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Burd of Pray. Artist

George Wyllle’s latest flight

of fancy is this Peace Burd. designed to be made by the children of Scotland and sentto the chlldrenof

Russia. The fabrication will

take place at the Edinburgh Peace Festival. and the burds will take to the wing on March 10.

See Open Listing, page 45.

lllpple. Pap, Teet. Jane lbberson and Julie Stacey dredged up the name for this collection oi dance pieces from the furthest recesses of their mammarles. though a reading ofthe programme indicates that the performance has very little to do with the organ ofthe title. Maybe theylust wanted a name that really sucked. Part of the Third Eye's flew Moves season. See Dance. page 27.


Fantastic Design. a Glasgow-based co-operative. are keen exponents of ‘public art‘. Tim Marsden. Althea Trevor and Peter MacRae originally met as pavement artists. In setting up their mural-painting business, says Marsden. ‘we wanted to paint and design vertically instead of horizontally‘. Past commissions— which include very visible creations for Carnegies. Henry Afrikas. Sing Sing Recording Studios and the pine specialists. Pinelines have inspired Fantastic Design to take on official co-operative status and to push for more work: ‘We‘ve been talking to lots of local authorities and have given qu‘otes— it‘s all going through the bureaucratic wires at the moment.‘

Murals cost from £500. depending on the size of the wall. time spent and design detail. Marsden described the overall design inclination as ‘modern‘ but the trio will create to order too. Fantastic Design can be contacted at Room lb. 3rd Floor (Rear). 33 Virginia Street. Glasgow (0415527985).

Until now. Glasgow has been the sole beneficiary of British Rail‘s APEX scheme, but henceforth Glasgow‘s £35 return fare to London will be almost matched by a £39 Edinburgh to London ticket. The cheapest Blue Saver ticket costs £50 return. New APEX fares are also being introduced for Glasgow or Edinburgh to Manchester or Birmingham routes at £15 and £25 respectively. There are no reductions for railcard holders and tickets must be booked seven days in advance book early as there are limited ticket allocations for APEX fares. A bizarre and perhaps perverser inappropriate advertisement for the new Edinburgh-London service was recently seen a-pacing the city streets: BR chose to make their announcement via a horse and cart. Meanwhile, Young Persons Railcard holders


Following its thundering success as the venue for Peter Brooks“The Mahabharata‘ last year. The Tramway Theatre. nee the ()ld Museum of Transport is set to become Glasow‘s newest and most versatile performing space. Wildcat Theatre Company open there with John McGrath‘s play ‘Border Warfare‘ see Theatre Feature.

Mayfest productions are scheduled to run hot on its heels. and its opening show for Glasgow‘s reign as the 1990 European City ofCulture has just been announced: Communicado will perform ‘Jock Tamson‘s Bairns‘. the result of a collaboration between Liz Lochhead. Keith McIntyre and Gerry Mulgrew. Before then. a major refurbishment programme to the tune of £272,000 is planned. Although facilities are currently limited to bar and snacks. Wildcat are hoping to 0an out the foyer space into a market-place of food stalls (doughnuts. hot chestnuts. baked potatoes) and display boards for the duration of their run.

The Tramway is in Albert Drive. Glasgow and can be reached on a number 56 bus from Union Street and Renfield Street, on a train from Central Station to Pollokshields East or on the underground to Shields Road.

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Sssagfiwi“;filtfnf' can get 50% offthe cost ofa normal Blue Saver ticket until 25th February. These tickets are not valid for travel on Fridays.

Current reasons for going to London:

1. The Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the Hayward Gallery which is on until April 16th.

2. The Joan Miro Paintings and Drawings from the 19305 at Whitechapel Gallery (until April 23rd).

3. The Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown. Sohoon 12th February 11am toSpm. 4. Alan Bennett‘s ‘Single Spies‘ at the Queen‘s Theatre which stars himself. Simon Callow and Prunella Scales.

5. The first London International Festival of Comedy. various venues from 24th February to 11th March. The Festival Hotline for details is on ()1 267 2240.

6. David Mamet‘s ‘Speed-The—Plow‘ at the National until at least 9th May.

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Ten vile Valentine messages from The Guardian over the years.

1. Pigbox- hugs and kisses from yourBoggis.

2. Wosie in wootton. you must be feeling wotten, but don'tworry, someone still I woves you. i 3. Economics authorseeks Land Army Girl in

interesting position.

4. Hooverlips—swotwilh

me permanently—The Bogeyman.

5. Hunky Poo— I love you. YourMexican Whale.

6. Rabbit— hugs and many kisses. your piranha.

7. Schweinkopl in Aspic

loves Popsie Pooh.

8. Lindy Pindy. Philly-Willy loves you very much.

9. I love you. little Eggy.

from Leg Iron.

10. Brown Fish loves


Five testing ways to say

‘I love you‘:

1 . Trek to that well-known Iovers' paradise Sava Centre. Cameron Toll. Edinburghto record your Valentine's message with Radio Forth before Sunday 12 February. Afterallthe eflort. only the lucky 20 best messages will be broadcast sometime on the 14th.

2. Try to think upa Valentine's ditty or song/That is onlya maximum of lourlines long/The best will win a trip to Parisfortwo/Whata cheap wayto say ‘I love you'. Entries should be in before February 14th to Valentine's Competition. Radio Clyde. PO Box 261 . Clydebank 681 ZRX. 3. Host a celebratory ' candle-lit dinnerfof'fwo with a menu oihaggis. bashed neeps. champit tallies. whisky and Bums's songs. Haggis is on sale at MacSween's. Brunlsiield Place. Edinburgh (inevitably).

4. Buy a card thatreads (and l quote): 'Valentine. when I think of you. I getthis stirring inside me. . .or could it have beenthe vindaloo I had last night?‘ or ‘Valentine. when we’re together. i feel like a l youngster. . . bufyou'lldo for now‘ or a card with two camels on the frontwhich asks inside. ‘One hump or two?‘ Available from branches olJohn Menzies , from 60p. ' 5. Just say it. lt'scheap. effective and will win you infinite brownie points.