I Track 29 (18) (Nic Roeg. UK. 1988) Theresa Russell. Gary Oldman. Christopher Lloyd. 90 mins. Middle America. bored housewife Russell becomes increasingly lonely in her marriage with eccentric surgeon Lloyd. a man with more time for his train set than his unhappy spouse. One day however. there appears strange Britisher Oldman. who might be her long-lost son from a brutal teenage sexual encounter at a fair. Or he could simply be the product ofher frustrated imagination.

Brash but unfruitful psychodrama. which doesn‘t really go anywhere despite an over-abundance of visual and verbal trickery and the artistic cred ofdirector Roeg and writer Dennis Potter. Coming from these two major talents. this is a profound disappointment. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Tucker: The Man And His Dream (PG) (Francis Coppola. US. 1988) JeffBridges. Martin Landau. Joan Allen. 11()mins. Based on a true story. Coppola‘s best film in years charts the rise and fall ofPreston Tucker. a naive but ingenious auto engineer who in 1948 managed to produce a car so technically advanced that it scared the Detroit majors into action. Before long their ties with the political powers-that-be created a set of trumped-up fraud charges that were to dissolve Tucker‘s dream of affordable. safe motoring in a welter oflitigation.

Jeff Bridges excels himself in the title role. and old lag Martin Landau steals some of the spotlight with an endearing

portrayal of his curmudgeonly accountant.

but this is Coppola‘s movie. where he at last re-unites his stylish technique with a grasp of narrative control in a mannerthat brings back memories of the great Hollywood productions of old. Glasgow: Salon.

I The Untouchables (15) (Brian De Palma. US. 1987) Kevin Costner, Sean Connery. Robert DeNiro. 119 mins. The best

ion Patter. Bltz



Derek Malcolm. Tho Guadm



Cayt Phlbe. 88C

ll .5





American drama of 1987 as naive Treasury officer Costner. gritty Irish cop Connery (the part that won him. as best supporting actor. his first Oscar). and a group of incorruptibles tackle the bloated criminal empire of Prohibition kingpin Al Capone. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Film Society. I Wages Of Fear (PG) (Henri-Georges Clouzot. France. 1953) Yves Montand. Charles Vanel. Peter Van Eyck. 144 mins. In a sleazy South American shanty town four equally sleazy men agree to drive. for a huge sum of money. two truckloads of nitro-glycerine across the mountains. Bring a sponge or two to wipe upthe sweat. for this classic suspenser should have buckets of the stuff dripping offyour brow. A fine sourpuss vision ofman‘s greed. allied to film-making ofunbearable tension. Edinburgh: Film Guild. I Who Framed Roger Rabbil?(1’G) (Robert Zemeckis. US. 1988) Bob Hoskins. Joanna Cassidy. Christopher Lloyd. 92 mins. Los Angeles. 1949. and side by side with the human population live the Toons. the cartoon characters working in the movie business. Animated star Roger Rabbit is worried about his wife Jessica's faithfulness and hires private dick Eddie Valiant (Bob I loskins) to keep tabs on her. but this is merely the prelude to the unravelling of a conspiracy that is to threaten the lives of all involved. and the very future ofToontown itself. An incredible technical achievement for the credibility with which the cartoons interact with the human cast and stylised sets. this surefire box office winner efficiently spoofs the film noir genre while milking its Tex Avery-styled highly physical sense of black comedy for all its worth. The stars cope remarkably well. but all praise is due to the team behind the cameras and on the animating boards. for they have returned a sense of wonder to the silver screen. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Grosvenor. Odeon.

at. I;

At EDINBURGH F ILMHOUSE from Sunday 22 January

Edinburgh: Dominion. Odeon. Central: Allanpark. Caledonian. Cannon. Strathclydc: AMC Clydebank 10. Cannon. Kelburne. Odeon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton.

I Wild Strawberries ( 15) (Ingmar Bergman. Sweden. 1957) Victor Sjostrom. Ingrid 'l'hulin. Bibi Andersson. 93 mins. Mesmeric performance by one time silent film-maker Sjostrom asan elderly professor looking back over his life. This exploration ofspiritual cruelty was one of the series of Fifties masterpieces turned out by Ingmar Bergman in a fruitful Fifties period that also included The Seventh Seal. Edinburgh: Edinburgh Film (iuild.

I WillowU’G) (Ron Howard. LS. 1988) Warwick Davis. Val Kilmcr. Joanne Whalley. Jean Marsh. 126 mins. A mystery baby turns up in the land ofthe little Nelwyn people. and one ofthcir number has to return it to the adult-sized land ofthe Daikini. However. the kid turns out to be the little princess whowill save the country from the clutches ofthe wicked Queen.

Would-be blockbusting fairytale epic offers producer George Lucas another opportunity to rcfashion the Star Wars narrative in a setting straight out of Tolkien. The result is not uncntcrtaining. but we‘ve all been here too many times before. Strathclydc: AfvlCClydebank 10. I Wish You Were Here ( 15) (David Leland. 13K. 1987) Emily Lloyd. 'I'om Bell. Geoffreyllutchings. 92mins. Amatory misadventures of a precocious teenager in a drab 1950‘s seaside town.

Enjoyable. bittersweet comic treatment of the sexual mores of times gone by. with an energetic performance from perky newcomer Ms Lloyd. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Witches oiEastwick(18)((}eorge Miller. US. 1987) Jack Nicholson. Cher. Susan Sarandon. 118 mins. Suft‘oeating in the prim tranquility ofa small town in New England. three single women set their collective brains towards conjuring upthe perfect Mr Right. Next morninga mysterious stranger suddenly appears. as ifin answer to their prayers. and beginsto charm the pants off them. But the ripe. randy and rakish Daryl van 1 Iorne is the devil in disguise. and there is a price topay fortheir pleasure. . . A joyous.diabolical romp. with Nicholson having the time of his life. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I A World Apart ( 15) (Chris Mcnges. LJK.

1988) Barbara Hershey. Jodhi May. Linda

Mvusi. David Suchet. 112 mins. Based on the experiences of screenwriter Shawn Slovo's teenage years in the South Africa of the early Sixties. the film follows the arrest of her political activist mother and the resultant tensions this brings to bear on their relationship. However. the young girl's growing personal awareness ofthe injustices of apartheid lead hertowards some sense ofsolidarity with her mum. Well-handled and brilliantly acted domestic treatment of the moral evils of the Johannesburg regime. which never opts for preachiness but offers an honest complexity that makes its powerful tale of learning and commitment all the more engrossing. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Young Guns ( 18) (Christopher Cain. US. 1988) Emilio Estevez. Charli Sheen. Kiefer Sutherland. Lou Diamond Philips. 117 mins. One William Boncy aka Billy the Kid (Estevez) becomes a member ofa gang of hired bodyguards working for working for an English rancher (Terence Stamp). but when their boss is ambushed at the behest ofa rival (Jack Palance) it‘s not long before a bloody gang war erupts. This ambitious stab at breathing life into the Western‘s bullet-ridden corpse gains much from the bankable casting ofits brat-pack stars. but the overall impression is that they have more fun playingat cowboys than the viewer has watching them. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. Central: Cannon. Strathclydc: AMC Clydebank 10. Cannon. WMR.



F Friday 13—Thursday 19

This section gives details olprogrammes showing at cinemas in central Scotland over . the next week. Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change atanytime.


I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend.(i37 21i41.£2.30((‘hi1d()Al’ £1.20).1-‘amily

discount scheme operates.

1. Red Heatl IS) 2. 15pm (Sat only). 5.15pm..\‘.15pm.

2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ( PG) 12.55pm (Sat only). 3.25pm (Sat only). 5.55pm. 8.30pm.

3. Young Guns ( IS) 2. 15pm (Sat only). 5.15pm.S. 15pm.

I CANNON Sauchiehall Street. 332 1592. £2.Sl)((‘liild£1.~l()). 'I‘wobarsopcn 5.3(L‘9.30pm (Mon-Sat); (i.30—9.3()pm (Sun). Famin discount scheme operates. 1.The Presidi0(1513pm.5.211pm.8.25pm. 2. A Fish Called Wanda ( 15) 1.311pm. 5.10pm.S.15pm.

' 3. Young GURSHS)1.40pm.5.2(lpm. S20pm.

4. Scrooged11’(;) 2.lopm.5.35pm. 8.30pm.

5. Moonwalker(1’(i) 1.20pm. 3.50pm.

(i. 10pm. 8.40pm.

I CANNON GRAND IS Jamaica Strcct . 248 4621). £2(£1).

Adult movies. Phone for details.

I GROSVENOR Ashton Lane. I lillhead. 3394298 7814. [1)] with priornotification. £2.20(Student 113-101;] .70:(‘hild ()AI’ £1.20).

1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ( 15)2.5(lpm (not Sun). 5.50pm (not Sun).8.20pm.

2. The Dressmaker( 15) 2.30pm (not Sun). 6pm (not Sun). 8.30pm.

See also (ilasgow Lates.

I OOEON Renficld Street. 332 8701. Licensed bar. Adults £2.95. L'nder 15s and ()Al’s £1 .50 (1.2 last performance). Student 1113-“) concessions £2 available as advertised. Morning and lunchtime shows commencing before 1.45pm. Bargain shows— £1.50.

Red Heat(1.s') 1pm. 3.30pm. (rpm.8.-l5pm. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (PU) 12.30pm. 3. 15pm. (rpm. 8.40pm.

High Spirits ( 15) 1pm. 3.30pm. 6. 15pm. 8.50pm.

See also (ilasgow Latcs.

I SALON Vinicombe Street.

Red Heat ( 18) 2pm. 7.30pm.

Rose Street. 332 (i535. ('afc bar open 30 mins prior to evening perf. closes 9pm. [D] on application to box office. [F] No smoking. Mats£1.80(Studcnt L'B40

£1 . 10). Fri mats£1.30 (All concs 75p). Evenings £2.50 (Student L'B40£I .60). A11 perfs Child’OAI’ £1.10.


ATaxing Woman ( 18) 3.3(1pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.


Chinatown ( 18) 1pm. 3.3llpm.

ATaxing Woman ( 18) 6pm. 8.30pm. SUNDAY 15

Something Wild ( 18) & House OlGames (15) 6.45pm.


Something Wild ( 18) & House DiGames (15) 1.45pm.

The Pcrverse Comedies of George Kuchar Prog2 ( l5)bpm.

Law Of Desire ( 18) 8.30pm.


There WasA Lao (PG)6pm.

Law or Desire ( 18) 8.30pm.

18 The List 13 - 26 January