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Our on-the-spot news team reports long queues of ex-yuppies, lager louts, vegan skinheads and die-hard audiophiles (the latter in anoraks adorned with trainspotters' badges) outside our store.

This horrible cross-section of modern society has been brought together by the crazy savings on offer at Richer Sounds.

For example: the thing most sane people add to their hi-fi system is a Cassette deck. so check our offer on the IVC Tux-102 (a snip at £59 but only if you bring this ad!)

Another new- year budget beater from Richer - add this super- slimline semi-automatic turntable to your system. Features include tone-arm lift-lower, 33 & 45 RPM speeds and a clear acrylic cover. Matching high-quality cartridge only £5 extra!

You get Dolby 8, meaning hiss-free recordings - and it's compatible with most in-car gear. Flash features include LED peak level meters; smart soft touch controls; Metal tape facility (for Bon jovi freaks); tape counter(for the fastidious): and headphone/mic sockets (for the adventurous). Well made, a classy black finish - and going fast so move fast!

Finally: about systems. If you're thinking of buying a complete system, remember our 3 Golden Rules: 1. Many dealers don 't have the range of product to let you mix & match components to your ideal choice; Z.We do; 3. Our systems start from around £100 -

Our Sanyo superdeal - a top-value, high quality stereo brand newand ’11”? guaranteed! amplifier, providing 20 watts per channel output power, 3 '7’ 3&3? ‘gfi'fi/‘W 41 .7 '3

plentiful inputs for your turntable, cassette deck, tuner and compact disc player. Separate bass and treble controls and “brushed silver" finish. A bargain at any volumel!


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