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HEIDI]! £350 Imagine having £350to spend in 7th Wave, one of Scotland’s newest and most impressive ski shops. A dream. . .? Or it could be a nightmare . . . the choice isso huge and the names exclusive. Would you blow the lot on a . | one piece Reina/terski suit or an O’Neill, or Powderhorn or

Ouiksilveror 100% Mambo? You could of course getskis trom Dynamic, Hossignol, Blizzard or Lange and then choose a pair of bindings to suit: Geze Markeror Tyrolia; or - even boots by Tecnica, Lange or Reich/e. . . Alternatively 4 you could always go tor a snowboard, but then you’d have to choose from the biggest stock in Scotland!

Foryour chance to enjoy the dilemma of working outwhat’s l best for you while receiving expert advice from the staff at 7th Wave, simply answer the question and return the form by 3 February when the draw will take place. The winner will be given £350 to spend in 7th Wave, 30 StGeorge’s Road, Glasgow.

In what position did Britain’s Eddie Edwards finish in the last Winter Olympics ski jump competition? ;

Scottish Tourist Board

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CHARING CROSS MANSIONS, 30 ST. GEORGE’S ROAD, GLASGOW. Send in 7th WAVE companion The List, 041 - 331 1432 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 ITE.


Many thanks to Maggie Lennon Irom Collection: Alex Ross, Caitriana Park, ( . ' Waterstones and allthe publishers who [Laura Thomson, Lydia Oemisse, Andy I helped out with our bumper £1200 iJardine, Mick Bradley. Brian Tierney, ‘, 3 I Christmas book competition which had (Barry Oubber(allGIasgow). GailAddis i many readers racking their brains. The 7(Highbanton). S. Greenhorn T ' With Iessthanthree monthsto go before the implementation at the answersmthe QUBSIIOBS are 33 HFaUldhOUSBI. 00”" HYS'ODINBW i poll tax. James Poulter is bringing his topical one-man comedy IOIIOWSI The Scotsman‘sponsmed CumHOCk). Bi” Mavburv (Coalbfidgel. ' ‘Poll-Axed—the Peasants Revolt’ to the Traverse Theatre, Saltire Society Book of the YearAward onhn Benham (Oalmuir), F. McDonnell Grassmarket. Edinburgh, Irom 24 January, Ina lasidilcn attempirn wentto NeaIAschersonIorGames With I(Renlrew). Sarah Morton. Gordon redistribute the wealth to the people, The List is oIIering three pairs Shadows and '0 Tom Nairn torThe iHastie. Alan Smart, Ewen MacDonald, ) oItickets to seethe show on 27 January,Andin addilinntoapairni Enchanted Glass. DanielAuteuilwon )PauIHine and R. Collier(all ' tickets. the FirstPrize winnerwill receivea copy olthe Traverse 25 the BfiIiSh Academy Awafdmfhis lEdinbUfghl- : Year Souvenir Brochure (£2.95)! The revolution starts here, pertormances in Manon Des Sources } No problems remembering that the ' Allyou have to dois answerthe question and return thetorm quickly and Jean De Florette. John Lennon‘s Frank Sinatra standard goes ‘Chicago by 24 January whenthe draw willtake place. Winners will be two books wereln His Own Write and , is my kindatown‘. and Alison Brown notilied by telephone. ASpaniard In The Works.The ((Glasgow). Andy Cloquet(Dunblane) Edinburgh Boox Festival takes place i and Sarah Cole (Edinburgh) each won a When was (he (as) time (he government introduced a no” tax? every two years. The Scottish book ( meal Ior tour including wine at Chicago prizes went to Anna Johnson, ; Meatpackers. 50 Hope Street. A; 1381 3; 1381 c: 281 R. Cunningham, Andrew Eadie (all 3 Glasgow. Glasgow). Tom Preston (Airdrie) and Naples was the Italian city which Name ...................................................... .. A- Whnefie'd (L°"d°")° The film “00" matured as a meme i" '35‘ Years """"""""""""""""" " prizes went to V.Thornton(Glasgow). Edinburgh Festival. Karen Winning Address ............................................................................ .. Michael Quail (Paisley), Marie Grant won a Valvona 8. Crolla hamper, ......................... H (Oumbarton).Julie Tomlinson and C. Michael Farrellwon six bottles at . """""""""""""""""""""""""" Mahoney(both Edinburgh). The rock Italian wine and Kenneth Lindsay wona f . .45 ...... .. ' .......................................................... .. book prizes went to Shopna Patrick, panettone, all thanks to Valvona & y Daytime”. Brian Johnston (both Glasgow), Fiona Crolla, Elm Bow, Edinburgh. _ ‘. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° -- Campbell (Bathgate), Paul Lynch I Only one entry per person/per Evening Te| ..................................... H (Paisley) and Wendy Boss (Edinburgh). competition. It you are entering more " The general book prizes went to than one competition you need use 0. Aitken, Stuart Swanston, R. Plant only one envelope, butplease make ) . (all Edinburgh)and Teddy Jamieson surethatthe names olALLthe I - (Stirling). competitions you are entering are . Send to TRAVERSE COMPETITION, The List, Thankyou to everyone who returned clearly marked on the outside. - 14 High Street. Edmburgh EH11TE. ourreadership survey and Employees at The Listare ineligibleto - congratulations to Jackie Brown who enter. The decision ot the competitions ..«-~...\ wonayearpasstothe GFT and the editorislinal. Winners will be notilied . Grosvenor and to Moira Purves who by post or phone. There are no cash won a year pass to the Filmhouse and alternatives to the prizes ottered. "I ' the Cameo. Thelollowing people wona Winners“ names will be publishedina >5 copy ot Bryan Perry’s The Ultimate Iuture edition at The List.

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