Whisky Shops Ordinary off-licences are cheapest iorthe more popular malts. but ifyou have obscure and esoteric desires one of the specialist shops below will be able to help.

I Oddbins 33 Montague-i ’l‘errace ( 553 338M and branches .\lon Sat

Illain lflpni. ()ddhins sell 4'7 single inalts such as 1“ year -oldl aphroaig H499. lh‘year-old Macallan £31.49. 35 year-old Springhank £49 IJusterini & Brooks 39 (ieoi'ge Street. 33h 43ll3. Mon l-ri‘lain (iprn.Sat 9.30am lpin. l3fl l3” single malls in stock at any time. \cl'y ice \ cl'gcs on the snooty . so \y eat your landlord's Barbour \\ Ill then hend oyei' hackyyai'ds(only elegantly possible iii a really good suit. you knoys )_ lfl year-old [aphroaig

H” l“. 35 year-old Macallan £5“. 31 year -old Spi'inghank £33.35.

I The Whisky Shop \Vayerley Market. 558 I585 Mon Sat Vain hpin; 'l'huis‘)ain h’pin, Amazingly . ~1- 5flllsingle malts kept (I thought this \y as a small tourist shop). also gill hotllcs. iniiiiaturescte 1“

year -old laphroaig Noll”. 35 year-old Macallan H‘lh‘l . 35 year-old Springhank

£45 '7‘)

I Lambert Brothers i) ll l-r'edei ick Street. 335 4M3. .\lon l‘r'i 9am hpm. Sat 9.50am 5.3llpm About lllflsingle malts. 35 hlends. .S' Scotch liqueurs and oy ei‘ .‘sfltldif'ferent yyhisky‘ miniatures. Also lotsot \y'eird ‘yshisky -lil|ed ceramics' \s ith names like ‘\\'hite Heather Whisky Piper Decanter". ‘Beneagles l laggis' and

‘( ilcnfiddich ( ioll 'lir'olley‘. There is alsoottc ‘Prince ('harles and Lady Diana Wedding ('omrnemoratiye Decanter" left. at £95“. so hurry along. lllyear-old Laphroaig 1; 14x30. 35 year-old Macallan £499“.


l l


Whisky Bars

I JOhfl Scobie 3h l .ondon Road. 553 nah}, .-\

(ilasgoys institution lot' many . this long- estahlished public house has recently been giy en a lacelift. yet manages to retain its original clientele. (ilasys egian character s ahotind so don't be in any hurry. l‘illlh gill scl'y ed at present. though hopefully this may change in the Neyy \eai‘ Mall. rye. hlends and u hisky liqueursonollei as ysellas conditioned real ales \Vhiskies lroni (it ip

I Blacktriars 3i» Bell Street. 553 5934 With a large range of \y hiskieson ollct’. lhc lilttckll'tatsdoc\ ilsoys It DIL‘L‘L‘ol campaigning toi'oui' national drink in its‘.\lalt ol the Month' slot at 95p for quai‘tcr'gill American and liish yy hiskeys are alsoon sale. no xeiiophohics hei e7 IVictoria Bar 159 Bi'idgegate. 5.53 (ill4ll Preceding the Hi iggait by many years and on course tooutliy e it by many more. one ol the oldest and best know n u atering holesin the yicinity. .\lalts' are in demand dui mg the yseek . \y hilst the more popular marques predominate at the yseekend. ()uaiter gill

sct‘y ed. lrorn 75p \y till malts hetyy een ‘)l lp and 11.5”.

I Bonhams Bytes Road. 357 343-1. :\t the heart of the West Iind. lionhains otters oy er 3S malls and around six popular

brands. priced tr'oin 85p to ‘)llp lor deluxe yy htsky. l‘roin Sunday to

Wednesday . ys hiskies are offered at 70p. All measures one lilth gill.

I The Mitre 13 Brunsys ick Street. 553 5764. Situated ideally for the tippling shopper. or the Merchant (‘ity dyseller . the Mitre : offers a cosy and unpretentiousatmosphere yy ith a good range of


Tue—Sat (evenings only) Table d‘Héte and a la Carte menus BRASSERIE Seven days: Iunchtimes and evenings. Wide range of meals available.


L . ,3 2" t’

yy hisky'. and the added incentiy e of real ales. ()uai tei' gill ser‘y ed. 74p to Wp tor the maiority ot malts

I The Hall loll Woodlands Road. 333 13 Ill. Well know it hangout of .~\r‘t School types and other students ol the l'niy ersin otl ite. there isno problem getting intoa dchale. lust pick your suhiecl. (‘onyeisalions are of course helped along ys ith a selection from the host‘s large range of Scotland's gross national product. l-‘ilth gill sery ed. I The Pot Slill I54 l lope Street. 333fl‘lh'll .-\ \critahle Aladdin‘s ( 'ay e for the ys hisky enthusiast ()y ci 3~1fliita|tsareon oilei along with some

35 Jfllylends.iiiddeluse \yhiskics l’opin loralook and you‘llslay tillyou're pouiedout liilthgill scr'y ed. prices \ ai'y \y illt each yy hisky from the basic to the rare.

Whisky Shops

I Oddbins lhl lh'.‘ Hy ics Road ( 33‘) 339“) and branches. ()ddhins' extensis e range ol ys hisky coyei's rnost ol Scotland‘s geogi aphical locations as

yycll as seyei al on the

lainerald Ne and the [SA l'ayotllilcs loi this year's stockingsaie

lagay tilin. a linear-old Islay inalt . 43’ r by yoluine. £10.35; 'l‘alisker. a lflyear-old Skye malt. 45.8’} by yolurne. No.45; Singleton ol :\tlL‘lllUl\l\.;t 1075 malt. recently ayailahlc at 113 ‘N. oi it you prefer a transatlantic ollei'ing. Wild 'l'urk'ey comes in at £13.90.

I The l my L‘l (iround l'loot'. l’rinces Square. 33ft .‘sll-lh. :\\ the name suggests. the Whisky Shop sellsnothing else. With prices ianging

li‘om around {I to f; lltflll

lltL‘f’L‘ IS Cy L'l‘y possible size. shape and form of bottle. A large range of


the undecided. They also offer a yyoi ldyside deliy cry scr'y ice

7 OLD FISHMARKETCLOSE i __-_I§QQ’BU@’____-9§L?35§42§_3 _ .. _ _ .

5: '3

New menu now available and bookings are now being takenforChristmas Menu. - Haven’twe been busy!

431 SAUCHIEHALL ST. 041 332 3141

Ubiquitow Chip °’"‘”“ Wine Shop

5001 Glnlgow’t Independent “line and Spirit merchant

Let our highly trained staff help you choose from over 100 malt whisk'ies and over 200 fine wines and spirits to satisfy every palate and pocket.

8 nrhton lone,GlmgowGl2


ltii‘ \ y\' 4‘ \ .( ill li iii'tli'ti'ri .1: \ii li;c ti".- .! flll-lt’ i“\ii,l I'l.! i'l ii i' fi'v.ik?.s i l ii‘ \0( \i .t'tllt \ Ii


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