I Kids aim: to provide into about event: In and around Edinburgh and Glacgowlor children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days balora publlcatton.


Activities and Fun I COLLINS GALLERY 1 my et'sily ut

Strathelyde. Richmond Street. 552 NH” ext 2034 4145

Workshops lor Children 'l'hesc ate now suspended tor tlte ( 'hristttias holidays. but will begin again at the eitd ol .lanuaiy.

I HAGGS CASTLE lllll St Andrew s I )t i\ c. 42" 2725

Christmas Activities

There are still places lelt lor some ol Hi“131‘(‘astle's(‘hristmas:\cti\ities programme which runs daily lront Sat24 DecembertoTJanuary le\cltidiiigSundays. l)ec25 a .Ian 1). ( )nly those acliy itteslot which there were still places ayatlahleat the tiiite ol gotiig to press are listed. Booking ahead is essential. ()nly otte actiyity pet child. Minimum age J yeats. Recommended age in biackcts,

Sat 24 December lll.15am(‘hrtstmasLaids (5 b') ck Mince I’lc‘Slh (ll.

Tue 27 Dec lll. l5ani Victorian lantcrtainmcntsll» ‘ll12.l5pni Buttermakingl-l “)

Wed 28 Dec lll. 15am Dressing l ‘le‘ l2) Thurs 29 Dec 2. l5pm ( iingcrhi'cad l h 0) Fri 30 Dec lll. lFam ( iloye l’uppctslo 0); 2.15pm Victorian l-ntcrtainincnts(o ‘ll. Sat31 Dec Ill,15am New Year (Xii’ds

(5 S); l logmanay Shortbread to luck ScasnttaISlol'icsl-I 2)

ThursSJan lll. 15am Dressing I pl" l2lt\ Buttermakingt—l "l

Fri 6Jan 1”. 15am \‘ictorian liiitcrtainnientslb 9): l’retty l’incushions (8—12)

SatTJan10.15amliaek-tuSeltqu Bookmarkslb 9); 2. 15pm Story time DrawingH '7)

I SCOTTISH BALLET 201 West Princes Street . 33] 2”.“ I

Junior Contemporary Classes Start again IllL‘ lll. liyery 'l tiesday h "pm. 9;] ill. ()pen to aiiyoite. any standard. aged l2 aitd oycr.

I SECC I'iltnicston Road. (HI 2483mm. Christmas and New Year Carnival .\ tutttait. with all the tistial show s and rides. w ith the

added attraction ol a 3-D ( ~incina. The Big

Dipper should proy e especially popular. Daily (except (‘hristmas Day ) until .lan l5. l.3ll lll.3llpm.

Robert Brothers‘ Circus All the tistial circus acts. both human and animal. l'ntil Sat 14 (not Suns). Mon »l-‘ri 2.3llpni ck “.3llpm. Sat ck .\lon2(t.'l‘ue22. .\1on2 is Ith .3 2.3llpm. 5pm ck ".3llpm. Sitigle tickets

£4 {(t(£2.5ll-£4 children l'lHll ( )Al’l. boxes. for larger parties. are L4H.

Exhibitions I HAGGS CASTLE MUSEUM lllllSt

Andrews Driy c. I’olltikShieItls. 42“ 2725 The Desperate Journey I'..\lendetl until March. IVS”. Based on tliechildren's book by Kathleen l'idlct this is a bleak adyenturc story . htit with a ltappy endtttg. ll tells the tale ol a latitin ol croltcrslrom Sutherland who are ex ictcd lrom their

home dtitiitg the lligltlandClearances. They go lit'st to ( ilasgow . and then make the 'LIL'SPL'l'alL' littll itey ' across the Atlantic to(‘anada.


I GROSVENOR CINEMA .-\shton lane. llillhcad. 33‘) «12%. Saturday attcrnoon lilttts lot‘ children w ill tc-slai I ll] mid-.lantiaty next yeai

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. l’atsley . (Li 1 SS" llllll, .-\dti|ts t l . kids Slip. Flash Gordon l l’( i l ’1 tie 2". 2.3llpnt. Superman II t l’( i ) \Vcd 2S. 2.3llpm. GremlinSt l5 l ’l'littts 2‘). 2.3llpm. Superman III ( H il in 3n. 2.3llpm. Superman IVlI’(ilSal .‘~l. lll.3llpm.

The Boy Who NeverWaStl'ixlunl. 2.3llpin.

The Night They Saved Christmas t l ' l Tue 3. 2.3llpni.

Little Lord Fauntleroy l l ) well .1. 3.3npm. The Glitterball l t ' l sat “. lll..‘stlam.


I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. l’aisley . “4 1 SS" llllll. Adults £1 . kids Slip. Uncle Jimmy's Magic Show Sat 7. l.3llpm. l'iiclcliiiinty impt'csscsthe children with some ot his hteathtaking sleight ol hand. See sepaiatc section lot a ltill list ol


It your tamin is looking tor a lestive entertainment at truly epic proportions then this ‘star-studded extravaganza Dl ice‘ may whet their appetites. This year‘s blockbuster is a gala tribute in honourot the immortal Donald Duck, celebrating titty years at comic genius on the silver screen and will be attended by the great Duck in person along with many of his pals, including the equally inimitable Mickey Mouse.

From his humble beginnings in a Disney teature ‘The Wise Little Hen', Donald has climbed the pinnacle at Hollywood tame. Every day across the globe, he swaggers and squawks in no less than 21 dilterent languages on the screens of 76 countries, has his comic strip adventures lollowed in 100 newspapers and in the books of 47 dilterent nations. Donald may be only a duck, but he sure means business and so when he says ‘Almost everything I do right goes wrong’ we just take it as part at his natural sell-ettacing charm. And it that wasn’t enough, he is also the only Duck to be made an honorary member at the US Navy, the US Army and the Marines, as well as being nominated tor President at that illustrious nation.

So you can be sure that all the stops will be out torthis celebration and

Glasgow and Edinburgh pantomintes and (‘hristmas shows.

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I COASTERS 3 \Vesl 'l‘ollcross'. 228 3252. Disco liy'ery' Saturday b.3ll- lllpm. £1.50. l'nder lb‘s alcohol-free disco. ('hristmas and New Year parties Sat 24 and 3 l . then it continues as normal.

I EDINBURGH ZOO ('orstorphine Road. 33-101“. ()pcn cyery day of theyear.

I GORGIE CITY FARM 5| (iorgic Road. 337 4202. Open cyery day of the year.

9am 4pm (plus eyetiing sessions). l-"ree. lidinhttrgh's mid-city farm. in which all kitids ol liy estock and organic produce thriy e. in spite of the traffic grinding past outside.

Young City Farmers Group lay cry Saturday. lllant~lpnt. For 7 13 year olds. 75p membership. pltis 15p per session. A liy'ely weekly grottp iii which ehildrenean learn about farm lil’e aiid how to look alter the animals.

I LAURISTON CASTLE ( ‘l'atttottd Road South. 336 2lltill

l.atiriston ('astle's programme ol ('hristmas actiy itics for children is completely soldout.

I NATIONAL GALLERY 'l‘he Mound. Sin 8021. Mon- Sat lllam 5pm. Sttn2 5pm. I'TL‘L‘.

Star Trek ( ‘ontinues (‘hristmas week. A star-led guide around the gallery 's ('ltristmas pictures for S -l2 ycarolds. There are free actiy ity packs with instructionsol what to look otit tor. questions to answer arid draw ings to complete an ailahle at the desk. The (iallcry is closed on 24.25.26 ck 3] Dec. andoti l & 2.latt.

I NAUTILUS FLUME COMPLEX Royal (’ommonwcalth l’ool. Dalkeith Road. 007 7211. Mon l-‘ri 2.3llpnt-—Spm. Sat & Stiit lllam 4pm. ('loscd ( 'ltristmas Day and Boxing Day . and from New Year's Day until .lan 2‘) for maintainance. though there is a chance that the lltimes w ill be open again before that tlutekLI‘ickets Ll tor

producer Kenneth Feld promises a huge stellar line-up ol show-biz stars and your lave cartoon heartthrobs. And they‘ll all be on ice skates too. For those without transport or with large numbers, special bus services will be laid on torthe trip to Edinburgh Exhibition and Trade Centre at lngliston from St Andrew Square Bus Station. (Simon Bayly)

S rides; £2 for It). Europe's largest flume complex. all-action aquatic adventure in which the rider has to negotiate river rapids. the Twister. the Black vortex and Stingray. It's itot quite life on the high seas. btit as tiear as you're likely to get in lidinhttrgli. I ROYAL BRITISH HOTEL 2(l Princes Street Children‘s Christmas Creche until 24 December. lllam—Spm. Don't worry‘if yoti can't get a baby sitter for a couple of hours when yott want to do a spot oflast minute ('ltristmas shoppittg without the kids. Drop them off at this creche. iii pl‘L‘\‘lUll\ years. by lidinburgh District (‘otincil's Women's ('ommittce. lt‘sopen toatiy child betweett 2 aitd ll) years.and children can be left for a maximum of2 hours at a flat rate charge of 50p. I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hamhers Street. Christmas Art and Poetry Competitions ('hristinas week. The art competition inyoly‘es drawing or paitttiitg a picture of anything in the museum. and for the poetry competition all you have to dois write a poem on the theme ofSpectacles. Tue 27 Hi 30. 10am—5pm. I THINS BOOKSHOP 53-59 South Bridge. 550ml: Saturday Club liy'ery Saturday. lll..‘~lL ll.3llattt. l-‘ree. ()pen to any'child (age range approx 2 13 years). ()n ('hristmas liy-e there w ill be a (‘hristmas party . htit l'rom Sat 31 the cltihcontinues alter that w ith story -telling fory‘ounger children as w ell as acliy'ilies and competitions with prizes. Special seasonal actiyities front little to time. I 369 GALLERY 233 ('ow gate. 225 3013 369 Art Club This art class for (i—12year olds will rttn eyery' Saturday from lb January to 25 March next year. Atthc tinte of goiitg to press there were stilla yery few places left forthc afternoon sessions ( 23” 4pm ). To book a place write to Sandra Duncan at theaboy'c address giving name and address and fee (L2H). or call into the Gallery between Monday l-"riday. lll.3llant—5.30pm and hook iit person. Telephone bookings can no longer be accepted. Film I CAMEO 38 l lottte Street. 'l'ollcross. 228 41-11. ('ltristmas Season ol('ltildren‘s Matinees; children Ll .25. adtilts £2. all films start at 3pm. Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh and Tiggertoo (1') Disney classics. Fri 23. A Christmas Story t l ' ) Special free screening tor (‘hristmas liy‘e; pick tickets tip in ady aitcc or turn tip oil the day'hay'ing phoned to see w hether there are any tickets lelt. Sill 24. Charlotte's Webb ( l ' ) ( 'artoon about a pig attd a spider. 'l'ue 27. Raiders otthe Lost Ark t l’( i ) Brilliant ady etittire yarn with l larrison Ford. Wed 28. The Princess Bride t l 't l-ixeellent.and hugely funny . adyenture with plenty'of adult-appeal too. Than 2‘). The Care Bears ( l ' ) (‘at-tuun. Fri 30. Explorers ( l’('t) Ads enlttre film. Mon 2. Asterix in Britain Most recent of the very lunny comedy cartootis. THC 3.

I FILMHOUSE l.othian Road. 228 2688

('hildi en's Saturday matinees; All seats

{l . bookable. l-‘ilms start at 2pm.

' The Princess Bride ( t ' ) Sat 7. Wonderfully lunny heroic adycnttirc yarn from Rob

Reine r.

2 Theatre


I EDINBURGH EXHIBITION AND TRADE CENTRE lngliston. (‘redit card bookings 03] 55'? (it)(t‘)('l‘()("l‘A).

Walt Disney's World On Ice Sec panel. Tue lit-Sat 22 (not Mons. ) 7.30pm. 4pm mats on l2. l3 ck lSJan. Sat tnats l2pm& 3.3llpm. Stiti mats l.3llpm & 5pm.

See separate section for full list of lzdinburgh aitd (ilagow pantomimcs and ('hristmas shows.