JUSTIN BROWN Rising star within the ranks of Scottish Opera is staff conductor Justin Brown. This month he‘s assisting with their new Don Giovanni. conducting—1 ofthe performances on tour. More than halfofthe performances of last


Candide were under him. as was the company‘s record of the show. Next

season there‘s Mozart‘s

Marriage ofFigaro. ‘My

first major solo show.

doing the rehearsals and

everything'. he says. ‘and

in between. I‘m making

my debut this summer at

Santa Fe with Cavalli‘s

Calisto. directed by John 1

Cox who. ofcourse. used

to be at Scottish Opera.

One never knows what

might become ofthat.‘ Also this issue. Justin

conducts the St Bride‘s

Chamber Orchestra.

formed last year mainly

from past and present

["—"" " * ""“—‘_", ’— NEW WINTER SERIES The Edinburgh Quartet at St Bernard‘s Wednesday 22 Feb at 7.45pm £3.75 (cones available) Further information from _ lidinhurgh Quartet 031 332 869]

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Sponsored bs Sl R ’\l ll(‘l,Y[)l' Ri'(il()\.-\l COLNCIL. Digital. (iurnncxs

members of the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland. ‘The last two

concerts were popular programmes. but this time we‘re being rather more brave. There's Shostakovich's 14th Symphony. which is basically a song cycle for 2 singers— Jane Eaglen and Jan Opalaeh from the cast of Giovanni— and small orchestra. It‘s very exciting and the most unremitting of anybody‘s meditations on the theme of death. Arvo Part‘s Camus in memoriam Benjamin Britten is another very moving work, with an extraordinary atmosphere of mourning.’ Sandwiched between is Panufnik‘s Concertofor Two Percussion and Strings. with Evelyn Glennie and Pamella Dow, which Brown says ‘is ideal to make the whole programme hang


together‘. adding the assurance ‘it all looks more daunting on paper than it is to listen to.‘ (Carol Main)

St Bride '3 Chamber Orchestra. conductor Justin Brown. Sunday I 9 February. 7. 30pm. St Bride's Church. Hyndland Road. Glasgow.

Carol Maln considers

Classical releases




' Scottish

Chamber Orchestra. Choir ofSt Mary‘s

Music School. Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. Very much man of the moment with the recent highly acclaimed premiere of his second Strathclyde Concerto. Peter Maxwell Davies seems to be scoring success after success. Whether inspiration comes from the land and sea scapesof Hoy. his adopted Orcadian home. Scotland‘s rich Renaissance vein or perhaps a dram or two of Highland Park. Max paints a vivid picture whatever the scene. An Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise is just what it says. complete with bagpipes. ‘borrowed' from the


Songs Home is a delightful

mainland. while Seven

cameoofan hourina ' child‘slife.sungwith

immaculate precision by

the children of St Mary‘s

Music School. I Wl' A COG 0' GUOE SWATS AND AN AU LO

SCOTISH SANG(Chandos) Scottish Early Music


Consort. More Scottish music. this time from the musically rather leaner

18th century years. But

this was the time of Burns.

I and SEMC‘s tribute

released to coincide with his birthdate. is a magical reminderof Burns‘

contribution to The Scots

Musical Museum. his visit

to renowned Highland fiddler Niel (iow and his support for George Thomson‘s scheme for Scotland‘s ‘wild. but expressive melodies‘ to be set by European

composers such as Haydn,

Beethoven and Weber.

I INTRODUCTION ET ALLEGRO (Virgin) Vanessa McKeand (harp). Carole Wincenc (flute). David Campbell (clarinet). Allegri String Quartet. English Chamber Orchestra. Edmon Colomer. ‘A celebration ofthe harp‘ might well be the subtitle for this collection of French early 20th century music for harp and various combinations of strings. flute and clarinet. The

dark drama and mystery

of Andre Caplet‘s Conte Fantastique. based on Edgar Allan Poe‘s The Masque of the Red Death. is a bit of a shock after the rather more soothing sounds of Ravel's Introduction et A llegro and Debussy's Danse Sacree et Danse Profane. But Welsh harpist Vanessa McKeand leaves no doubt as to the range of expression and capabilities of her instrument. one not often brought so much tothe fore. Works by Gabriel Pierne and Camille Saint-Saiins complete the hour‘s worth ofmusie.

I OH! THAT CELLO— MUSIC BY CHARLIE CHAPLIN (Jaro) Thomas Beckmann/Johannes Cernota. Hands up all those who knew that Charlie Chaplin really

. wanted to be a concerto soloist and composer

instead of a comedian. This UK release (6 March) from the German Jaro/Fuego label suggests he took the right path. Admittedly. there‘s a certain curiosity value and some sense of style from performers Beckmann and Cernota. but it’s basically a sentimental

collection of melancholy

melodies with titles like

Spring Song. Hon/our

Madame. Coffee and

Cakes and. ofcourse. ()h.’ 'I'hat Cello. My sentiments

i entirely.


' Spring Season 1989

National I I l I ill I ll =|

Royal National Theatre of Great Brllaln


Artistic Director


of Dunn” iietrushka

. R E X Srmnsorr-(ili\

NEW PR()l)l'("l‘l().\’ music by Strayinsk) 23. 25. 28. 30 March 1 April (mat) Tickets from £3.00



s Peter Schaufuss

F Natalia Makarova's BY SEAN O’CASEY

MON 6 to SAT 11 MARCH \\ “3- S

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i .venin sa . m. was man M l K E




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