2 Sauchiehall Street. 332 5883. 111.3Ilpm. ('BS‘s hright hopes are supported by two groups whose names rank alongside the headliner for tweeness. What would \Vill Shakespeare hay e thought? The DBs also play [Edinburgh's Venue on Saturday 14.

I The McCluskey Brothers Suh (Ian. 23 Jamaica Street. 248 4600. lllpm. See Sat 24.

I Angel Heart Bad Ass (tub. (‘lyde Place. 42‘) 4422. Debut gig for this new hand.


I Ruth Ellis ()ddfellow s. Forrest Road. 22(11816.8.3(lpm. Free.

I The Brothers I’reseryation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. l).3(lpm. Free. Residency.

I The Dan Blocker Experience (TBC) Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free. See Thurs 2*).

I Live band Lord Darnley. \Vcsi I’ort . 22‘) 4341. lllpm. Free.

I Live band Mtisic Box. Victoria Street. 221) 17118. 9.3(lpm. Free.

I RECORD DEALS and bad throats abound! The River Detectives, who had to pull out of a recent Cash For Kids gig because their singer had ravaged his voice on a no-stones-unturned tour of Shetland and a support slot with Runrig, can at least take solace in their newly-signed contract with WEA. A flu bug has also afflicted the once-golden tonsils of Hue and Cry's Pat Kane who, delirious with fever, has been insisting on covering Kate Bush’s ‘The Man With The Child In His Eyes’ before shocked onlookers. We tried to tell him - ‘Them Heavy People’ could have been written just for him - but would he listen? Would he hell.

I MORE SIGNINGS! Glasgow’s Trashcan Sinatras have entered into a relationship with Go!Discs, who have a few less bags of money than WEA but they can boast a certain Big~nosed Bard of Barking, and not everyone can say that. Certainly not after a few triples. Anyway, it couldn’t have swayed Go!Discs decision that the Sinatras’ singer is none otherthan Eddi Reader of Fairground Attraction's brother now, could it? Thought not.

I HORSE’S FIRST single for Capitol Records is scheduled for release in early January. Sadly, ‘You Could Be Forgiven’, produced by Pete Smith, comes out just a little too late for Horse to realise her ambition oi scoring a Number One hit before she crosses the threshold into herthirties. Ah, well, that's showbiz. Patience wins out every time.

I BANDS LOOKING for an extra

.. k s THE WINNERS Yes, we know that the week between Christmas and Hogmanay should be spent recovering from one and conserving strength for the other, but we’d like to point out a gig taking place In Glasgow on Wednesday 28 which Is very dear to our hearts. That’s because the three prize winners in The List/McEwans Lager/Radio Clyde 1988 Rock Competition are sharing the stage

of Fury Murry's In a prestigious triple-headed live showcase.

something to add to their live performances might like to peruse what Jayne Barratt has to offer. A former design student at Harrow Weald and Barnet Colleges, as well as Edinburgh College of Art (and possessing some experience behind a microphone herself), Jayne is now In the business of designing backdrops

: and stage clothing for bands and

amateurtheatre companies. Her services have already been taken up by some smaller Edinburgh bands like Crocodiles In Cream and Beyond The Bleu (both oi which we should be hearing more 01 soon), and Boxing Clever, just signed to RCA, have taken the plunge by commissioning a backdrop and stagewear. Any interested parties should contact Jayne on 031-229 9032.

Glasgow’s Hummingbirds, The Beautiful Suit (pictured) and The Steel Chain (the last two from the Edinburgh area) were placed first, second and third by our panel, In a display of unanimity that astonished those judges who had glrded their loIns for a fight to defend their favourite demo tapes to the death. All in all, we had 57 entrants, and those who Included SAEs should have had their tapes returned by now, Christmas post permitting. Shake off those post-turkey blues with a trip to Fury Murry’s on Wednesday 28.


I Brendan Croker and Guy Fletcher: On the Big Hill (Silvertone). Leeds’ answer to Ry Cooder, as he’s become widely known, teams up with Dire Straits’ keyboard player on this, the soundtrack for a new Granada series about the ascent of Everest. No Tibetan noseilutes here, though, but themes rooted in American folk music, which may seem incongruous but makes fora consistently enjoyable record. Croker's electric and acoustic slide-playing, In particular, conjures up a range of atmospheric effects. I await the TV series impatiently. (Mab)

I Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares: A Cathedral Concert (Jaro Fuego). The sublime beauty of Bulgarian folk singing has been one of the most stunning discoveries in the current wave of popular interest in ‘World’ music, and without doubt the one that will reverberate the longest among listeners and composers alike. Who could imagine that the violation of accepted Western rules of music could produce the most arresting vocal harmonies on the planet? If anything, ‘A Cathedral Concert’, recorded in Bremen during one of the choir’s first trips to the West, plays it safe - 4AD's essential ‘Bulgares Vol. 1’ holds more surprises— but anyone building up a collection will treasure this release as a worthwhile supplement. (Mab)


I Mac Thornhill: Who’s Gonna Ease the Pressure?/lnner City: Good Life/Blow (featuring Belva): Change (all 10 Records). 1 don’t particularly care for Blow’s effort, easily the weakest groove of the trio. Thornhill’s ’Pressure’ starts off with a revving engine, and the taut pulse of the rhythm track provides the ideal platform for his anger. Why have 10 taken so long to release this? Inner City's is the best, the strangely disembodied keys and vocals shimmering in on a cushion of echo and leaving dreamlike after-images that recall some great late Seventies dance tracks that forthe moment defy identification. A few more records like this, and Neneh Cherry’s, and I’ll start going to clubs again. (Mab)

I Earl Thomas Conley: Carol (RCA). A man who can achieve 17 Number Ones on the US country charts is, I would guardedly suggest, a man to be reckoned with. ‘Carol', while being a bit of a button-pushing weepie, at least implies he has bettertucked away. I can hear Don McLean already working out the chords of this one for another pop comeback. (Mab)

I Sandie Shaw: Nothing Less Than Brilliant (Rough Trade). Farand away the best track on Shaw’s new album, and deserving of a respectable place In the charts. By contrast, the B-side ‘I Love Peace’ shows her at her worst; mawkish and lyrically Inept, for all its sentiments, it should be lifted by Nlrex and quietly buried. (Mab)


44 The List 23 Dec 1988 12 Jan 1989