go es access to reductions at hotel sports shop and restaurants. Large. luxurvelub open to hotel guests tree and non-members on one-oil rates. liacilities include: swimming. squash. classes in aerobics. sell-delence circuit training and dance (all tree). g} innasium vvith machines and tree \veights. jacuzzis. sunbeds ( £3 £3 per 31) mins). bar and iood bar.

I Commonwealth Pool l)alkietlt Road lil l lb. (107 7311.‘)am—‘)pm7 dav s. Ll .-l() per session. plus L3. ll) returnable deposit. Minimum ol'one hour's access to gvm. plus one hour‘s access to pool. Facilities: Mtllli gun and sauna. \\ ith instructor available at all limes. and lull supervision e\ccpt bel\\ een lprn and (rpm.

(‘ircuil training(inixed) isol‘l'ered on ,

.\lon. \Ved. l’ri evenings. price as above. Also \vomen‘s aerobics sessionson ’l'ue. 'l‘hurs evenings. price 05p plus L3 returnable deposit. (‘reche available. (‘losed until 3‘).lan.

I The Edinburgh Club 2 llillside ('I’escclil. lil l7. 550 88-15.

0.30am 9.30pm; but dillercnt limes apva (or men and women (mixed and separate sessions) phone l‘or details. Basic annual membership: L3S5. but a vv ide v aricl_v ol' deals operate. including corporate (shared) membership. Facilities: 33 llt‘l‘til‘lc‘s c‘lltssc'S pervs eck. ' multi-gv m. hi-lech litness room. squash court. saunas. iacuz/i. plunge pool. karate. iudo. snooker.

lcle\ ision. beaulv lherapv. All

EXERCISE DISCRETION Some Health Clubs have a reputation lor sales pitches to rival those at holiday time-share company representatives. and it goes without saying that this should arouse suspicion on the part of prospective members. ltyou teel browbeaten, do not give in: it‘s probably an indication that you're being otteredsomething

sessions are supervised. and each member has personal illness programme.

I Marco's Leisure Centre 55 (irovc Street. lil l3. 338 31-11. Vain—l 1pm 7 davs. Annual membership £340: or instalments amounting to £300; or £30 plus {1 .75 (£1.5(lbel'ore 5pm) per visit. l)a_v membership

£3.75 £3.50. l’acililics: .'\erobicsand circuit training classes everv dav; lree vveights and multi-gvm. vv ith separate areas for beginners and lull supervision: squash courts. saunas. sunbeds ( £3.50 per 30 mins). beaulv salon.

mm:- up...

. 7 19‘”: f“: 9‘ i‘ 1‘ 9 if s T ' lurk-‘25:. - m‘.ss;;‘L..m'+l‘%a-it'.t. ." . " .


you may not want.

Unless you‘re completely satislied with the first club you visit. shop around and don’tcommityourselt. Some clubs otter tree trials or one-oil visits at a nominal charge. Many have short-term (even one-day) membership deals, so think twice before signing longer-term contracts. Fitness tests, which are otlered by some clubs on or before joining, are not always the good idea they might appear. As Browns‘ stall pointed out. your fitness can be much more accurately assessed after a workout than after a tiresome, calleine-soaked day behind a desk, and fitness tests should best be seen as a measure at progress.

Prices do vary quite considerably, so decide what tacilities you want and then look torthe best deal.

I New Town Health Club 51 liasl ('laremont Street. lfl l7. 557 034‘). Mon—Fri lllam—lllpm: Sat lilam—bpm; Sun lllam~ 5pm. Annual membership: £300 ( ioinl £350); l-month. 5-month. o-monlh and one-oll rates also available. l’acililies: Large gvm vvilh separate areas lor free weights and machines. l-l aerobics classes per week (members £1;non-members £1.50).

sauna and jacuzzi (separate times (or

men and vvomen ). sunbeds (members [3; non-membe rs L4 tor 30 mins). judo. karate.

I Nova Spa Sheraton l lolel. l.olhian

5 $581,: ., .. . .. Road. lil l3. 330-168. Mon—Fri 7am~ Itlpm; Sat 7am——Spm: Sun [Ham-8pm. Annual membership: {.‘xllllcouple £4151l'amilvt-i75: restricted oil-peak [305); day membership (or hotel residents: £5. Shorter-term memberships available. lacilities: l’olaris multi-gvm. plus tree \veighls. e\ercise c} cles. running machine and instructorsavailable. svvimrning pool. iacu/xi. sauna. sunbeds

(£3.50 £3.50. depending on time of dav. (or 30 mins).

I Olympic Figure and Fitness Club ()1 l.olhian Road. lil l3. 33‘) 530‘).

' \Vomen: .\lon. \Ved Illam-‘lllpm: Fri

10am—9pm: Sun: 3 bpm. Men: ’l'ue. 'l‘hurs Ilium» llipm: Sal lilam—bpm:

Sun lllam-3pm. Annual

membership: £305 ( montth deals

', available). Facilities: l‘iree \veighls and machines. saunas and sunbeds


l £3 [or St) inins).

I West End Health Club lo sial‘tortl Street. lill3.3353531 7. Mon—l-ri ll)am—-‘)..‘sllpm; Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 10am-3pm. Separate lacililies (or men and vvomen available at all times. Annual membership: L353. concessions lor l‘amilies and companies. Short-term memberships available bv special arrangement. l’acilities: Non-machine g_v mnasium vvith ex-services instructors. saunas. plunge pools. relaxation areas. sunbeds (members £3: non-members £5.50). beaulv salon. all in (ieorgian surroundings.


L o N G‘WINTER‘? WHY NOT . . .


L\ \L£\89 retuflin 5 £189 law ge\e a\\ab\e

Coach Connection to London £ | 5 return both offers


The Hub

Hillhead St, Glasgow G12 Tel: 041-357 0608

Open: Monday to Friday 9.30— 5.00

Strathclyde University Students’ Associatiom

Level 3,

90 John Street, Glasgow G1 11H Tel: 041-559 2867

AMSTERDAM from £69 BRUSSELS from £75 BERLIN from £ I69

Price includes 2 nights b & b. with travel ex London

‘Entry by Reciprocity J

50 36 Januarv