husband. lle escaped from Germany in 1939 and went to Palestine. but unfortunately his wife's photographs were confiscated by the Nazis on route. This exhibition has painstakingly gathered all remaining material by her family.

I GALLERY LA BELLE ANGELE l l llasties Close. Cow gate (behind 369 Gallery) Mon-Fri “lam—5.30pm; Sat 11am—4pm. Closed 24—26 Dec and 1-9Jan.

Flowers Until 14 Jan. Watercolours by Caroline Thomson. colour etchings by Alison George. filtered photography by John Thomson and arrangement in silk and dried flow ers by Barbara James.

I GALERIE MIRAGES Raeburn Place. 3 l 5 2603. Tue~Sat 9arn~5pm. Sun 2—-5pm. closed Mondays.

Mirages L'ntil 24 Dec. Banana bags. ikat and rod puppets -— a bazaar of giftsfrom the cast.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 550 892 l. Mon—Sat l()am~-5pm; Sun 3—5pm. ID] (Kile. Closed 24. 35. 26. 3I Dec and l.3. .‘iJan.

The gallery‘s justly renowned cafe is open Mon- Sat l().3tlam—4.3tipm1 Sun 2..iti—4.2llpm. Cream teas will be served from 3—4. 15pm.

Prints by Jim Dine and 8.8. Kitai tfntil 30 Dec. ln corridor. Main Gallery The super-realists return to the main gallery with Duane I Ianson's image of Atnerican Tourists. John Davies' four men For the l.ast Time and Johnde Andrea's stunningly lifelike model in repose. Lunchtime Concerts Start .lanuary. Presented by the iidinburgh Competition Festival. an annual competition for young masicians which dates back to 1920. l9.lan: David I lorne. a 1988 BBC Young Mtisician of the Year w inner. will play Rachmaninov‘s Variations on a theme by Corelli and .‘yloussorgski's Pictures from an Exhibition. Admission by programme £1. Contact gallery for further details.

I GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY 15 Scotland Street. 556003“. Tue t-ri “lam—5pm. Sat lilam~ lpm.

Biriit Jurgenssen t‘ntil ZS .lan. A young Austrian artist using photography in all manners. This is the second half ofan exchange between the Graeme Murray Gallery and Galerie Ilubert Winter. Vienna. who took an exhibition of ThomasJoshua's photographs earlier this year.

I HANOVER FINE ART 2?. \ Dundas Street. 55h2181. .\1on-~l-'ri ltlam—53tipm;Sat 10am—4pm.

Hanover has just reopened in a new basement gallery in Dundas Street among the New Town galleries. lt seems like a very sensible move. making the gallery more accessible to browsers than the upstairs rooms in Hanover Street which housed it over the past three years.

Small Paintings tor Christmas Until 31 Dec. A mixed exhibition of over 3(iartists. Ceramics. jewellery. sculpture. tapestries also included.

‘Head' by JD. Ferguson. Scottish Gallery.


Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh With the ‘Scottish Colourists’ riding high into the New Year atterthe recent record-breaking price tor a Peploe painting, the Scottish Gallery are ready for 1989 with two exhibitions reflecting that interest. Downstairs, D.Y. Cameron (1865—1945) is displayed in oils, prints and watercolours, white upstairs a select number oi ‘Scottish Colourist’ drawings matte tine work. The Head by JD. Fergusson (see photo) is just one of the group which includes a good number oi Peploes. Behind the main gallery, in the print room, something very ditierent. Bruce Maclean, painter, theatre designer, sculptor, performance artist and decorator of ceramics, shows a group of prints and drawings in his inimitable, striking style. (A8)

I ITALIAN INSTITUTE 82 Nicolson Street. Mon-Fri 9am~5pm.

Christmas Cribs from Naples Until 27 .I an. An exhibition of photographs of a folk art special to areas of Italy and Germany. These Neopolitan crib scenes ( models usually carved in wood are set in naturalistic scenes rather like a mini-stage set) have been handed down through one family and though are never on public display can be seen in thistravelling exhibition of photographs.

I IXIA 44a George Street. 325 6882. Mon~Sat [Dam—5.30pm.

Christmas Exhibition Until 24 Dec. Unusual gifts by local designers. New jewellery and ties. Free gift wrapping service.


Street Lane. 557 5454. Mon-Sat ltiam—4.3(ipm. Sat ltiam— l pm; Sun closed. Closed 23 Dec—8Jan. Glasgow Colourists I9Jitn-I l Feb. A selection of works by established contemporary Glasgow artists. Low. Kirkham. Forrest and Cunningham are among them.

I MALCOLM lNNES GALLERY ()7 George Street. 226 4151 . Mon—Fri 9am—6pm. Christmas Exhibition Until 24 Dec. ()ils. watercolours and prints by contemporary artists working in traditional styles.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 5568921. Mon—Sat lilani-—5pin; Sun 2~5pm. Closed 24. 25. 2t). 31 l)ch l. 2. 3 .Ian.

Genoese Drawings of the 16th and 17th Centuries Until 30 Dec.

By-passed by tourists today. Genoa was once a major attraction for visitors to Italy. Duringthe mm and 17th century. when the city was ruled by a merchant aristocracy. builders of palaces and wealth. a Genoese school of painting emerged producing Strozzi. (‘astiglione and Gaulli. the best of the bunch. This exhibition includes the big three as w ell as lesser known names.

Prints by Andrew Geddes1783-1844 t‘ntil 30 Dec.

The Vaughan Bequest and the Campbell Vignettes 4-31 Jan. Breathe a sigh for the annual showing of the National Gallery 's Turner's. exquisite little gems that they are. This will be the first time that the 38 Turner watercolours and the El) illustrations are shown in the new- drawings exhibition area which should mean more room and viewing space for what is one of the gallery's yearly highlights.

Drawings and Prints by Andrew Geddes (1783—1844) Until 31 Jan. ()ne of the first 19th century artists to rediscover the possibilities ofetching. ()vershadowcd in his time by friend and contemporary David Wilkic. little remains ofGeddes' painted work. This is a rare opportunity to see a selection of his graphic work. both prints and drawings.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George H" Bridge. 2264531 . Mon- Fri 9.30am-5pm: Sat 9.3(larn~ 1 pm: Sun 2pm~5pm. Closed 24. 25. 2t». 31 Dec and 1.3. 3Jan.

Bridie L'ntil Feb I989. As I.)r()sborne Ilenry Mayor he practised medicine and as James Bridie he wrote oy er 3(iplays. founded the Glasgow Citizen‘s Theatre and counted Bernard Shaw . Tyrone Guthrie and Laurence Olivier among his friends and contacts. This double life

( 1888— l951 ) is explored in an exhibition which ends the centenary year of Bridie‘s birth. a year which has already been full of plays and revivals of his work in Scotland‘s theatres. Here. yet another aspect ot'his talents is added to Bridie's portfoliool achievements in a selection ofcartoons and sketches. A new book on Bridie written by his son Ronald Mavor ( himself

a professor of drama in Canada) hasjust been published by (‘anongate. price £7.95. available from bookshops and at the exhibition.

I NETHERBOW 43 High Street. 5569579. Mon—Sat Ilium—4.30pm and evenings when performances. Cafe. Closed for repairs from 25 Dec-9Jan.

Lino Cuts at Edinburgh and Faroese Landscapes Until 24 Dec. Recent work by Neil Stewart.

Neil Stewart and Sax Shaw Watercolours by last month's exhibiting artist and stained glass from Iidinburgh artist. Sax Shaw.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland Place. 557 lllltl. Mon—Fri ltlam-rbpm. Sat lilam» 4pm. Closed 25. 2(y. 27. 3| Dec. and l.3. 3Jan.

A Festive Collection L'ntil 3t Dec. Contemporary paintings and ceramics by invited artists. The ()pen Eye is usually one of the best galleries for Christmas buys.

Jack Cunningham Jewellery limit 31 Dec. A designer from Stirling who specialises in patinated silver w ith a particular flair for brooches.

The Artists' Choice 7 ZoJan. Last yearThe Chosen l'ew brightened tip a quiet gallery .lanuary . This year the ()pen tiy'e have asked leading Scottish artists toselect their personal choice tor exhibition. Definitely to be seen.

A Bird in the Hand 7~ZbJan. Ceramicsand sculpture by selected potters and sculptors.

I PALACE OF HOLYROODHOUSE Tel 556 7371 for information.

The Highlanders ol Scotland t'ntil April. \‘i'atercolours by Kenneth Maci.eay'. one of the founding members ofthe Royal Scottish Academy and a great favourite of Queen Victoria. Throughout his career he carried out several commissions for her. including portraits of her husband and sons. and then a series of clan chiefs. That commission was undertaken at the height of the tartan ‘rage'. which blossomed during Victoria‘s reign as a direct result of George l\"s successful visit to lidinburgh in 1822. During this time. tartanswere invented and made inaccurately for the l2nglish or Anglicised tans ofthe material. I PORTFOLIO GALLERY AT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP 43 Candlemakcr Row. 22”

l9] l.Tue-—Sat ltl.3tlam--5.3(lpm. Closed 34 Dec 3.Ian.

instant Pictures t intil 7 Jan. Ron ()‘l)onncll's 'I‘east' with children has been giy en the poloroid treatment by a bunch of lidin burgh kids. Further workshops have given rise to l’orttolio's colourful Christmas show of children‘s work.

Calum Colvin lSJan- l 1 Feb. This exhibition has been moved ahead from the previously advertised dateof 12th January. Colvin is back in Edinburgh with new work of photographs made from sculpturalsets ofhisown making. In his last extremely successful show here (which he shared with Ron O'Donnell) he transformed lowly chairs and goldfish

Admission Free

Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm;

Hunterian Art Gallery University of Glasgow


Watercolours and Drawings from the Scottish Collection 19 November - 15 April 1989 (Closed 24 December to 3 January inclusive)

Sat9.30am-lpm Tel: 041 330 5431


‘CREATURES’ Figurative work in ceramic, metal & wood

3 31 December

94 George Street Edinburgh

I; \t H] llsll

Mon - Fri 9am - 5.30pm

031 225 5955

Sat 9.30am - 5pm

The List 23 Dee 1988— IZJan I989 55