And now. a little

something to test your powers of recall once you‘re steeped in sherry and stuffed fttll of pudding. 'l‘he List‘s 'l‘inseltime 'l‘easer. compiled by

Mark Fisher.



l 1 Who saw red about the Queen‘s

travel plans‘.’

2 Which hird will he heating ahout the hush once Ron's gone‘.’

3 Who said 'Ey'ery'thirig that is most heautiful in Britain has always heen in private hands"?

4 It‘s hringing destruction to the countryside and smiles to the nightcluhs. What is it'.’

5 l low was religion stamped out hy a puhlic monopoly?

6 Who said ‘I can assure you that at my age I have sex weekly. . . very weakly according to my wile. I may he honkers. hut I haven‘t been honking' and then went on to drop another clanger‘.’


7 What was discovered hy Pierre

Montet in (‘airo in 1939?

l 8 A report into the Economic

Importance of the Arts in (ilasgow concluded that its ‘strong cultural infrastructure is a major economic asset‘. l low many jobs does the arts sector sustain?

9 It covered 120 acres and had a 3-10 foot tower. What was it'.’

10 ‘llpstairs is like a tart‘s houdoir— all it needs is a l)utch-Indonesian hed plonked in the corner‘. Which redecoration is Andrew Brown talking ahout'.’


11 Who did 'l‘erry Dicks MP have itt mind when he said "l'hese pigs from

Scotland should have no human


12 From which town does ()lympic

Bronze medalist Yvonne Murray

., come'.’

13 ‘1 le told me it was an energy

huilder and contained sasparilla and

ginseng. I never mixed my own

drink.‘ Whose defence‘.’

'- 14 Apart from the fact that they‘re hoth dead hard. what do steel and (iraemc Souness have in common'.’

. 15 ‘Frankly Dickie. ifl am frightened

t of'l‘yson on the night. I know how to

deal with it. lwon‘tget into the ring.

l Dickie.’ Who was talking to Dickie


16 Which tenor saxophone player celehrated his 21st birthday this year‘.’

17 Which anarchistic l)undonian. employed hy an anti-union organisation. celehrated his Silth year of wreaking havoc'.’

18 What party were the Ahorigines not keen to join'.’

19 Which Scottish 'l‘heatre eelehrated its 35th birthday this year'.’

20 ‘Scats'.’ .\'aw. l‘ll iust stand as usual‘. Which play. staged during Mayfcst. attracted this comment from one ticket-hunting punter‘.’

21 The (‘itizens and The Royal Lyceum hoth staged plays to commemorate the centenary of the same Scottish playwright. Name the playwright and the. two plays.

22 Which hlack South African w as the suhject of Richard Attenhorough's (‘ry Freedom'.’

23 Personal Services was 1987's version ofthe life of(‘ynthia Payne which film opened in Scotland in 1988 concerning the same person‘.’ 24 What was the name of the emperor in Bernardo Bertolucci’s 'l’he l.ast limpcror'.’

25 What is the connection hetween Martin Scorsese and [orha the (ireek'.’

26 Who replaced his cry of ‘Nanu. Nanuf with ‘( iood Morning Vietnam"?

27 Who gave lialing (‘omcdy a fishy trihute‘.’

28 lo whom did (‘lint [{astwood giy e an ornithological trihute'.’


29 Name the play that saved an old transport museum in 1988. Who directed it'.’

30 Where and when did the iidinhurgh Puppet Festival take place'.’

31 Who acted Shakespeare to raise money for All)S research?

32 Who hc came the new director of Mayfest'.’

33 Why was eight-year-old lidward Dohhie impersonating Michael Jackson in (ilasgow‘s Buchanan

Street this summer'.’

34 'l‘he 'l'ron 'l'heatre revived the Five Past [Sight Show after 20 years. Which theatre (now demolished) was its previous home'.’

35 Which curious choreographer strutted his stuff to a Festival Fall'.’

35 Who w as at home to win the

Perrier Pick of the Fringe award'.’

37 'l'utti Frutti was given another

airingthisyear whiclioneofthc actors w cnt on to write their own


38 Which race course did Scottish

'l‘eleyision's Bookie Use for its locationshots'.’

39 Be fore l-‘cltruary Scots could only

do it till ltcdtintc 7 now they cart do it

all night. What is it‘.’

40 Muriel (iray is a familiar face as— arnongst other things -— the presenter of'l'he Media Show. hut what was the first programme she co-prescnted'.’

41 Which ex-slah hoy made an Arena documentary ahout his own life'.’

42 'l’hcy won (iold l’ri/c for the hest ’l‘\' campaign of the year and (iold. Silver and Bron/c for the hest small hudgct campaign. What were they"? 43 Which .»\herdecn l'niversity graduate w heeled to fortune with Scottish 'l'clevision's new game show’.’

44 What series was filmed iust down the road lrom Parkhead Stadium'.’ 45 ‘I do not call it a mistake. I call it a sin. I do not lay the fault on anyone else. hut at my own l'ect.’ Which 'l'V evangelist and which sin'.’

46 Which ( ilasgow hand had the pcrlcct numher one hit'.’

47 Big .loe Duskin played at the lidinhurgh Folk Festival and has

. returned to play in (ilasgow and

lidinhurgh since. What type of music does he play 1’

48 Which liast Kilhride sidewalkers gay e us harhed wire kisscs'.’

49 Who got hy with a little help from Billy Bragg and reached numher one‘.’

50 Which (ilasgow and lidinhurgh events guide gave Virgin the tip off that lead to them signing 'l‘he lndian (iivers'.’

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68'l'hel.is12.‘~l)ec Wss- 12.lan 1989

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