Carol Kidd is already widely held to be Britain‘s leading mainstream jazz singer, and not only within the confines of her native Scotland. Her carefully rationed concert appearances, radio broadcasts, and three best-selling (in jazz terms) records have established a strong core following for the lady, but it may well be that 1989 will see her make an even wider breakthrough.

In the past couple of years. Carol, who began singing professionally as a fifteen year-old straight from school. has divided her attentions between her singing career and establishing her hotel business at the Lochsidc House in Garelochhead. but now hopes to be able to devote much more time to doing what comes most naturally.

‘l started singing with a trad jazz band when 1 left school, and I really enjoyed if for a while, but in the end I found it a bit limiting. Working with my own trio, rather than just being the singer in a band, i feel I am much more able to be myself, to do what i really want to do. Having said that, there are a lot of areas 1 would now like to try to develop. I love working with strings, for example. or with a big orchestra. lt stretches your whole repertoire, and your feeling for a song.‘

Carol‘s feeling for a song, and especially for her favoured ballads, is currently second to none in her field, and the prospect of her being able to concentrate even more on singing is surely an enticing one. Assembly Music‘s Roger Spence is already working on a major project for Carol later this year, although he is keeping the exact nature quiet for now, and it would be a major surprise if she did not figure prominently in at least one of the jazz festivals.

Nonetheless, although she admits her biggest influences were male singers like Mel Torrne and Tony Bennett, and acknowledges her debt to the likes of Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, she equally refuses to be pegged simply as a jazz singer. ‘I don‘t really think of myself as a jazz singer- jazz-influenced, certainly, but not only jazz. ljust like to sing good songs, whatever they may be. I‘d be happy if people think 1 am just a good singer.‘

I doubt if she need have any worries on that score , as she will demonstrate all over again in her latest

Queen‘s Hall concert, when she will be supported by a trio of Sandy Taylor on piano. Alex Moore on bass and drummer Tony McLennan. (Kenny Mathieson)

Carol Kidd is alike Queen '3 Hall, Edinburgh on January27. SeeJazz listings.


Sir Peter Maxwell Davics‘s Strathclydc Concerto No 2. written for SCO principal cellist William Conway. receives its premiere performance at the City Hall in Glasgow on February I. with a repeat performance the following evening at Edinburgh‘s Queen‘s Hall. Part ofa unique commission for ten Concertos for principal SCO players over the next six years, it was completed last Spring and has already sparked offa highly innovative education project in Ayrshire schools, with sections of the cadenza forminga musical link between compositions written by the pupil‘s themselves. under the guidance ofthe project‘s composer-in-residence. James MacMillan. Maxwell Davies will conduct these performances himself, while the SCO will take the work to Poland later in


The McCaImans, Archie Fisher, Dougie McLean, Iain McIntosh, Sileas and Kathryn Tickell from the UK, Jim Couza from the USA, and Isaac Guillory born in Cuba are among the many musicians donating their services to a special iolk concert in aid oi the Lockerbie Air Disaster Appeal Fund. The gig takes place in Dumiries on 28 January, but is being filmed tor release on video in the middle of February.

the year. In October. Ralph Kirshbaum gives the American premiere with the Cleveland Orchestra and Christoph von Dohnanyi. See classical listings. (Carol Main)



Thclonious Monk‘s classic tune has furnished the title of Britain‘s latest jazz magazine. albeit without

the comma. Straight No Chaser is the brainchild of publisher Paul Bradshaw and joint editor Neil Spencer. a fresh. stylish magazine which has staked out its own territory in the UK market. closer to Wire than the staid Jazz Journal. but with a less scholarly approach. The unusual landscape design is striking. but irking when they turn occasional pages into portrait. requiring some ungainly maneouvering if you

happen to be reading it on buses and the like.

The magazine identifies itselfclosely with the current club and jazz dance scene in the UK as well as the more formal music one; the second (and latest) issue contains a long piece on the subject. as well as features on pianists Julian Joseph and Paul Reid. percussionist Nana Vasconcelos. and singer Dagmar Krause. among others. while Paul Weller writes on his infatuation with the style ofthe Modern Jazz Quartet. It is a welcome addition tojazz literature. and is commendably broad-minded in interpreting that brief; subscriptions are £5 (cheques or postal orders only. payable to Straight No Chaser) for three issues from SNC. 56 C lonmell Road. London N17 61X. (Joe Alexander)


Kenny Malhieson spins the

new jazz releases I ANDY SHEPPARD: Introductions 1“ In The Dark (Antilles) Sheppard

has fair claim to being the strongest and most developed of all the current younger British saxophonists. and his use of syntheziscr and electric guitar. while unlikely to endear him to the traditionalists. demonstrates his


Our critics pick the future highlights.


I BIG COUNTRY, Glasgow Barrowland, Feb 14-15, 8pm (552 4601); Edinburgh Playhouse Feb 16, 7.30pm (extra date). Selling last. £7.50, £6.50 (557 2590). I FOUR TOPS, Edinburgh Playhouse. Feb 17, 7.30pm. Their new album revealed these resilient Motown legends are still in good voice. £7.50-£11.50 (557 2590).

at 5‘ t s "t. I SIMPLY RED, Edinburgh Playhouse, Feb 20. SOLD OUT, but an extra Scottish show may be announced. I THE WATERBDYS. Edinburgh Playhouse, Mar 13, 7.30pm. Likely to be a hot item, and possibly sold out by the time you read this. £7.50. £6.50 (557 2590).

I BEACON BLUE. Glasgow SECC, May 6-7. The second date is already sold out, and the extra one may be as well. Check with venue (248 3000)-iast.


I BBC SSO YOUNG ARTISTS SERIES, Glasgow Henry Wood Hall, Feb 10, 12.15pm. New series opens with Richard Lester playing Raydn’s Cello Concerto. Tickets Irom RSAMD (332 5057).

I LOCKERBIE AIR DISASTER FUND CONCERT. Glasgow Theatre Royal, Feb 12. Scottish Opera and Edinburgh Festival Chorus perform Verdi’s Requiem with all star line-up. Time and prices tba - check with venue (331 1234 or 332 9000).

I ELECTRONIC AND COMPUTER MUSIC. Edinburgh Oueen's Hall, Feb 14, 8pm. French music plus John Maxwell Geddes's Leo Dreaming ior trombone and electronic tape. £4, £3 (668 2019).

I PAUL TORTELIER. Glasgow RSAMD. Feb 16, 7.30pm. Programme includes Faure’s Elegie and the cellist's own Sonata Bere. (332 5057)

I JOHN TUNNELL MEMORIAL CONCERT. Edinburgh Usher Hall, Mar 12, 7.30pm. SCO with Scottish Philharmonic Singers and special guests Roderick Brydon. James Conlon. Philip Ledger, Isobel Buchanan, Jaime Laredo, Neil Mackie, Mitsuko Uchida. Tickets from Oueen's Hall Box Ollice (668 2019).


I DICK GAUGHAN. Black Bull Folk Club, Milngavie, Feb 5, 8pm. Leith'siinest visits the west.

I PEACE FESTIVAL CONCERT, Edinburgh Oueen’s Hall, Feb 23. 7pm. A special live hour session ollolk, jazz, blues and Alrican music. Artists include Dick Gaughan and Zimbabwe’s The Four Brothers. £5 (£4) (668 2019).

I DAVY SPILLANE BAND. Edinburgh Oueen‘s Hall, Mar17, 10pm. Traditional meets rock in the Irish piper's exciting band. £7.50. £6 (668 2019).

I EDINBURGH FOLK FESTIVAL, 17—26 Mar. Advance details from 031 220 0464.


WHATEVER/DAN AR BRAS. Edinburgh Oueen’s Hall, Mar 24, 8.30pm. Folk, blues and jazz collide in Thompson's latest venture. £6.50, £5 (668 2019).

Jazz & Blues

I COUNT BASIE ORCHESTRA, City Hall, Glasgow, Feb 12, 3pm/7.30pm; Usher Hall Edinburgh, Feb 14, 7.30pm. Led by saxophonist Frank Foster. £8.50-£11.50; £7.50-£10.50 from Usher Hall (228 1155), Virgin Glasgow (226 4679).

I THE CLUSONE DUARTET. Edinburgh Oueen’s Hall, Feb 17, 8.30pm. Superny innovative European jazz. £6.50, £5 (668 2019).

I 808 BERG/MIKE STERN OUARTET, Edinburgh Oueen's Hall, Feb 24, 8.30pm. State at the art lusion. £7, £5.50 (668 2019).

I ANDY SHEPPARD SEXTET, Edinburgh Oueen's Hall, Mar 3. 8.30pm. Most exciting band on the British scene. £6.50. £5 (668 2019).

I CHICK COREA/GARY BURTON, Edinburgh Oueen's Hall, Mar17, 7.15pm. Supremely gitted duo. £8.50. £7 (668 2019).

willingness to use contemporary sounds in exploring the rich instrumental textures to be teased out of his melodic compositions. Sheppard‘s own playing is as powerful as ever. combininga furiously sustained intensity with a constant structural awareness of exactly where his improvisations are going. This is already certain to go down as one of the most attractive jazz releases of the year. but is also likely to appeal to those who normally wouldn‘t stick a toe in that particular pool. Check it out (released Fcb13).

I JOHN RAE COLLECTIVE: Hip-Bop (Limited release cassette) This sextet have already established themselves as the strongest band on the Scottish scene. an impression which this tape will foster. The six cuts (five are originals. four by saxophonist Phil Bancroft and one by guitarist Kevin MacKenzic) capture the exploratory edge they bringto their music. refusingto be caught upin fashionable bop revivalism. Most impressive of all is the way in which they are evolving a genuinely ensemble feel in their work. in an area of the music too often given over to strings of over-indulgent soloists. The tape is currently available from lona Records in Glasgow. or at the band‘s gigs.

I GRANT CALVIN WESTON: Dance Romance (ln+0ut Records) This is the band which toured last year as the James Blood Ulmer Trio with Jamaladeen Tacuma. abetted on three cuts by saxophonist Fostina Dixon. so it is hardly surprising that the music is in the same heavy blues vein. The shining exception is Preview. an extended workout which draws more directly on their Ornettc Coleman-inspired roots. Coleman's own ground-breaking venture into electric music. Dancing In Your Head (A&M). is also re-released. but on mid-price CD only.

I VARIOUS: Mellow Mayhem- Live At the Jazz Cafe (JCR Records)Thc Stoke Newington jazz venue launch their new label with this live compilation recorded at the Cafe. The music is varied enough: free improvisation from Andy Sheppard and Keith Tippett. a strong African flavour from Claude Deppa amd Mervyn Africa. smooth fusion from Phil Bent. and shades of Coltrane from Dave O‘Higgins and Ed Jones. Worth a listen. as is the Pinski Zoo single Sweet A aromatic from the same label.

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