I Art is listed by city lirst then by venue.

running in alphabetical order. Please send details to Alice Bain not later than todays betore publication date.


I ANNAN GALLERY l3“ West ( 'amphell Sire-er. 331 Fox" S‘. .\lon l-ri‘)am 5pm; S;it‘)..‘~llaiii l3..‘l|pm_

(ieiieral e\hihitioii ot regular artists.

I ART GALLERY & MUSEUM. KELVINGROVE 35".“)3‘). .\Ion Sat lilam 5pm;Sun

3 5pm. ('losed 35. 3h I he 1.3 .lan.(‘ale. |I)| Voluntary guides are ay ailahle lree ol charge to conduct parties or indiy iduals round the main galleries. (‘ontact the enquiry desk.

The Art ot SW Hayter .lan 2n I-ch. .\ta joi retrospectiy e hy a hig name in 3llth century printm.‘il\ing. Something ol a scientist. llay lei deyeloped neyy techniques in the colour etchingand cngray mg tields yy hieh i'ey italised the print medium. .-\|so yseIl-knoyy n as a teacher ( he had a studio in Paris and. tolloyylllg the mu. m \exs \ oi ls l I lay ter \yasto introduce his neyy techniques toartistshke l’icasso. de Kooning. l’ollock and Rothko, 'l‘hisconipletesuryey istoui'ingthe country tolloyyttig I lay lei ‘s recent death in ll)»,

84th Annual Art Competition t mil :3 l)ec. \Vinmng entries trom schoolchildien's competition.

French Prints. Drawings and Watercolours


Main Fine Art, Glasgow A boisterous Sunday open day has tinally put the Main gallery out onto the

: streets. Now, at Number 32 Gibson

3 Street, Michael Main has two line

; windows at shop level to display

5 paintings which he hopes will catch

many eyes on that busy West end road. ‘l‘d like to move the pedestrian

crossing up just a little,‘ he rallies in response to the idea. Idle trattic is always a good catch.

Joking apart, Main makes it quite clear that not just the commercial aspect ot the gallery interests him. For live years now, the Main Studio Gallery up the close at Numbertfi, just along the street, has provided young Scottish artists with the opportunity to exhibit, regardless oltheir saleability. Artists now well-known like Phil Braham, Peter Howson, Gwen Hardie and Ian Hughes showed with Main early on in

the gallery‘s lite and their careers.

Artists have always worked on the premisestoo. Originally a studio tor his colourist, painting sister, Lesley Main, the studio gallery sits in the middle at several tlats, all rented as working space tor artists.

l'ntilearly .lati. \Vork hy .\tatisse. Signac etc. lrom the permanent collection. Arundel Society Prints I out mid Jan.

The Statta Project 1 ‘mil Slan. Paintings and photographs hy lan .\IeI\'eeyer and 'l’homasloshua ( 'ooper on the islandol Stalla. .'\ moody e\hihition ideal tor yyintcrshoyying.

IBARCLAY LENNIE FINE ART 3H3 llath Street.33ti5»113.\Ion I-ri Illani 5pni;Sat Illani lpm.

Something Old. Something New 1 'nul 24 Dec. .-\ selection ot paintingslincluding the inlniilahle Scottie \Vilsoti l. yyatcrcoloursand sculpture.

Stock tor January.

I BLYTHSWODD GALLERY lot \Vest (icol'gc Schct. 330 553". .\ton I'l'l

Illam 5.3llpm;Sat Illam lpm.

General Exhibition I hill 3-1 Dec. Includes yyork hy Mary .'\l'llitilll . lilt/ill‘L‘tlt lllackadder. .lohii Itoyd. .lohn Cunningham. Norman I‘dgar. \orman Kirldiam. lletl onye. l)ay id .\Ic( 'luic. I)a\ id Martin. .lames Rohertson. ( icollry Squire and many more (‘ciamieshy .lanet .«\dam

ITHE BURRELL COLLECTION I’ollolwhaxu Road. o-I‘) “IFI. .\ton Sat lllam 5pm;Sun 3 5pm. (‘losed 35. 3h l)cc; I . 3 Ian. Rest. WI

The Glory ot the Page I 'ntil I5 Ian. Illuminated manuscripts lrom the I'niyeisity ol ( ilasgoyy.

I COLLINS GALLERY l ‘niy eisity ot

The studio gallery has a touch ol the crow's nest about it, cosy and comlortable to visit. Main is reluctant to part with his first space and intends to continue his promotion of younger artists and one-man shows there. With twenty years service in the merchant navy behind him, Main looks more the sell-styled seaman than ever, sporting regulation beard and jersey.

But downstairs the spirit is a new one. Now a listed building, the old chemist’s shop with its art nouveau tittings is painted elegantly in a perfect cream which is at once comlortable and sophisticated. Here, Main will

Stratliclyde. 33 Richmond Street. 553 44tltlext 3(383 34th. Mon—Fri Illam- 5pm; Sat l3 v-Ipm.

Heavenly Bodies and Fabulous Beasts l ‘ntil

-3 Dec. Last minute dash to the('ollin.s cralt c\hihition. all lor sale. The moonon

horsehacls and an angel \y ith sunglasses are just tyyo ol the \yonderlul scenes in an e\hihition ol'lantastical caryings hy I)ayid Syy ltt \y hich runs together \y ith the cralt shoyy.

Prints and Drawings ot the WeimarHepublic l3 .lan ll I‘ch. It liasheen a popularshoyy eyeryyy here else and it “I” certainly he no ditteieiit in(ilasgoyy. (ilasgoyy painting has recently hcen dipped in the inspiration ol such artists as appear in this e\hihition .\Ia\ Beckmann. ( )tto l)i\. (ieorge ( how and Kathe Kolloyyitx. Make sure youyisit thisone. .-\ “ell-illustrated catalogue is ayailahle lor' to.

I COMPASS GALLERY ITS \Vesl Regent Street. 331 urn. .\ton Sat Illam 5..‘~tlpm. (‘Ioscd 35. 3h. 3'7 Dec and l Ilan. Christmas Exhibition t 'niil end .lan. ‘l'he

(‘ompass is tamed tor its ( ~hrlstmas shoyy

ys hicli is as mixed and Inn a hunch asyou could get. Paintings. jeyyellery . ceramics. glass and sculpture till the gallery.

I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART HS \\'est Regent Street. 33l .‘tll‘ls. \Iiin I'Il'i “Slum 5.3llpm:Sgit‘).3llziiii l3..‘~llpm. WinterCollection 1 hill 31 Dec. A selection ol line art hy \Ic‘l‘aggart. l’hilipson. (‘olquliourL Stanley Spencer and others. I THE DESIGN COUNCIL SCOTLAND "3 St Vincent St. ( i3 SIN 33l ol3 l . Mon Hi

1 ‘l..‘\llani 5pm;Sat‘)am 5pm.

From Forest to Fibre to Fashion t 'niil .‘st Dec. the story ot 'l'riccl trom cellulose origins to high street lashion.

I 4S \Vc‘st ( iL'til'gL‘ Street. Kit 34th» Mon Sat Illam 5.3Hpm. Contemporary Scottish Art and Modern British Paintings t "mil 31 Dec. l’aintings lrom among others. Ilenry .\tooi‘e..laeoh l-pstein. Rohin l’hilipson and l'li/aheth lllaclsaddei.

I FINE ART SOCIETY 13-1 lily thsyyood

Street. 333 4H3". .‘yton I'll

‘l..‘~llam 5.3llpm;Sat Illam lpm,

Glen Scouller I not fill I he Paintings liom l’ioyence hy a Scottish contemporary

Contemporary Scottish Prints t not so I )ec. huh and 3|lth century paintings

show work by established artists, many at them English and Irish discovered on gallery trips to the contemporary art fairs in London and Bath. Mixed shows will be the mainstay at Number 32, with a wide variety oi artists showing an uplilting, colourlul side to tile. Michael Main wants to keep the work he exhibits there a positive inspiration to tile and lor those who purchase from him.(Alice Bain)

See listings tor opening times at the new Main Gallery. The Studio Gallery is closed at the moment but will be used in 1989 tor occasional one-man shows.

throughout January.

I GATEHOUSE GALLERY Rouken (ilen Road (gallery at entrance to Butterfly Kingdom).0300335. Daily ll.3tl-~5.3tlpm: ('loscd 'I‘ues. ('Ioscd 34.35 Dec and I .3 Jan.

Christmas Exhibition t'ntit early .lan. Stained glass hy I.i/ Roxy ley and painted ho\es hy Ann Nicholson. .-\Isopaintings. ceramics and jeys eller'y.

Alghan Collection lo.lan 5 I-‘eh. (iuri I.e Riche hrings her collection of Alghan \yeay ings. carpets and artetaets. All the “or k is tor sale. .»\ colourlul shoyying tor post-('hristmas gallery goers.

I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 33 King Street. 553mm. .\lon Sat ltlam 5..‘~tlpm. Christmas Exhibition l 'nul 24 Dec. Many regular memhers lrom the pi int studio yy ill he e\hihiting their yyork in this seasonal shoyy

Garten and Co to 3S.lati. .\oningayyay lrom the contemporary scene. the Print Studio shoyy older prints from one til

I .ondon's hest-knoyy it print dealers

(prey iotlsly (ial'len and ('ook ).

I HAGGS CASTLE Hill St Andrews I)riye. .\ton Sat Illam 5pm; Sun 3-5pm. (ilasgoyy ‘s museum lor children.

The Desperate Journey l mu April. “the story ol a Highland tamily . ey icted lrom their home during the ( 'leai ances and toi'ced to make the long journey to the \eyy \Vorld. Based on the hook hy Kathleen Hitler.

I HARBINGERS ~11 3 ( ireat Western Road. 339900”. Mon Sat Illam opm.

Mixed Exhibition 1 hill 34 Dec. .>\n e\hihition in \\ hich ten artists yy ill he displaying their yyork.

llarhiiigeis is ill not hay e a special eyhihition in .lanuary hut yyill still heopen tor the sale ol good design.

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY I 'my ersity ol' (ilasgoyy . S3 l Iilllicad Street. XIIIS‘UI. .‘onn I-ri 9.30am 5pm: Sat ‘lfillam lpm. From McTaggart to Eardley 1 ‘mil I5 April. .\ yy inter shots mg ol the gallery ‘s collection ol Scottish \\ tltcl'ciiliiltl'S including work hy (ilasgoyy Boysand Scottish ( .tlltlllt'ISIS.

The Mackintosh House Gallery: ()pen as ahoye hut closed loi lunch I33” 1.30pm. Slip admission on yseekday alternoonsand Saturdays. .-\ reconstruction oi the architect's home titled ys itli original tuiniture.

Mackintosh Cabinet Design t'ntil 15 April. l’rom simple stained pieces made in the mid- lhllti‘s toelalmrately decorated yy hite cahmets. this exhihition ol' tyyenty designs proy ides a representaliye suryey ot Mackintosh‘s yyot‘k in thislield.

I HUNTERIAN MUSEUM the I 'niy eisity ol~ (ilasgoys . 3398855. Mon liri

‘)..‘~llam 5pm; Sat 9.30am Ipm. ('Iosed34 I)L'c 4.l;ilt.

Parliamentand the Glorious Revolution t'ntil "alan. Anexhihition commemorating the Rilllth anniy ersary ol' eyentsin loiS'tS.

My Lite in Miniature 14 .Ian -I April. An exhihition oi yy ood caryings hy' a .lustus Akeredolu. a distinguished teacher ol cary'ing.

I IMAGES GALLERY 74 I Iy ndland Road. 334 53] 1. Mon I'ri 9.30am 5.30pm. .\'o exhihition at present htit general stock includes lS’th and 19th century Japanese yyoodhlocls' prints and Will and 30th century etchings. yy‘atercolours andoils. The Driental Experience l'niil 34 Dec. A selection ol .lapanese yy atereoloursof l‘ony ers. hirds and landscapes.

I INTERDEC GALLERY .‘ytary'hill Burgh

I Iall. 34 ( iairhraid Road. 9405912. (‘losed34 3o I)ecand 3| l)ec—3.lan. Scottish and Bangladeshi Exhibition t.‘ mil 3! Dee. Izmhroidery. tapestry weaving. hatik and paintings hy gallery artists. just right tor ( 'hristmas' shopping. This gallery may look inauspicious. but it gives a very lriendly yy elcome and has some good huys Next exhihition of Palestinian craftsopens 31 Jan in conjunction with an exhibition of hatik hy L'gandan artist (iodfrey

52 'rthiéi'is i3} was 12 Jan 1989