.f‘fiy-n}. 7' 2:23."; “ii-1'?

’0" '

I Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena Argyle Street. ( i3. 35" 2525. ‘)attt--lll.3(lpm"days. £1.5ll(‘)llp). Facilities: Besides the enormous athletics track and other sports halls. there is a state-ol-tlte-art multt-gy ttt. As yet. tltere are no lull-time instructors. bttt attendants are Usually ay ailable elscys here iii the bttilding. l'nder 16s are not admitted without authorisation. and only those with experience should use the machines.

I Mclnlay‘s Place 41) Annick Street. (332. "'78 Hill“. I lain l(lpm (\somen Mon. \Ved. I‘t'i only : tttett 'l'ue. ‘l'hu. Sat only : closed Sun ). Admission £3.50. I’acilities: multi-gy ttt \\llll qualilied instructors in attendattcc. sauna. stcatttt'oom. sunbeds ( 5llp pet “I mins). \y ltil‘lballt. \lloolsct‘. pool. llVe-it-sltle l(ltill‘illl

I Marco's Leisure Centre 'l'ctttplelott Street. ( i4“. 551 "08.1. ‘lam l(l.3llpnt 7 days. \s itlt ‘esecutty e workout' sessions Mon and \Ved. starting at 7am. Annual tttentbership £241l1or instalmentsamounting to Bill): or £30 plus LI ."5 ( £ l .5“ belore 5pm) persessiott. I)ay tttcntbcrsltip

£2.75 L25”. I‘acilitics: the lltl’g‘c‘Sl multi-gy'ttt in Scotlattd. w ith lull instruction normally ayailable. lree weight area. running and row ing machines and aerobic cycles. l'ull-si/e sports hall w ith suspended jogging tracls. squash courts. saunas and sunbeds(3ll-mittutc sessions at £2.5(lordinary or £6.95 high—speed). I Olympic Plus Health Studios 1061) l’ollolssltayys Road. (i4 1 . (t-l‘lll335. Mortal-ti lllam l(lpm; Sat. Sun l(lam-—6pm. Iiaeh day is split itt two.

alternating sessions being lor men or '

women. (’all lor details. Mottthly membership: £15 appt'os. though Various dlll'ct'ent deals are ol let‘cd. I’acilities: listensiye keep-lit gy ttt. with tree weights attd tttachtnes. separate body-building gym. aerobics studio. sunbeds ( 5t lp pc r 5 [Hills on last-tan; £4.5llpct' 21) mins on high-power). sauna. steamroottt. qualilied instructors.

I Omega Sportplex 74 (ililsslttl'tl Street. (H.552 8258. Mott llllll's Ham—l(lpm; Sat Ill.3llam- 4pm; Sun 11am-4pm. (‘losed l‘t‘i. Annual membership £21). plus [2.5” per session. Monthly membership Bil—£27. (‘all IUl' details. l‘iacilities: Polaris multi-gy'm. cotttputet'iscd cycling and rowing tttachines. tree weights and last-tan suttbed ( £2 per 20 mitts). Instructor always ayailable. Martial arts training also takes place upstairs.

I Oasis 3 Bath Street. (i2. 33: 61192. Mon-Sat llam-—l 1pm: Sat. Sun noon—l(lpm. Admission: {l(l per session. Facilities: sauna. massage. small gym (no weights). sunbeds (included in admission charge).

I Richeys Fitness Club 1 l ()sys'ultl Street. (i2. 248 5-155. (also at 35 'I‘itchl‘ield Street. ls'iltttarnocls'. ()563

33233). Mon~-'l‘hurs lllam—lllpm; l‘ri

Ilium—9pm: Sat. Sun Ilium—5.30pm. Annual tttetttbership: £150 (lamin £250) or £24 ( l‘amily £34.50). plus £2.50 per visit. 6-monthly. 3-monthly. monthly and daily



Kenny at Omega suggests that the ideal diet might consist ol60 percent carbohydrate. 30 per cent protein and 10 per cent tat. Body builders may wish to increase protein or carbohydrate intake without eating enormous quantities or additional tats: (or this purpose there are various drink powders on the market. though you should not use these without taking inlormed advice. Multivitamins may also be usetul it you are trying to increase yourstrength.

Clearly (wo)man cannot slim by exercise alone. Whether you are trying to lose lat or gain muscle (which. incidentally. is heavier). tresh lruit and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. Raw. baked or steamed vegetables are best. since trying increases lat content, and boiling can break down uselul vitamins. So can salt. which in excess also causes hardening of the arteries and other dangerous conditions.

Red meats and sugar should be no more than an occasional indulgence. and white meats. dairy products and tish also contain considerable amounts ollat. Remember. alcohol is high in carbohydrates!

llyou fancy a sp0t ol sell-intliction. litness equipment tor use in the home is now readily available from a variety

01 sources. The cheapest items. such

l l l


as handgrips and counting skipping ropes begin at around £2: wrist weights. lightweight dumbells. chest expanders and sit-up bars weigh in at £6—£10. Mr Mackenzie ol Mackenzies sports shop recommends an exercise wheel at around £6 for an all-round workout at the lower end olthe market. It's the sort you push out and pull back. not the sort powered by trustrated gerbHs.

Exercise benches start at around £30—£40. and the weights which go with them cost about the same: a 50-kilo kit will set you back £40—£50. Rowing machines vary in price lrom £60 to £230 and normal jogging machines cost around £170. but an electronic one (which can also be used lorrehabilitation alteran accident) won‘tcome any cheaperthan

Oiversilied Products‘ model at £700. Exercise bikes. which are probably the most popular equipment. cost £24 upwards: the top-ol-the-range Tunturis lrom Finland start at a cool £400. Your

own multi-gym it you can allord the space begins at around £200: obviously. the sky's the limit.

Take advice lrom stockists about the

bestequipmentloryourpurposes: and = howto use it. butdon‘tbetemptedto overspend orto use equipmentwithout

tully understanding its correct use.

Finally. rememberto take it easy: anorexia nervosa and damaged muscles are no joke. and overuse ol sunbeds can be a contributory cause 01 skin cancer.

Stockists GLASGOW

I Scotsport 170 Great George Street.

612. 334 2966. A selection ol weights. etc.

I Weider Health and Fitness 80 James Watt Street. 62. 226 4493. Specialists dealing in exercise equipment and powders made by Weider and others. EDINBURGH

I lntersport 84 Hanover Street. EH2. 2201228. Good selection at home gym equipment. with a special olteron mini-multi-gyms at the moment.

I Mackenzies. 17 Nicolson Street. EH8. 667 2288. Another broad range. with lriendly and inlormed advice on hand.

packages also as ailablc: call l'ot‘ details. l’acilities: l(tys'eekly' aerobics classes. large multi-gym with instructor. diet adyisory .set‘yice. sauna. steam room. \yhit'lpool spas. sunbeds ( £3 per 30mins or £2” lot 8 sessions). licensed bar. (‘urretttly' undergoing expansion attd rclurbishtttent. ()tte neys l'eature will be a women-only workout area.


I Bodylile Beauty and Fitness Works Belgt'ay‘e I lall. ('orstot'phine: lias'tcraigs Primary School: \Valpote llall. ('ltestet‘ Street: ( ilt‘l (ittidc (‘entre. Melyille Street; l loly (TUSS llall. l)ay'idsott Mains; Theatre School. St Stephen Stt'eel. limes y‘ary. All details: 33‘)83()5. £l~l.5ll lot' It) lessons: {I .8“ lor single lessons. Please book. ()ualit‘ied l'itness instructor Ann .lones giy'es classes at the above yenues on Mon A'l'ltut's eyenings and Sun allet'tlootts. Absoltttc beginners to adyanced. Also oy'er 5(ls' class on Wed 1 lattt. I Body Talk 54a l.othian l louse. Semple Street. Iil I3. 228 2426. l(lam- l(lpm 7 days. £2 per lesson. 35 (’ardio-y'ascular Illness classes. including circuit training. body-sculpting ( upper-body toning ttsing hand-held weights). yoga and dance. All teachers are qualified. there is also a shop selling exercise accessories. I Carlton Club ('arlton Hotel. North Bridge. 5568878. Mon-I-ri 7am-- 1 1pm; Sat 8'- ]()pm. ()pen 365 days. Annual membership £411) (special offers lor couples. families. companies. single parents. ()Al’s etc). Reciprocal arrangements with hotel-based health




“Mens Sana tn (‘orpore Sana"

I f The Specialists tn .S‘ltmmrng

T i Separate lactltttes [or men and women.

.' 1 Open 7 days a week.

T I Individually planned programmes.

I I Fully qualified and professronal instruction. i ‘1 Fully equipped modern gym.

3 ? Full range of beauty treatments. I

' I Sunbed and plunge p001.

031 225-333 1 / 3337



and Fitness.


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