Arnold Scharzenagger in Red Heat.“

('ameo. I Stormy Monday ( 15) 2'": ( Mike Figgis. 1'K. 1988) Sting. Tommy Melanie (iriffith. Sean Bean. 96 mins. As Newcastle‘s America Week gets into full sw ing. ruthless American businessman ('osmo (Tommy Lee Jones) isfrustrated in his effort to buy tip the whole ofthe waterfront by recalcitrant jazz clubowner l-‘inney ( Sting). As he begins to use physical threats. his girlfriend (Griffith) strikes tip a relationship with Einney's right hand man ( Bean). a liaison which is to place both of their lives in danger. Ambitious effort which seeks to blend the domestic detail of British realism with the taut verve of the American gangster flick. liiggis at times creates a visual style poised somewhere between Edward

Hopper and Michael Mann. but ultimately

a predictable narrativ e sabotages much of the film‘s potential. Glasgow: (‘annon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cameo. Strathclyde: AMC Clydebank If). I Strange lnvadersi 15 ) (Michael 1.aughlin.1'S. 1983) Paul 1.e Mat. Nancy Allen. Kenneth Tobey. 93 mitts. An alien survey team arrives on Earth duringthe 195tls and returns three decades later under the mistaken assumption that copying the dress and attitudes they learnt on their first visit will enable them topass as Eighties earthlings. Engaging comic pastiche of B-movie alien invader extravaganzas. but not without its moments oftension. Glasgow: Gl’l". I Taxi Driver( 18) (Martin Scorsese. CS. 1976) Robert De .\'iro. (‘ybill Shepherd. .lodie lioster. 114 mins. An alienatedtaxi driver in New York is so repelled by the squalor and the moral decay around him that he is driven to terrible violence. ()ne of the key films ofthe ‘7tls withthe Scorsese-De Niro partnership at its peak. (ilasgow : (3171'. I A Time To Die ( 15) (Jorge Ali Triana. Colombia Cuba. 1985) Gustavo Angarita. Sebastian ()spina. 98 mins. After eighteen years in jail. a convicted murderer returns to his small home town only to await the thirst for rev enge ofthe two sons whose father he killed.

l‘rom a screenplay by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. this is a very similar scenarioto that of numerous pot-boiling Westerns. but it does offer a skilled analysis ofthe historical and emotional ramificationsof the vendetta demanded by an absurd code of honour. Edinburgh: Edinburgh [Tniversity Film Society. I U2: Rattle And Hum (Phil Joanou. US. 1988) Bono. The Edge. Adam Clavton. l.arry Mullen. 91) mins. 12 on their worldwide Joshua Tree tour find themselves exploring the great tradition of American popular music as they record with BB. King and a llarlem Choir. before taking a trip to the Sun Studiosin Memphis where Elvis first recorded. Intriguing mix of stirring live footage and intimate documentary capturing a band in transition. though perhaps just a little too

much of the former. Edinburgh: Odeon. Central: Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon. I Veronico Cruz ( 15) fr (Miguel Pereira. Argentina 'L'K. 1988) Juan .lose Carmero. Gonzalo Morales. Rene ()laguivel. 9-1 mins. See panel. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ( PG) (Robert Zemeckis. CS. 1988) Bob lloskins. Joanna (‘assidy. Christopher Lloyd. 92 mins. 1.os Angeles. l949.and side by side with the human population live the Toons. the cartoon characters working in the movie business. Animated star Roger Rabbit is worried about his wife Jessica's faithfulness and hires private dick Eddie Valiant (Bob 1 loskins) to keep tabs on her. but this is merelythe prelude to the unravelling of a conspiracy that is to threaten the lives of all involved. and the very future of'l‘oontown itself.

An outstanding technical achievement for the credibility with which the cartoons interact with the human east and stylised sets. this surefire box office winner efficiently spoofs the film noir genre while milking its Tex Avery-styled highly physical sense of black comedy for all it‘s worth. The stars cope remarkably well. but all praise is due to the team behindthe cameras and on the animating boards. for they have returned a sense of wonder to the silver screen. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. ()deon. Edinburgh: Dominion. ()deon. Central: Caledonian. Cannon. Strathclyde: AMC Clydebank 1(1. Kelburne. ()deon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton.

I A World Apart ( 15) (Chris Menges. UK. 1988) Barbara 1 lershey. Jodhi May. Linda Mvusi. David Suchet. 113 mins. Basedon the experiences of screenwriter Shawn Slovo's teenage years in the South Africa ofthe early Sixties. the film followsthe arrest of her political activist mother and the resultant tensions this brings tobear on their relationship. However. the young girl's growing personal awareness ofthe injustices of apartheid lead her towards some sense of solidarity with her mum.

Well-handled and brilliantly acted domestic treatment of the moral evilsof the Johannesburg regime. which never opts for preachiness but offers an honest complexity that makes its powerful tale of learning and commitment all the more engrossing. Glasgow: (il’l‘.

I Yellow Earth ( PG ) ((‘hen Kaige. China. 198-1) Xue Bai. Wang Xequie. 89 mins. Kaige's extraordinary debut feature centres on the clash between the traditional values and the rituals ofa remote mountain tribe and the modernist drive towards Communist industrialisation. Edinburgh: National Museum Of Scotland. I Young Guns ( 18) (Christopher Cain. 118. 1988) Emilio Estevez. Charlie Sheen. Kiefer Sutherland. 1.ou Diamond Philips. 117 mins. ()ne William Bonney aka Billy the Kid ( Estevez) becomes a member ofa gang of hired bodyguards working for an English rancher (Terence Stamp). but when their boss is ambushed at the behest ofa rival (Jack l’alance) it's not long before a bloody gang war erupts.

This ambitious stab at breathing life into the Western's bullet-ridden corpse gains much from the bankable casting ofits brat-pack stars. but the overall impression is that they have more fun playingat cowboys than the viewer has watching them. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. Strathclyde: AMC Clydebank 1().WMR.

I Your Son And Brother ( PG ) ( Vasily Shukshin. L'SSR. 1963) Siberian director is at his most lyrical yet unsentimental in this exploration of rural values against the false lure ofthe city. While twoofhis youngest lads have departed from the country to seek their fortunes in an urban environment. an old man greets his eldest son's return with great joy. unaware that the latter has escaped from prison and must return. Glasgow: GFl'.






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