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It's been a very good year on the whole torThe Darling Buds; trom cult indie favourite to the status of a major label act, and with an encouraging showing in the music press‘s end-ol-the-year

who lound themselves heading the ‘Best New Band’ categories, The Darling Buds have proven themselves by playing tirelessly the length and breadth ol Britain. In the weekthattheir

Buds‘ singer Andrea states reasonably, ‘It‘s touring that‘s put us into the with whom the Buds are trequently compared, and The Darling Buds themselves, to a larger scale at success. Andrea, reminiscing about the beginnings ot the band in a bedroom with a portastudio, wasn’t tamiliar with The Primitives at the time, but acknowledges the intluence ot Edinburgh’s Shop Assistants on their songs.

The name, Darling Buds, originally lrom a Shakespeare sonnet betore being hijacked by HE. Bates, has always seemed to be deliberately provocative, throwing the image of tweeness back in the laces ot critics. Not at all, explains Andrea; itwas just a name they all liked. And so itwould appear. The much-delayed album, now due tor release towards the end ot January, is to be entitled ‘Pop Said’, continuing the Bates homages.

tending oil the dragon ot the synthesiser. The Darling Buds, Andrea will admit,

independent music that took place about three years ago —the class of ’86. It was a scene which polarised audiences; eitherthe most exciting phase at back-to-basics British music since punk, or a retreat to the security at adolescence, impenetrable to outsiders. While the grass roots at that scene seems to have moved on, it

Despite now being a part at the huge CBS empire, the Buds retain an indetinable aura ot ‘indie' which shows in their loyal core at tans, their attitude and the directness at their songs. Their singles, like ‘Burst‘, ‘lt’s All Up To You’ and the new 45 ‘Hit The Ground’, are built on the most basic of chord progressions, melodies and arrangements. ‘The simple things really work,’ says Andrea, recalling

' some of her tavourite songs. ‘Like Hot

Chocolate’s “Emily”, that's one at my tavourite songs. And The Rolling Stones‘ “Under My Thumb". Definitely

1 simplicityisthe mostimportantthing.

All our songs are so simple anyone could do them.’

Although The Darling Buds seem to lack the competitive instinct the Eighties pop machine demands, Andrea is glad olthe major label deal her band has attained, and teels that the charts are improved by her songs, and those at The Primitives and The House at Love. However, the band's interest in playing the game is limited.

‘We’re quite happy with CBS. We signed through Native, an independent label, and we told CBS when they wanted to sign us that they couldn‘t package us. We had to tour, do it slowly and our own way. We’re not really bothered about the charts. lt we don‘t do itthis time it'll happen anothertime. At the end at the day we don't take the major charts all that seriously.‘ (Mab)



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I Level 42 Playhouse Theatre. Greenside Place. 557 25‘)“. Last of three nights. See Sat 14.

I Johnny Sunbeam Negoeiants. l_othian Street. 22(l 1708. 9.45pm. Free. I.l’out some time in the near future from this local talent.

I Southbound Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3810. 9.30pm. Free.



I The Supernaturals l.a 'I‘amere. l5 l'ox Street. 221 48-14. 0pm. l’ree.

I Bobby Wishart l lalt liar. loll\\'omllands Road. 332 12 Ill. 9pm. l‘iee. l.ongrunning resideney \y hieh should be seen at some stage. ey en t'or non lit/.1. l'ans.


I Tex Fillet Five Negoeiants. Lothian Street. 225 (i313. 0.45pm. Free. linjoy‘able tongue-in-eheek country and western. not lor the purists.

I Guilty Party Preservation l tall. Victoria Street. 2263816. 9.30pm. Free.

I Live band (‘ay'ern. ('oyy gate. 226 SM].

WEDNESDAY 18 Glasgow

I Heal Politique him. so Miller Street. 2-18 285‘). lllpm. l-‘ree. Having been told otlt'or constantly relering to an early gig (yyhiehl didn‘t like) I eonseientiously yyent alongto see Real l’olitique again last year tosee hoyy they had developed and matured. they hadn't . . . and they are responsible tor a well intentioned but terribly unsympathetic rendition ol'(iabriel's Biko.

I Kilt House [.a 'I‘aniere. 15 Fox Street. 221 4844.913111. l-‘ree. ()ne ol. the best uuality'


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