paints cityscapes from New York. Barcelona and Chicago. Moves on from cliffs but same intense colour.

Paintings by Anne Morrison 4—35 February. Studio Gallery. 36‘) continues their policy of introducing new painters to the gallery. lWaverley Taylor Gallery 54(‘onstitution Street. 553 4536.

Another new gallery for lidinburgh. this Leith-based space opened on 23 January with work by ('harles Stiy'en.



Monument Road. Allow ay'. Ay'r. (>292

into the exhibition-making world. Experience at Landscape ls Jan—4 Mar. Moying from the (‘ity Art Centre in Edinburgh w here it was showing until 21 January. this exhibition makes for

wonderful winter contemplation. Artists

like Auerbach. Bomberg. Iiardley and l litchens offer the British landscape in all dimensions and colours.

St Andrews

I CRAWFORD ARTS CENTRE 93 North Street. U334 746“).

Work in the Fields otthe Bomb t‘mil 12 Feb. Photographs by Robert del 'l‘redici. A

stunning exhibition which throws the

nuclear industry. bomb-making and bomb-makers into the spotlight. Superb


Frasers, Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 041 221 3880 ext2121

Contemporary European Originals, Lithographs, Etchings, Engravings and

Prints and New Range of Italian Impressionist ' Prints Sculptures by Pierre Angela Corvie

45-1-17. Mon—Sat llam~ 5pm.

Camoullage l’ntil ll l-"cb. This exhibition takes a foray into the world ofcamouflage both in the gallery and as sported by the ships of the first world w ar which hide behind the most amazing zebra stripes. What cannot be hidden is the fact that this is the Scottish Arts ( ‘ouncil's last foray

photography and riyeting captions blend the frightening statistics and facts about radiation with a clear-headed sense of humour. This exhibition was organised by the .-\n Laiintair Gallery in Stornoway and is well worth making a trip tosee.

A Light Touch [Intil 12 Iieb. Thirteen

artists' expressions in light.

Open normal shop hours

l l

SIR DAVID YOl’NG CAMERON. RA, RSA. RWS, RS\\'(1865—l945l Oil paintings, watercolours, etchings THE SCOTTISH COLOURISTS Drawings BRUCE MCLEAN Prints 8.; Works on Paper INNOVATIONS: Glass by Liz Lowe S; Earthenware by Tessa Wolfe Murray CONTEMPORARY DUTCH JEWELLERY

7 January 1 February


94 George Street ‘= "HIM Mon—Fri Edinburgh 10am—6pm 031 225 5955 Sat lilam—lpm LEITH SHOWS ITS l interests like the new gallery and COLOURS 3 others which have already established . l themselves there will continue to I WaverlevTavlpr Gallery. Edinburgh : lurnishthe area with a non-domestic I Between building and restoring over character. 109 "3‘5 and kasmps "1 the 90" 0' 1 Pioneer in that department of Leith is l Le'th’ "‘9 aneT'eV TaV'W "WWW the Shore Gallery owned and run by

developers this month turned commerce into patronage when they

i artist Jane Soeder. More recent opened a gallery undertheir company

inhabitants include the Leith School of Art and a number of artists’ studios.

' .l'l name: Haused in a Victorian Shall in _ There are a number of Leither artists Constitutlon Street. the Waverley , too, Barbara Rae, Glen Onwin, Robert TaylorGaIIervhasavear’sprooramme ; CallenderandLizOgilivieamong already booked which concentrates on ; them. Waverley Tayyor Gallery are

Young ScatttSh painters and keen to cooperate with those artists

htthtmakets. i working nearby and have guaranteed

"rs? Short 3‘99 "0m haV'“9 3" Office ' that at least one month a year is to be to “3"”!!! a" 3“ Qa'le'y' says Andtew set aside for a Leith-based show. Bonhw'“! 0"" 9' "‘9 compalwis Ann Marie Boyle, a young, energetic panne's- "0' “"95"” "0‘" ""3 graduate, has made the unusual move lollowed, | asked him to elaborate. It i from museums yo contemporary an in seems that as we” as a 93"er tat i one step. But already she has taken a public showmg. the space WIII also be good look at what is available and used as a business tunction area tor opens the gallery with a promising Waverley Taylor itself and hired out tor young amsy Charms syiven (see other business receptions. Andrew photo). Ann hopes to see all kinds of sees it as good business promotion, a people in the ganem from the ans way at funding the gallery as We" as a crowd to Hibs supporters (Waverley wall at Ihtfadhcmg contemporary art to Taylor have connections with the club). those who might be more at home in Just in case may fancy popping down, the boardroom than the gallery. she has asked Charles Stiven to display

0" the surtaaa It "1|th seem that the his football pitch, a miniature model at shatacta' 0' Lalth is Ming swamped by the one at Bo‘ness, which he has put an atmtl at one and two hedtaamad together in his spare time. Will they be flats with all mod cons, with the odd singing ‘Here we go, here we go, he“,

"8th restaurant thtOWh in tat we go' at the opening, lwonder? (Alice atmospheric measure. With any luck gain)


ZS january- 12 March


1 April- l4 May


The Fruirmarket Gallery 29 Market Street, Edinburgh IiHl ll)l‘ Telephone 031-225 3383

10-530 Tuesday-Saturday' 1.30-5.30 Sunday (‘losedklondays

Subsidised by the Scottish “'13 Comic:

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