I Woman (31. divorced) w ishcs to nteet genuine ntan with good sense of humottr for relationship. Wide-ranging interests include tltcatre. filnt. music. eating iit out etc. Box No 83 3.

I Wanted single people to

joiit ltelp run small inforntal social clth for people If interested irt outings to pubs. clubs etc. (ilasgow area. Write

itow for Xmas New Yearouting.

BU\ NUS.“ lit. I Good-natured man i 2m

intelligent. goodlooking. funny.

likes music. com ersation aitd quiet evenings. Seeksbrigltt. loy iitg. stable woman lor lasting relationship. ltdinburgh area. Bm NoSJ l.

I I'm 26. Female. attractive. intelligent witty (slightly yuppie). It you are similar ntale. let's nteet and take the new year by stoi m lpltoto appreciated t. (ilasgow area. Bos 84 S.

I Senior executive (36) seeks attracti\e fentalc IS 0 toshare interests iit tltinking. films.

music. cottrttry life. theatre. laughs. Nice lifestyle that you could add to. Phone number please. Will answer. Box No 8-1 9.

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are desigrted for indiv idtials to nteet other individuals for lzl

relationships. We reserve the rigltt to refuse arty ads ertisement w itltottt explanation. Circulars. prontotional literature attd offensive ntaterial are not forwarded where discoy ercd. If you rect iv e such ntaterial witlt -\Utlt' Box replies please let tis . know . Write. enclosing the material. to: (‘lassified .»\ds l )ept (ti iii/11' /.ls’!.

I Male (34) good natured. likes

: swimming. ltillwalking. csploring life arid the rttega

y erse iit all its forms. seeks sane. healthy friendship relationship with anotlter atlyenturous man (professiottal'.’ 37-40). Bos No SJ lll.

I Beethoven (30) seeks immortal beloved for ntusic. opera.


- .- s W “$9,. 3. ~-

cirtema. travel aitd possibly namenlose l’rcude. (ilasgow area. Box Nos-1 I l.

I Glasgow male (41) tall. good-looking witlt a demanding career. politically on left. seeks lemalelZS '~ ) to sltare lesisttre activities such as ciitettta. theatre. squash. tra\el. l’ltoto appreciated. Boy Noh’i l

THIS IS MEBUTISITYOU? Serious when rtot silly. l-ullot common sense aitd romantic

dreams. Kind as w ell as strong. Full of energy bttt enjoy tranquillity. Masculine yet honest. This 33. (ill. muscular gay seeks a ntate of like-minded aitd sporty atttttide for relationship. All letters answered w itlt photo. Box NoSJ l2.

ITaII slim male (30)gtma natured (yes I would say attractive). linjoys tltcatre. music. lite. Seeks friendly male (25 .ifillor healthy friendship. l’hoto appreciated bttt not essential. Box Nos.‘ 2.

I Attractive male (30). tall. sllltt.

arid sporty . seeks attractiy c

tentale for evertings out and possible relationship. 21 + Edinburgh artd (ilasgow. Box N085 3.

I I‘m 26. single. of lrtdian

origin. intelligent. goodlookirtg.

linjoy music. theatre qttiet

cy citings at home seek wontatt with similar interests for meaningful relationship. (ilasgow area. Box NotS’5 4.

I Woman. 38. tunny. intelligent iii a 'caring profession'. would like to meet an hottest man who knows w ltat he's about attd

aw are of his ongoing growth as a person. Edinburgh. Box No

85 5.

I Green lett vegetarian male libertarian syntpatlties. interested itt countryside. rambling. philosophy. arts. books. music. sociology. Seeks female for walks. discussions. ltnt. warmth. learning. l'it137 and dislike smoking. Edinburgh area. l’hoto'.’ Box NoSS (t.

I Gay student new to(ilasgow. likes art. theatre. cinenta. music l any thing from Mozart to .\lorrisey land lots ofgoingout. looking for a similar person.

i Boy NoSS '7.

opera. tlteatre. literature. art. outdoorsand life.seeks

sltare interest in the arts.

I Handsome Edinburgh male mid 20s seeks irttelligertt and lively female to share interests in filrtt music travel food artd wine. All replies promptly answered. Box N085 b'.

I Young-looking. attractive intelligent professional woman (38) seeks tall. intellectual. practical. witty . caring man for relationship. Enjoys literatttrc. theatre. cinema. music. socialising. Box NotS‘S ‘I.

I Caring. unselfish v cry

broad openntinded. less well-off. lonely male (3‘)). seeks similar unattached fentale

(3-1 ~ ) for lasting relationship friendship. \L‘\ll;tl pleasures. sltare interests. conversation aitd more. Dislikes include discos. drinkers. heavy smokers. gambling. politics. religions. drugs. (ilasgow area. Box No 85 til.

I Male student (19) qttiet but caring. entotional arid v ery musical. enjoying concerts.

fcntale contapanionship to

Box No 85 ll.

lfoit one of these dark and damp evenings I bumped iitto you in Princes Street. blindfolded you. birled you as it for a gantc of "fail on the Donkey". took you on a mystery tour and led you to our kitchen where you could hear. sec aitd touch nothing. aitd asked you to guess by I your nose alone where you thought you were. you would probany plump for Beijing. For at a certain hour of the day. when in sweltering : New York a saxophonist blows a cool and sexy breeze while white-vested Marlon suckles a bottle of Budweiser. or iii ()lde England. when lowing herds wind wearily o‘er the lea. the pipes in this venerable r tenement lturtt the sweet and sottr * ttnte ofan ()riental menu. It is as insidious as cltip fat or sottp stock. creeping iii and clinging on and hanging around like the last guest at a party. 'l‘here is no getting away from it. Wlten I got tip this morning I swear the Earl (irey in my Royal Botanics' mug tasted of prawns g marinaded iit soya sauce. Btit like everything else you get used to it and learn to cope. So on a raw .lanuary morning every window is open. the heating is turned off. and every door isajar toallow the air tocirculate. It is perislting. bttt iit art hour or two the smell will be dilttted by a bouquet of coal smoke. brine and cltarred toast. and we will be back where we started.

Here we are the banana in a fritter. sandwiched between two (‘hinese families. This is art exotic stair comprised of five fanflung families and us: balkirk. Fife. the Far East. Easter Road and Norway. flotsam washed up on the shore of the l-‘irth of Forth. Discounting children. I ant the ottly indigenous inhabitant. Bttt 3 one of the ('hinese families is flitting. to the city. to ntore apartments. at garden and a new carry-out. For the '



Moving out and moving on. Sadly this will be the last of Alan Taylor‘s East Life columns for the present. at least. His departure will leav * a big hole on the page and in the magazine. so all we can really say is. let‘s hope it‘s just an revoir. And mind how you go.

past few days the contents of their house have been exposed on the pavement: stereo speakers. a

bath room cabinet. coat-hangc rs and cardboard boxes stuffed with bed linen. towels and net curtains. Mr Lee ltas his car-boot open in anticipation of a fresh cargo and he has the look of a man who will be glad when it is all over.

They will be gone for good soon artd I don't suppose we will see them again. I never got to know them well but they were nice people to live on top of because they were quiet and courteous artd kept themselves to themselves. We are still not sttre who is moving in. Rumour has it that the buyers are of l lellenic extraction which would mean rtmning up another flag but we're taking that with a pinch of taramasalata. 'l‘rue. when asked who the new owners are. l.oy did say ‘(ilcek'. but her English is as polished as my ('hinese and she may have thought she had been asked a completely different question. like the origins of Nana

Mouskouri or'l‘elly Savalas. llc'd be handy to hay e around if you wanted to strike a match. thit the ‘l-‘or Sale‘ sign was tip we vetted every caller front a crack in the curtains because w e don‘t wattt anyone with animals. 01' children. ()r aged parents. ()r a drum kit. ()r a ntania for DIY. Wltat we'd really like are 'I rappist monks with their (‘ity and (iuilds' iit plumbing and electrical work who will happily spend the summer behind a lawnmower. Fat chance.

Sttch is life in the boondocks. Apart from the odd flight away —— for love. money or education l have lived iit this backwater all my life. I was born here. raised here. ntade literate and semi-nunterate here. took my first drink in the l lole in th' Wa' nearby the Seaman's .‘ylission aitd kissed my first girl at a party a few doors along from where I live today. She is probably still there. I always have to make excuses for living here btit none worth a discarded 'I‘ote ticket.

The truth is I live here because here I belong. lt‘s ccrtairtly not much ofa place to look at. The lliglt Street is like high streets everywhere: cheap shoe shops. chain butchers. Boots. Woolworth. a (‘o-op. a municipal building that I would ltappily help Prince (‘harles dynamite. Even I cart remember proper haberdaslters and hardware shops reeking of paraffin. teeth-tingling confectioners and grocers who cttred their own hartt. I‘ll be weeping buckets soon if I keep this tip. Bttt age has not been kind to it. There are just a few fishing boats in Fisherrow harbour. Only the steel mill still operates where once were produced bales of cotton arid paper arid mostly people commute to Edinbttrgh to pen-push. lt ttscd to be a compact little town bttt the market gardeners sold off land to builders and Legoland was borrt. lettingout another notch oit the greenbelt and inching Musselburgh inexorably nearer to Edinburgh. ()n the new estates there are no shops. pubs or public places. just dinky houses with manicured gardens. It could easily be Sttrbiton. [espect those who live on the outskirts never see this part of town. where the river is lazy and there is open space. a mean sltinglc beach and the sea. lthiitk Mr Lee might miss that when he goes.

This is my last East Life. Like downstairs I don‘t know who the new occupant will be. 'l‘here is a move afoot to change the name above the door attd l have heard mooted Dog's Life to give it sortie bite. Easy Life (followed by a flood ofapplications from the BB(‘) arid Facts of Life. which could be instructive. Anything bttt Dunroamin'. l'm offto the library ntyself but if yott see me in the Doricor the Oxford I’m on St) -. But for now as (‘herry used to say before he was taken in hand by his social worker— mind how you go.

The List l3 26 January 55