I Kevin Tait Candlemakers Arms, Grassmarket. 9pm-12.30am. Folksinging entertainer.


I nowantrae Folk Club Rowantrec Inn, By x _ . . Uddingston Cross, Uddingston. \, ‘5: 9—1 1 .45pm. £1. Informal songs and

Edinburgh ,' _ ‘I " lVBridge,2251681.Evening.

I Drumaiban Pleasance Theatre, Pleasancc. £2.50(£1.50). Old Scottish dances. authentic and in relevant costume Gaelic song, piping and harp music. Not the White Heather Club. Part ofthe Edinburgh Peace Festival.

I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. West Highland bar in the West End. Regular accordion, pipes etc.

I Highland Annual Teviot Row Union.

. . ' * _ .. instrumentals. Occasional booked gusto finale-i 131mg!" late. 22-52;“ Capercalllle. Sidewaulking Glasgow 11 th, Edinburgh 12th. Performers. Tonight. Marilyn nnua ssocra l0n ance an CCl 1 - . .

with Mary Ann Kennedy. Kathy Ann The big Peace Festival concert in i oi Irish traditional and popular music nfliliitgo blucs' ’mand MaePhee. Ben Wyvvis and The Last Edinbnflill 23 Felt. Shares the and his groups like Planxty, the Bothy . eemeh Riverside poxetrect off Cl dc Resort. and others. commanding solo voice at Scotland’s send and Moving Hearts, Street. 248 31“ 105m. £3. y I Kevin Tall Candlcmakcrs Arms. Dick Gaughan and the irrepressible 'He added ideas, though we had the . Grgsfsrltlai’kct. 9pm-12.30am. Cheerful dance music at Zimbabwe’s famous anangemems "gm baton we we." "no

u 0 sin er. _ 1; Comm "gum Jeannie Deans Tryst, 67 Earrtztgtilgear: :Lhfigglltlessgsnlgtl the t2: :Lusttios, but he was great at getting I Country Music Jeannie Deans Tryst, 67 St Leonards Hi" Pleasancc. r . pertormance out of us, St Leonards Hill, Pleasancc.

your tiCkeiS "0W. Pushing the hand. And he was I North Sea 688 Platform 1. Rutland

SU N DAY 12 Glasgow's Arts Centre continues the weneenui to, rhythm, sequenced Street Evening- Resident Pub folk band-

Glasgow lorlnlolillv Frldav lOlll night With the percussion, and the bass and I: “'1':ng "mm." mm?" Shim. OtiSiIOOi 0i Ossian that scans like a firm keyboard. “a eouid get toyaty sounds, ar' c horc‘ Lcnh' Evenmg' VIOIm

and guitar, folk cabaret.

I Session Riverside, Fox Street. offClyde oi salicitors. Jackson, 8088 and Martin playing about with a hodhfan toy I K...” I." Candlcmakcrs Arms

Street?“ 3144- 1-30-5-30Pm- Glasgow are Scottish traditionallsts with long instance} Grassmarkc,_ 9pm_12_308m. Folksmging 2';:‘ivghc:a‘tM&°.N“"y ‘F‘l‘l‘d‘ghcrs' experience and a light lone“. The punningly titled Sidewaqu is entertainer. w u ' 'mcrrsg' 5' Feat A Gale blew found Donald Shaw’s released to coincide with this major

estern Road. Evening. Old ttmcy, R 18 E . b h Canercalllle 5 new album The Holland and Belgium at the beginning GIasyow

dill "l9 - accordionlst and keyboard player had at March, then the States, and then the .

mm but raise to, producer Donat I Kaila Scott 5 Corner, Derby Street, 334

I Capercalllie Queens Hall, Clerk Street. "0 9‘ n usual summer round at Festivals. Alter 4891. Evening. Saturday residency. 8pm. £4.50 (£3.50). Tickets from Virgin, Lunnv. Donal flew over lrnnl Dublin. that some studio work lor more TV Irish/Scots singalong band. popular. PrinccsStrcct; Canongatc Music. and we leeonled it last summen at soundtracks. and some experiments I Ceilidh Riverside, Fox Street, offClydc Blackfnars Street TOP Gaelic based Palladium Sludlos. near Edinburgh al towards a single, it we get the right Street. 248 3144. 10pm. £3. Alastair SCOtt'Sh {Oik STOUP “3mm With 3 "CW Loanhead, and mixed it at Ca Va in song. There is more appreciation new McPhail Band. a'bu‘“ and P'°"‘°“°"a' ‘0“ 5°C PW”- Glasgow. We all wanted him. we'd oi the Irish and Scottish traditional I 5W" ‘0'“ W 560“?! Bari

I Young: Music Club Leamington Terrace.

9.30pm. 50p. Tonight, traditional singer have; used a producer before, so we music among the gamut publlc . . . albetockwell Street, 552 8681. FOZZIC and emote, Sheen. “mm... aellell him. and he was very happy lo do what about Jim Kerr’s Simple Minds’, ;

I Seannachle Green Tree. Cowgate. ii- And it wasn't because 0' “allan new rock version at She Moved Edinburgh

Evening- SCOtilSh songs and ZlPPY Manus’ his younger brother’ in the “"0th The Fair', I West End iiotel Palmerston Place 9 m instrumentals from resident band. band, we all wanted Donal anyway, Admirers oi the beautitm Gae|ie Edinburgh.s Highland haunt. Accérdpior; ' Jim We'll/cw" "mull/"0”" “line and we’re delighted at the result.’ singing voice at Karen Matheson, and etc.

'uhtzzma'kei' Evcmne Lunny senior's track record as a the surging rhythms oi the waulking I Country Music Jeannie Deans Tryst, o7 . Nam 85’. 6g“ Rutlartd Hotcl‘ Rutland muslcian/periormer/producer and songs, can be sure to hear both at the St keen??? Hill. Pleasance

Street. 229 3042_ 9pm Singalong. catalyst reaches back through the great band s concerts in Glasgow on the 11th I l" " ' Candlemakc's Arms.

Grassmarket. 9pm—12.30am. Folksinging

M 0 N DAY 1 3 renaissance over the last two decades and Edinburgh on the 12th. entertainer. Glasgow SUNDAY 19

cittern and dulcimer. I Echoes at Erin City Halls, Candleriggs. l Acoustic Marla llllilltr Milncs Bar. THU Rs DAY 16 Glasgow

8pm, Tickets from the Ticket Centre, 552 Hanover Street. 830—] lpm. Admission G . J" Low. and J“. wmon Black Bu"

5961. Huge annual touring production of {’06- 50085 80d tunes fI’Om regular Folk Club Black Bull Hotel Milngavie

traditional musical and dance talent from Perincrs Gill Bowman and JOCK Brown. I 3i" F0“ Club Glasgow SOClCiY Of 8.30pm. Fine multi-instrumentalists and

Ireland. Sponsored by the Irish authority With guests. Musicians. Berkeley Street. beside singers from south of the border

for traditional music, Comhaltas Ceoltoiri I L03 supreme! St Jamcs Oyster Bah MllChC” Theatre 8pm 55150- From Hurdy-gurdy and dulcimer to the fore

Eireann, there are two score of the finest Caiton Rond- 9pm Country Blues- Walcsi a band called All” “WW I Session Riverside Fox Street offCiyde

exponents of the fiddle, uilleann pipes. I Barrie Band Bannermans Bar. Cowgate. I Kate Kramer and Wattle MacDonald Street. 248 3144. 1.30-5.30pm. Glasgow

whistle. flute. conccnina, "button box. 556 3254. Evening. Fiddle. flute, Tolbooth Bar, Glasgow Cross. Evening. Irish with Pet MacNulty and others,

harp, as we" as dancers and Singers. mandocelio and vocals. Traditional music - b h l 2"" L. Chute Wintersgius, Great

I Victoria Bar Bridgegate, 552 6040. 9pm. from the Celtic countries. In “'9 Western Road. Evening. Old timey.

Weekly session. . ""9 Ens'g” Ewan' .Lawnmark'f‘t‘ “’9‘” I Dave Robb St James Ovstcr Bar. Caiton American and callin-

lGlugo' F0“ Club Scotia Ban the High Street. Evening. Acousticccltic Road. 9pm. Contempor'ay acoustic .

112 Stockwell Street. 552 8681. Whistle mus'c' singer/songwriter. '

Bmklc- I:lirrllrl [neutrino/Bridgman Ensign I Young: Music Club Leamington Terrace.’ Want awnmal’ Cl- Vetting. 9.3 m. 5 . Guitarist and drummer and

I Jim Knight Scotch And Rye. 50 George sing; endorsran about town Andy Munro.

I Ian Foster St James Oyster Bar, Caiton , ' Road. 9pm. Blues and Ragtime. I Scotia Foil Night Scotia Bar, StockwLH

liAlm The Green Tree Cowgate Street' 552 1' . . ' , '. lFolkSeulonH itB' .w dt d Evening. Bar till lam. 1989 sopening Road. 332 1210. Evcnfitg. Iggtr::1c:tal I I I i

session. - . music on fiddle, accordion etc.

I Fiddlers Arms Grassmarket. Evening. - . . . . lGlas ow Folk Club Scotta Bar. . 53:32???” "‘8’" '5 Scomsh "‘"S'C- B“ 112 Stogckwcll Street. 552 8681. Norman THE TALLIS SCHOLARS: Josqu'“ Mass, Byrd and P"‘- Stewart. Gibbons motcts, Allegri Miserere

g Edinburgh

asgow gssgngaroufio Edinburgh Folk Club. Saturday 25 February, Greyfriars Church , 'lpflflwmrotk paisley Ansccmrc‘ ourne otcl. York Place. 5565577. Candlemaker Row Edinbur h at 8 ()(ipm New Street, 887 1010. 8pm. Free. Tonight 8pm £250“! '50)' Al'wc'comc' g . singer/guitarist m. am“. I Rod Paterson St James Oyster Bar.

Caiton Road. 9pm. Songs from Cole .

Edinburgh Porter to Rabble Burns. Tickets £5.00; ‘Young Scots’ £2.00; other conceSSlons

I Alchemy Bannermans Bar. Cowgate, 556 3254. Evening. Electric/acoustic on from USher and

Pcnicuik- 8pm PM "were. aNcw synth, fiddic‘ new and vocals, Queen’s Hall Box Offices or at Door.

Zealander, is one of the English-speaking

, , t I North Sea Gas Platform 1.Rutiand . world s beststngers of contemporary folk Street. Evening. Resident Singalong pub Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council song and is torned as duo by singerLesley folk band

Davies. instrumental work on guitar,

I Penicqu Folk Club Navaar House Hotel,

The List 10— 23 February 35