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Sally Stewart and l.uey Bailey noteh up the hest \\ hisky bars and keep low with non—alcoholic


Whisky Bars

I Malt Shovel t3 ('oekhurn Street. 335 (1843. .\lon "l'ltllr\

noon midnight. l‘ri noon l3 Kilant. Sat noon 1 l.~iitpm Jilxingle itiilllMtlt ol'ler. l’ilth gill tiiett\ltl'e\ 95p it \ltnl . £3.35 tor 35 )L‘dl -oltl Maeallan. 'l‘ennants [A soon to he a\ ailahle. Dark and irtentlh haruith ttatltttonal atmosphere and ll\ e music some


I Bennets sl e\en Street 3.“)."l-l5. \lttli \VL'il llam llptn.’l‘hur\ Sat 11am liliillllglil.5lln

" llptn llL‘l\\L'L'll-‘ll;tiitl

Filth gill measure. standard price i l . ill. 35 )ear-old Maeallan £3. They ha\ e a ‘malt ol‘the month' at Uilp - at the tnoment it's'l'he Singleton. a Speyxitle malt. Meliuans lo“ alcohol lager a\ ailahle in cans. Bennetx isolien packed. hut it }ott can grab a tahle tou're ana) lligheeiltngandmirrors. I The Abbotsiord 3 Rose Street. .335 189-1. Mott Sat llant 3.30pm. 5 llptn. ClU\C(l Suns .-\hout 3h \litL'le' n‘. lll\. itllh gill 35p. (tlt nt itelas l3-lprool

LI ‘5 l).tll\l\. lennentx l -\ .tt‘tl Kalihet .t\atlahle I Doric Tavern l~‘ Market Street. .‘35 lost

.\1on \Vetl noon lain. ’l’hurs Sat noon 3am. 33


‘Hl lli-‘tll\ kept tit \toek.

malts. ttithgtll

{l .()5~-£l .35. The \laeallan ‘as n e get it‘ (58’? iii hit 'l‘ennentx

l A and litxhet‘g ltm dlL‘UllUl\\lllk'\Ultl l’opnlat once art\ tli\ e i upone lltgltl oi st tirs l t Itt rentl) heing Iit\ atletl hx

\l\l jaeketetltxpex. l'he littttl l\ gtmtl

IStarbank lnnm la\eroe|\l‘.tnk Ro ttl. 553 «llJl \lon \Vet'

llatn llptn lltlth Sat llam tttttlrttgltt.Sttrt

o 30 llptn 1iltna|txiilth

gtllijl Kaltherm.tilahle. (‘ttt't \.t\ lgel will there nun ll but it \Ullnil\ north a look.

I Fiddler‘s Armsu ll

'ttrasxtnarket . 33‘) 3hh5.

\lon \\ etl l lam llptn. l'hutx \tt llant llHlllllilllLSlln

gillfi‘lp Kaliherand ('lattxthaler. Basie turmlure and atmosphere. llVC l‘olk muxie some nightxantl mostly male elientele.

IMathers Bari ()ueenxl‘ertt Street. 335 354‘) Mon Sat

llani llptn. Sun

rtoon 3.3ilpnt .'\l't)lllikl4ll malts \L‘l'\L‘(l in quarter gill measures. Stantlartl priee ‘)hp.(ileneoe litilptool

£1 .34. (’lanxthaler and Kaliher. .\'ot the plaee to hangout in axa lone lemale.ot lit.l\l\ iota hourhon male tlattttne thinkers

I Oxiord Bar .\‘ \‘oung Street. 335 -13i\.‘ .\lon Sat llatn l.tlL (l 3“ 3am). Sun l3..‘\il ‘xilpm.

U5“ llpm ll» :ilsmgle-

measures at about 97p a tlram. Kaliher. ('lausthaler.'l’ennentsl A

' and Barhiean in earn and

I: littlllex. \\ tlli mil}lk‘

f \otnethtngsimilarmotion l tlraught. 'l'he ( )vfortl has a reputation tor not giving

the monies! oi neleomes

to the Sasxenaeh. but the

Ie lull ol \L‘lliilh

“ell-hen lL‘Ll enslonter

\\ ho ans“ eretl the phone \\ hen I rang “as lrtentl|_\ enough i although he lL’lth‘kl to hand me in er to one of the bar stall).

I Hebrides Bar 17 Market Street. 335 3383.

Mon Sun I latn ll.3ilpni.

v l5singletnaltxquarter gill measures lor ‘illp. 35

)L‘itl -o|tl \laeallan {3.5” Kaltliet. lennentx l.:\ and (‘lauxthalet Small. traditional. l\.t\tL‘ hut

h All llptn 3.\tnalt\.itlth

"2} l “I, . {law/we}.

{ax ‘,..’v..

Ottering a short, daily changing menu j prepared by Wheeler‘s chet and a more ; triendly atmosphere, MacDonald

. hopes the new bar is more litting tor the

The wine bar opposite the DHSS oiiice in Castle Terrace has oi late changed its image with the regularity oi ; area. ‘We’ve got the girls irom the signing-on day. Most recently it was 3 oiiices across the road. the Art School PomBTOYS- a 000' adluncl 10 the MBHOW i just up there and the nurses irom the Wheeler‘s iish restaurant opened , Royal Infirmary' it's not a high spend earlier this year by Scottish 8. area. Even the people coming to the Newcastle In response t0 a la“ 0l 3 Lyceum are just looking tor a bite to eat response item the wine-swilling , beiore or atter the show. They don‘t DUbllC. it has Changed 893m. 300 Widet want to spend a lot oi money.‘ With

the guiding hand oi Ian MacDonald. prices hovering about the £2 mark tor a iormer owner oi Maxies it has been main course. Tabac will not break the


\ \HV¢\hflE§QCID

Hcemsed . fiesta Llr‘aflt

LUNCH . 12 2.30pm EVENINGS 6-1 lpm (last orders 10.30pm)

if). r'il'lifil‘iOl'“ Clog-3w \Ct)r‘:L ht l l"l‘i Qtw‘eeeet.

g t" DIN Rt tt'tmtt , l, n , \ b 2326 F) t 41

64'l‘lte.l.i.\ld.3—5 lat] “)8”


bank, and MacDonald’s plan to plaster the walls with caricatures oi Malcolm Riikind, Muriel Gray and Joe Bloggs will go some way to tone down the hand-me-down decor.

Having put Tabac together in some ten days, MacDonald is only staying around ‘till it‘s up and running. I hate running and managing bars. I like starting them up, creating them.’ Alter that, 8&N will send him on to jump start the next likely venue which, he says, could be anywhere. Meanwhile, he hopes thatTabac will ‘drag people into the area. It's not going to be like Maxies, but I want people trom Maxies to come here. As well as people irom the Doric, the City Cale, all those people who are looking ior something a little ditterent.‘ (J.M.)


This is really two books. Not just in the sense that holding it one way it is The Glasgow Restaurant Guide and turning it upside down it becomes The Glasgow Pub Guide. in splitting the guide in two in this cute way, the authors have also emphasised its weak point. Out oi 109 entries only 28 are restaurants, and while the pub coverage is wide enough to interest those who know Glasgow iairly well but want to iind new depths or heights oi the drinking scene, the

Low sugar Christ-mos Cakes. wholesome pies, Chesfirml’ Puree. eram mmcewtéaf. Colours , na+ural Coloured marzt an , almonds . bmzils. haZels, pecans, eanuts ,masfid Cashews. . nu‘l’S.afrtCof5.da+€S t QS. mimevspice. Nar ll( wmc . over So Va.

adding; {3. mince Sl’ufft Mixes. v harm - essences

wanu .. Salred ptsl'actxnos.mon

A lots more l

REAL F6603

8 BkooanM s1: (TOLLCROSS) ost 2.2.8 tbSt

malts. quarter gill

lrtentllt liar

restaurant guide doesn‘t stray outside the expected paths. Don‘t buy this hoping to be led to unsung geniuses oi the kitchen: the restaurant guide is aimed at those who don’t know Glasgow’s eating scene too well.

That said, it‘s a useiul publication, split into ditierent mapped areas so you can lind somewhere to eat and drink nearwhereveryouare, listing opening hours and indicating with symbols big enough to recognise whether establishments have real ale, open on Sundays, or are plagued with fruit-machines. My only complaint is that ii the authors are going to be right—on enough to indicate whether a bar has a condom machine, they should also say it it’s accessible to women and/or men.

While each entry is iairly short, a generally slack writing style means that words are often wasted. It's not the sort oi reierence book you can read to admire the pithy turns at phrase, and the few attempts at wit are best left unexposed. A nice-looking book irom the outside, the internal layout is scrappy and where some reasonable photographs could have livened it up, the dismal snaps oi indistinguishable interiors do nothing to inspire. (Julie Morrice)

The Glasgow Pub and Restaurant Guide (Polygon £3.45)

amok ,aicohol rates of Ogantc WV”

03' SSa-t‘i"

31 mum-Won STREET