I Held About The USSR (C4) 2-3pm. Second in the repeated series that saw Jimmy Reid in Russia.

I On Trial (C4) 8—9pm. Sue Cameron with the final part of C4‘s timely discussion on the state of Britain‘s legal system. For the first time. serving judges will talk about theirjob.

IA Bit 0“ Do (Scottish) 9—10pm. David Jason in the latest episode of the comedy drama series. which centres on the Battery Chicken Industry‘s annual beauty contest. IArena (BBCZ) 9.30-10.30pm. ‘New York: The Secret African City‘: exploring the influence of African cultures on life in the Big Apple.


I Scottish Eye (C4) 6.30—7pm. Another edition of the Scotland-based current affairs show.

I Little and Large (BBC1)6.40—7. 15pm. New series with the talented end-of-the-pier comedy duo. Could these mid—winter. non Summertime specials be affecting the world's climate?

IThe Web(C4)12.40—2.15am.1947 thriller with an early starring role for Vincent Price.

I Aspel a Company (Scottish) 10.05—10.50pm. Jodie Foster. whose latest role is that ofa rape victim in the soonto be released film TheAccused. is amongst the guests tonight.

I The Film Cillb(BBC2)10.05pm—1.20am. Simon Callow, Charles Laughton‘s biographer. introduces two Laughton classics: Night of the Hunter and DrJekyII and Mr Hyde. Laughton directed the former, a psychological thriller starring Peter Graves and appeared in the latter. the ninth and best adaptation of Stevenson‘s novel.


I Only Fools and Horses (BBCl) 7.15—8.05pm. Final episode in this series of John Sullivan's popular sitcom.

I Sword and Spirit (BBCZ) 7.45—8.35pm. Charles Elliott starts a personal quest to the places where Christianity seems at its most vigorous. South Korea sees the start of his journey.

I Mastennlnd (BBCl) 8.05—8.35pm. The latest heat comes from Glasgow University and includes contestants answering on the history of Glasgow and the history of golf at St Andrews.

I The Big Company (C4) 8. 15—9. 15pm. Third and last instalment of the series examining America‘s major corporations and how they embody American society. Apple, with its emphasis on individuals. is the subject of this programme.

I The Media Show (C4) 9. 15—10.15pm. As TheAccused comes to Britain. The Media Show. examines how rape is portrayed by filmmakers.

I Find a Family (Scottish) 9.45—10pm. The launch of a two week TV campaign to find families for children in care.

I Three Minute Culture (BBCZ) 9.45-10.15pm. Sir Kit McMahon, Chairman of the Midland Bank and formerly Deputy Governor of the Bank of

England. is the last pundit in the seriesto address himself to the much vaunted dangers to our culture.

I Screen Two: Virtuoso (BBCZ) 10.15—11.55pm. Alfred Molina (probably best known for his performance in Prick Up Your Ears and currently playing to great acclaim in Speed-The-Plow at the National) stars in this new drama based on the life ofJohn Ogdon. Ogdon. one ofthe country‘s most brilliant pianists. has also suffered from bouts of madness. Adapted by William Humble from Virtuoso. the book by Ogdon‘s wife Brenda and Michael Kerr. the film is directed byTony Smith who worked on Tutti Fruiti. I The South Bank Show (Scottish) 10.45—11.45pm. Melvyn Bragg talksto lstvan Szabo. whose acclaimed Mephisto was the first part ofa three part film exploration of the roots ofGerman fascism which he has just completed with Hanussen. which stars as in the other films of the series. Austrian actor Klaus-Maria Brandaucr.

I Folk Aid for Lockerbie (Scottish) 11.45pm—12.45am. The McCalmans. Archie Fisher. Dougie McLean. Iain Macintosh. Kathryn Tickall. Jim Couza from the US and Cuba‘s Isaac Guillary are among the folk stars lined up forthis

special concert in aid of those who suffered when Pan Am flight 103 crashed on Lockerbie.


I Ballwatch (BBC1)2.15—3pm. Following Hospitalwatch. the BBC becomes train spotter. Daytime broadcast throughout the week with an omnibus programme on Friday evening.

I The Brits ’89 - The British Record Industry Awards (BBCl) 7.30—9pm. Rock awards presented live from the Royal Albert Hall by Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood.

I The Education Programme (BBC2) 7.40—8. 10pm. A report on sexual stereotyping in schools.

I Panorama (BBCl) 9.30-10.10pm. To mark the tenth anniversary ofAyatollah Khomeini's coming to power in Iran. Panorama reports on the changes wrought under his strict Islamic rule and the beginning of the forming of new ties with the west.

I Eagle's Eye View (BBCl) 10.10—10.30pm. Glencoe as seen through the eyes of an eagle. . .

I The Nuclear Age (Scottish)

10.35—1 1.35pm. The documentary series of the year so far continues its chronicling of the history of the Nuclear World. Under examination tonight is the first SALT treaty and the Nixon-Kissinger era of detente.

I The Eleventh Hour (C4)

11.20pm—1 . 10am. New series kicks off with A Rustling ofLeaves. an inside view of the politics of the Philippines.


I Singing For Dear Life (C4) 8—8.30pm. Entertainer and singer Jaki Leboff has assembled this collection of popular songs of the turn of the century. They are sung

homosexuality as box-ofilce poison

2i 1 How do the movies portray gays? Gordon \Varnacke In a scene from My Beautiful Laundratta.


Forget the advent oi satellites In the sky, the most revolutionary new development In television begins on St Valentine’s Day when Channel 4 launches Britain’s first magazine programme for the lesbian and gay community.

Out On Tuesday, hosted each week by a celebrity guest, promises a gay perspective on current affairs and the arts and was commissioned by Caroline Spry with the support of Michael Grade. The first of the eight-week series Is Introduced by Paul Gambaccinl and Includes a report

examining why Hollywood regards

and a subtle critique of the notorious Section 28 In which Saatchi & Saatchi are entrusted with the task of trying to actively promote homosexuality to the general public.

Future programmes will feature Items on homosexuality In South Africa, gay foster parents, Hazi persecution and a film on black poet Langston Hughes and the Harlem renaissance that director Isaac JuIIen describes as a ‘poetlc medlatlon' shot like a film noIr.

The series will also Include an ‘lntematlonal video postcard’ reporting from the likes oi New Zealand, Holland and India plus weekly coverage of news and current events.

Diane Hamer of the production group Absell has described the series to Gay Times as ‘entertainlng, sophisticated, colourful and provocative. The programme will be very watchable for straight viewers but we won’t be justifying the existence of lesbians and gay men. We will take as our starting point a positive gay Identity.’

InevItably, Channel 4 will be showered by a deluge of protest from the Whitehouse brigade and those seeking to emulate their Nazi predecessors. However, people may recall that the channel’s original brief Included a specific commitment to cater for minority Interests. The need for a gay series has existed for the duration of the channel's existence. Out On Tuesday has taken a longtime to materiallse but It looks like It was worth the wait. (Allan Hunter)

by residents of the old people’s home that Leboff first visited as an entertainer but who turned the tables by singing to her. lntercut with the singer‘s recollections of their youth, the three-part series makes an important contribution to oral history. I Talking Heads (BBC2) 9—9.50pm. Final programme in this amazing set of dramatic monalogues by Alan Bennett. Bennett himself directs Maggie Smith as the disillusioned vicar‘s wife.

I The Stepford Chlldren(BBC1) 9.30—11pm. Inadequate TV movie sequel to The Stepford Wives. continuing anthropological study of the town where everyone is suspiciously content.

I Moonlight And Love Songs (Scottish) 1035-] 1.35pm. Songs for Valentine's night a mixture of American classics and music from Scotland's folk repertoire. With Rod Paterson. Dougie MacLean. Cilla Fisher, Archie Fisher. Michael Marra and Dick Lee.

I Ollt On Tuesday (C4) 1 1pm-midnight. Britain‘s first magazine show for gays. See panel

I Fllm 89(BBC1) 11—11.30pm. Barry Norman gives his verdict on TheAecused. I Hetwork(BBC1)11.30pm—12.20pm. Jonathan Moore examines the new type of ‘current affairs‘ show that rely on the revelations made by members of the studio audience. Usually based on American formats. do programmes like Britain‘s Kilroy and America‘s Donohue exploit the public?

I Video Valentines (Scottish) 12.30—1pm. Novel idea this: viewers‘ Valentines displayed to videos of romantic classics!


I The BBC Diet Programme (BBCI) 3—3.30pm. Final part of the celebrated diet programme complete with 800 pound lighter audience. The whole series will repeated again from Tuesday.

IThe Country Boy (BBC1)5. iii—5.35pm. New children‘s drama series with an ecological theme. Stars newcomer. Jeremy Sweetland.

I Iris In The Traffic. Ruby In The Rain (BBCZ) 9.25—10.30pm. First shown in 1981, this play which follows two women in different ways ‘lost‘ one winter's day in Belfast. is shown again in tribute to its author. Stewart Parker who died last year. Aingeal Grehan and Francis Tomelty star as the women.

I Flying Squad (Scottish) 9—9.30pm. Continuing the documentary series which follows the Flying Squad as it goes about its business. Tonight Operation Pelican. I It’s My City! (BBCl) 10.05—10.35pm. A special programme to coincide with the BBC‘s ‘It‘s My City‘ competition. in which four public figures give their view on how the problems of inner cities should be tackled. MP Michael Heseltine. joins the Body Shop's Anita Roddick. The Right Reverend David Jenkins and Britain‘s first black woman MP Dianne Abbott on a city by city tour which includes Glasgow‘s Easterhouse. IThIrtysomethlng(C4)10.15—11.15pm. Ideal viewing for those wishing to unwind after Dallas: the lifestyle ofthe not quite rich enough to be totally nasty. ISIlck(BBC1) 10.35pm—12. 15am. Burt Reynolds in a thriller from 1985 receiving its first TV presentation. Reynolds also directed but by all accounts that didn‘t make matters any better.


I The Duack Chat Show (BBC1)4.35—5pm. New show for kids with Keith Harris and the horrible Orville.

I Treason Hunt (C4) 8.30—9.30pm. Annabel Croft takes over from Anneka Rice as the runner in the new series ofC4‘s long running game show. The location for the first programme is New Zealand.

I Film on Four. The Belly of An Architect (C4)9.30—11.45pm. New season of Film on Four begins with Peter Greenaway‘s

The List 10 23 February 29