into Scots usually with hilarious results. wo'kshop: Deveioping a scrim ch 25 Jim. Beginners Jazz Wednesdays 6-7.30pm. Following on Liz Loch-head’s ’I'uriuffcund 7pm Fret Sec “how {or mm. (minis. Classical and contemporary lorthe male “Pam MaCM'lkm S “w H-vl)f)(/’()’1rulk‘ The second in this new series ofworkshops dance'Th‘IYSdi'.“ 8‘9-3UPm- this year they choose Moliere scomedy is taken in. pimwriuhi John “mum and T'ai Chi Fridays 5.30-6.3ilprn. about the {(mhm‘ Upwarqu nmhilc Ian Brown. ariisticidirector ol'the contempomw Beginne'ynememaw Monsieur Jourdain. again translated by .I.rm,mc Thumu Friday's built—Spin. llector .‘vtacMillan and directed by i G Youth-Performance Group mummimn Hamish (ilen. whose last production at i I HILLflEAO SECONDARY SCHOOL the Lyceum wasxts You Like It. 'l‘obe ()akfield Avenue. Info from (ilasgow reviewed next issue. i I This seciion "sis shows that are touring Independent Dance on 334 4836. I WEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l iamiitnn i Scotland. We give detailed listings only for I GLASGOW ACADEMY 0': DANCE 3 (t ‘9 Stretch and Get Loose with Jane Simpson Placc- 33“ 5435- BOX ()mCC M‘m'Si” i periods when they are in the Central Belt Once" Sirec“ 22' “75” Class every Monday beginning ()January. 9.30am-530pm. Bar. (ale. [1)] [Ii]. i aiea. There is a phone number"), each This new venture begun by community 7-8.3iipm. £3 Rehearsals begin on lo Jan for the next company. however. shouid you require mine dancer Julie Kilpatrtck opens loJanuary. I scams" BALLET STUDIO 3,1 we“ Theatre Workshop performance project iniormaiion. Unless oihemise specified. ihe (‘lasses held throughout the week in a prinCCS gircci‘ 331 3931 . 00 “C Show" WNW" (*1 l 14*" l- Animk‘ number after each venue listed isthe mimm‘d and “"er Wdi” “m “‘0‘ Junior Contemporary 'I‘ucsdays. o—7pm. interested in getting involved in any aspect i ieiephone numberioriickei enquiiiesior square. The following are a selectionof £150 of the production acting. designing. mai panicuiar evening (please "Die. this is what’s on offer. Phone for full detailsof Adi," Coniempofary \K'Cdncsduys_ (,_7pm. stage-management etc. is very welcome noiaiwaysihe venuenumbei). daily classes. £15” tocome along. Fordetailsoftimesand ICan Ye sew cushions(~hdci~nii\. Open Elementary Ballet Mondays Performance Groun'l‘hurgduyg' (,Jimi {3 future rehearsals please call the theatre. i 'i-hwirC imii- iiicir iii-(“iiic'iiim 0i A'iiccn (n.3(i—8pm. (£1.50). ITRAVERSE THEATRE 1 ll West Bow. Riichic, Dim . mm mm withwmidcmmc Lunchtime Stretch Tuesdays noon-l . 15pm. Beginners Baiiei Suiurduys_ i4 ymrsm Grils-‘ll‘i'rkCL 23“ 3033- B‘" ( "le sueeess when it was staged during the (300d (“1' Cit}. “'er “Alfie”- adult. 1 1.3(lani-— 1pm. £2 (£1.50). Tue—Sat lllgint 8pm. Sun o- 10pm. Bar. j Edinburgh “mini imi war. i Spanish'l‘uesdays6—7.3(lpm. Beginners Jazz Suturdii'VS. 1.1 years-to Rest “Chub"l‘”‘""'ll"hl° {mm m" I. (‘imibt'riiuu/tl 'I'lit’tiiri"l:liurs 19- Sat ll Scichfcmwrfiguiirkfi SEIIhCClt- l Jan. 0236 732887. [)rllnl(‘/itl[)t’/ ' 0' 8 Op: n "'9 or 8 ea re “Pd '8 (Irit’m )luvt’r/ ll'nrkt’rs’ (it’llll't’. (flux '(m‘

Jan. 7pm. Free But Numbers [.imitedso ' Mun 3’; Jim. “4] “(you)” (ii-(icimfik , Please Book in Advance. The first ofa [840(‘mm,’ (yidvhunkni-U'L. 341nm,“ ' . , .. . , new sericsof workshops aimed at 953 1599; (mu-film] '/‘/,‘.(,,n._ jin-dun/U'IL encouraging people living in Scotland who (l-luwmixi‘hurg3i, k Hi 37' in” ‘i‘ p. I m I j are interested irt writing or directing for a The Sash 7:34 Swiiiimr my“ unit” the 0 t the 511‘g9- Thc “"lrk-‘lmp" “l” "U" new artistic directorshipofDavid a l iinivuh'c “mm in "Cling ""ddircmng' 'Havman. start the new year with a x t 53 cirectorsinwriti i; ii“ vei' v ' .- . -. r .. pcoplc to nihilinziséii'ilir “m ‘Ifi’ffft‘ii'ilili’litifftiilitiiiitllffCHI???" 24 January—1 2 Mam" performance. Playwright John (‘lifford {.Cgi. wutrmvrgmi Mk,” i-ir‘st smiled. ' EW SEASON 0F THEATRE 8t DANCE will lead this first session on writing forthe Mubmjllun'x play centres on the g Tues 24-SUI1 29 Jan at 7.30pm theatre. Al” “striations:rcircc- 11m! .WU dyed-in-tlie-wool Loyalist Bill E POLL AXED! “W “mng .“ 1“ "'5“ I“ 0" ' mi“ “‘“CC‘ Mac\\'illiam. as he re wares forthe 9 Poll-Axed! —The Peasants Bevolt'l‘ue ' ()range Walk ~ andpreciently .‘ylacMillan's E The Peasants Revo" 24—Sun 2‘) Jan. 7.30pm. £3.5(l(£2.5ill. sequel. The Funeral. was premiered at the L“, by James poulter Sunday all s'eats £2.50. James Poulter in a ~110nihuma (nut-gate, rem-mi}, see ‘Stinging contemporary re/evance' one-man show takinga comic look at the Pane-l, . . . . lit-*1 limC it P0“ TM “HS iliiriidlis‘t‘tl 1331 , .llueiiiini 'l'lit’uirt'. Irvine'l'ue 2+ 'l‘hurs 2f) . . . . _ and what happened as a result. See liari. 7.30pm. £3.5ll(£2,5ii), 'I‘our ' r O t o t (mes-tim- lcumtnuc» BOX OFFICE 031 226 2633

EYDT will concentrate on jazz, disco

and contemporary and will make D. f i ,

performance theirmain aim. llyou are mm mm memess'

over 10 (and upwards), why notify out New Comedy from the Highlands and Beyond!

at the open auditions [of to be FaUltllne Cabaret PrOUdly Presents

held at St Bride’s Community Centre, DrweIITerrace at6pm on 18 January. For adults with a drive to perform,

Sheridan is forming an Adult Performance Group to meet on Friday

‘. . . tartantry taken for a ride from which it will probably never recover.‘

evenings from 5-7pm. Another Dance , The H’gh/and News . . Attic highlight is the Saturday morning . o - a group W'th enormous Potent'al- classes with Lindsay John (see photo), The 500t3ma’7 ' l - ~ We" in 3'18 "iterating properties 0' Appearing at the PEARCE INSTITUTE GOVAN

Lindsay John, one at this month's creative daflce° "'3 ser'es 0' 9'9” Classes 18th 8, 19th January at 7_30pm

“"“lmhmo “fig” ""14 Jam” 3"“ 3'9 “9"” ‘° and at the TRON THEATRE, GLASGOW a .

TWO STEPS FORWARD in Giasgow ihe monih begins wiih me 20th—22nd January at 7.30pm

Crack open the New Year by signing up return of Laurie Booth, easily one of

with one of the dance classes which Britain's most creative new dancers. A

bounce into 1989. Both cities have their January residency at Third Eye Centre

share. will produce the opening performance

At the end of last year Edinburgh’s of the centre’s second New Moves

dance scene expanded just a little with season which runs until March. As well

the appointment ol a dancer-in- as working on his new piece Terminus

residence for the city. Sheridan Nicol, - Terminux, Booth will also be taking

already well known in the area for her unmissable classes throughout the , ,

jazz classes, is based at the King's residency. IWOI'PTE’ 5 COmE’d’f

Theatre in a space dubbed Dance Attic. New looks too in Glasgow’s

Though notas central asthe Assembly permanentdance facilities. Julie

Booms (they are closed fora year while Kilpatrlck atthe tender age of 22 has A vivacious new Scottish translation

essential renovations are carried out) just opened the Glasgow Academy of by Hector MacMillan

the Let's Dance classes are varied and Dance, a large studio in Queen Street 13 IA N U A RY-4 [3 [EB RU A RY

regular and should be sought out. which will offer a range of classes

Aspartolherresidency, Sheridan throughouttheweek.From balletto NOWSHOMNG Mon-Sat 7.45pm (from £2.50)

has begun work on the new Edinburgh Spanish, there should be something to Youth Dance Theatre, which along with interest most people, particularly Spring, 3 youth group already beginners. More on that next issue. For established In the area, gives the city's details of all the above classes see young enthusiasts plenty of scope. listings. (Alice Bain)

(031’ 229 9697

Matinee 28 January 3.15pm (£3.00)

The List 13 26 January 23